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World Championship Redesign

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LMC Froyo

Junior Member


Greetings Summoners,

We are the Warriors that built this design from dust.
You know it has driven us from the beginning when we started watching the World champion series 2014. This compulsion to get design right.
To merge the way we see content on our screen, with the beautiful show thatÂ’s been organized by Riot Games.

Check out the redesign here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/19952001/World-Championship

All feedback will be read! Thank you all fellow summoners!
We will appreciate it to share, comment and like this redesign.


Martin Vlas
Webdesigner, UI/UX designer

Yassine Boutaib
Motion Graphics, Art director

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Celestial Arc



talk about impressive, this is absolutely amazing! any plans for other works in the future?