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Getting matched with lower skilled players when duo queueing?

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DIY Aykon

Junior Member


Ive experienced in my time played, Ive happened to notice that when you duo with a person the same ranking as you, you seem to be matched with people that aren't as good as you are.

I may be completely wrong.. but it seems like the people aren't as good as the duo queue players are. Im not sure if this is a way that riot makes it so the two duo partners have to carry a larger load than the other 3 people. So the duo isn't over powered.

I start wondering if this is where the "Unskilled Player" report comes in. When you get reported for that after a game, does it put you in a category so it doesn't necessarily get you demoted.. but gets you in a queue with duo partners so that you can be able to stay that ranking?

Im not sure whats going on, either when i duo.. i get put with lower IQ players or im just in ELO HELL.

Please give me an answer!