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AFK Players

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Wake of Disaster

Junior Member


Dear Riot,

My name is Tom, and I'm a huge fan of your game, and look forward to investing many more hours, days, weeks, and months into you. In 6 years, when I return from the Navy, I hope that this game is still up, or you guys will have developed something greater, as you are always updating with new game modes, champions, etc. I've always imagined a fighting game like the Super Smash franchise, or a short-length RPG like Jade Empire/a condensed version of Dragon Age with 10-15 of the most popular champions.

In my many loving rounds in your fantastic game, I have come across a few frustrating things (trolls, bugs, balance issues), but nothing a good-mannered or fairly skilled player cannot handle, or that you guys don't fix within a reasonable time. The only thing that ruins the balance of a game is an AFK player. While I understand it is unavoidable at times, it often makes matches very uneven, and the players that lose due to this always feel ripped off as a result.

I suggest, to lessen the blow of the loss, to reduce the LP penalty for the loss of a team with an AFK player of more than 5 minutes, if programming will allow. It'd be unreasonable to punish the winning team for gaining that advantage, but the losing team would not feel nearly as ripped off.

Another suggestion would be to give a minor buff, maybe a small amount of Health, AP, and AD to the team with the AFK Player. That may be more feasible programming-wise and would tip the scale more in the 4-man team's favor, if only slightly.

Either of these suggestions being looked at would be greatly appreciated. Any comment by Riot Staff would be more than welcome.

With love,
An adoring member of the LoL community.