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Nidalee help?

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Ive been using nidalee for a while now and I like her. i was wondering about a rune build for her. im not sure what I should get for her... any suggestions??

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Nidalee is one of the strongest heros I'd say. I thought she was OP when she first came out, and there haven't been any changes so... that's AWESOME.

Anyways, 2 ways to build Nidalee really.

Phys dmg or AP (Phys being a stronger, more reliant carry, while AP is fun and very gratifying when successful).

For Phys, marks = armor pen. I would use seals = dodge runes for both phys and AP, and CD reduction as glyphs for both Phys and AP

quints = armor pen, magic pen, or health, depending on ur preferances.