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Irish Dance dresses!

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Hi there everyone! I'm going back to my Irish Step dancing classes as soon as I am able to, and I'm already designing dresses! I have one dress design that SunSoleil so kindly got for me from the art team, and it took me a little while but I've found inspiration for two more dresses: Demacia and Noxus! Here they are!

Dance dresses! (http://the-worlds-adventurers.tumblr.com/post/98602103958/here-are-both-dress-ideas-fully-colored-and)

The files were too big so I had actually uploaded them to Tumblr yesterday, so hey, that makes things convenient, yeah?

Anyways I'd love some feedback on the dresses and what you think could be better, or could be worked out. Thank you!

Also, if SunSoleil could come and talk with me, that would be AMAZING. They helped me a while back in July and August and I would love to thank them in person.