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[Petition]Please let us invert the UI for purple side, examples inside RITO PLS

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Mikan Box

Junior Member


So it's common knowledge that the blue side has an (slight) advantage over the purple side. And I think part of the reason is the UI design, it just blocks too much space of bottom of the screen, and is really annoying when you play on the purple side.

Being a competetive game, it really surprises me that this problem hasn't been addressed by now. I hereby request Rito to please allow the players invert the UI, or simply just let us move the UI around freely.

Here is a quick example of inverted UI that I made in photoshop (http://i.imgur.com/z0FYbzb.jpg)


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Senior Member


pls make it an option, not a requirement
All complaints aside though, I think this is a good way to balance what is basically "luck."