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BCS Promotion Tournament

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Bronze Champion Series Promotion Tournament

The bronze champion series promotion tournament is a tournament for 8 teams to compete the top 3 teams will go to the relegation tournament to play for a spot into the bronze champion series.

Sign up start: 9/29/14 - 10/15/14
Tournament Starts: 10/20/14 ends before playoffs for the bronze champion series

Region: North America
Teams: 8

How to sign up
First you will need a enjin account after you have done that click on join website and have your team sign up on the website also. You are going to want to click on BCS App fill that out then message a tournament administrator with the team members lolking links.

To Qualify
5 player team
Bronze 5 - Silver 1
30+ ranked games played in solo queue (3s, or ranked 5s team does not count)
Raidcall and a Mic

Custom 5v5 Draft Mode Summoners Rift
5 player team
You will need to check in 15 minutes before your game starts. To check in go to the league chat on league of legends channel is Bronze Legends
No all chatting until after the game and no trash talking
You will have to use our raidcall we will have mods monitoring the chat so during a pause you aren't planning anything. you will get your private channel so don't worry about the other team members trying to hear you.
Please no smurfing
Make sure a staff member knows about a player change a day ahead before a game this includes subs

i'm only accepting the first 8 teams that sign up if every player meets the requirements

Email: [email]Bronzelegends@gmail.com[/email]
Website: Bronze Legends (http://www.bronzelegends.net)