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October MCCC- Memories Reborn

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Moby the White

Senior Member


Please do not post here to advertise champions.
DO NOT POST CONCEPTS HERE UNTIL THE FIRST. I posted this early so people can begin getting ideas.
MCCC Concept's not posted here (must also have link if in separate thread) will not be judged. I will not search for your concept on the forums. If I do not see it. I do not judge it.

Welcome to October's Monthly Champion Creation Contest! This is a four-week contest to see who can create the most complete and best champion concept within a given set of parameters.

Your host this month is yours truly, Moby the White. As far as Judging goes, I have one rule, I follow a strict rubric, and I will provide an explanation for why I feel as though I do. I will not argue with you, if you wish to argue I will disqualify you. I will however oblige any calm collective conversation with you.

Also assisting me this month is ElementLlama in judging.

Here is my Rubric

Abilities: (X/25)
Do the abilities work well together, resulting in fun combos for summoners to employ? Are the numbers balanced compared to similar abilities? Is each ability worth putting points in? 5 points per ability.

I use the following criteria:
1. Utility- does it have some sort of mechanic? Is it specific to your champions role?
2. Synergy- is it a mechanic that will work with your abilities? If it is a standalone ability how much does it benefit your champion or your team?
3. Theme -does it create a consistent theme with your lore?
4. Clarity-does it have proper syntax (spelling and grammar), does it make sense or is information missing or even confusing?
5. Balance- does it have balanced numbers? Is there counterplay to this ability?

Story: (X/25)
Does the story make sense and fit in with other champions' Lore? Does the story adequately explain the champion's abilities? Is it within a reasonable length? Does it stir emotion?

I use the following criteria:
1. Clarity-syntax does your lore have proper spelling and grammar? Fluidity-does your lore flow well in story going from point to point and makes sense?
2. Theme- does your lore have a strong thematic approach?
3. Motivation- does your lore explain how they got their powers and why they joined the league? Or where is the league now? Why does your champion exist?
4. Tone and mood- how does it read and does it inspire emotional response? Does the reader like reading it?
5. Originality- is you lore original or unique? Or does it put an innovative twist on something well known?

Lore Secret Challenge: X/10
Judged under the same rubric as Lore is.

Gameplay: (X/10)
Does the champion as a whole make people want to play it? Is it fun to play as? Is it fun to play against? Is it different from champions that already exist in the game? Is the interface and targeting confusing or streamlined? Do enemies have some way to counter-play your mechanics, or are they dead no matter how well they play? Note: if they are dead no matter how they play, that’s bad.

Theme (X/10) and Challenges (X/10)
Did the Champion and his/her abilities fit the Theme? Do they satisfy the challenges mapped out for them? Champions who cannot pass the Theme and Challenges are disqualified, and that’s that.

Stats (X/10)
Are the stats balanced and appropriate?

- - -Total: 100 pts

There's no limit on how many people can sign up for Week 1, but champions without complete lore or abilities will be eliminated.


In addition, if you fail to complete your abilities and/or story by the time their respective weeks end, you will be eliminated once prelims begin. Don't argue - you've been warned. Just for clarification, however, you CAN scrap/edit a champion concept and start over after week 1 is over so long as you met the deadlines for your previous champion(s). However, you cannot do this once Week 2 has ended.

This doesn't mean you have to "come up with an idea before coming up with an idea". You can post lore and stats early, you just need four abilities and an innate up. Even if they don't meet the challenges, I won't disqualify you for that after week 1. I only check the theme/challenges part during prelims and judging.

Now, onto the Theme and Challenges!


Memories Reborn- specific Lore challenge. Specific Ability Challenge.

--First, one of your abilities needs to include a mechanic based on Memory. Whether it is their ability power source, similar to Vayne's bolt or last enemy hit attacks, or spell storage where you cast spells in combinations and if previously spell a was cast within time Y effect X happens. ETC! You design it, you explain it!

Lore Challenge:
MEMORIES REBORN: Fate and destiny entertwined, as that which was becomes undefined. In the constant battle of duality we ask what is real and what is lies. Champions are born, and champions arise. But their pasts are haunting, as is a haunting guise. What was real has now been erased, the IoW IS NOW GONE! I wonder what happened to the place?

Your champion has been introduced into the realm of Runeterra, but things are changing, IoW is gone, and now Shurima stands to bring a new story. What has happened with your champion? Do they remember the IoW, or the league? OR have their memories been tampered with?

Your goal with this challenge is to recreate your champions past, and to do this I developed a secret challenge: Take one of the first champions you have ever made and introduce him to your new champion. Develop a short story or dialogue or even art comic describing their meeting. Their topic for discussion: the IoW and its retcon. What is the truth? Who is right?

Your Lore should reflect the conversation they had and possible conflicting memories your champion will have after becoming Reborn!

Trick or Treat- This Halloween is full of tricks and treats. So as such I have a few tricks up my sleeve along with a few treats.

What side are you on?-
In the realm of Hallow's Eve there is the concept of duality, good vs. evil and all that comes with it.

So pick your side. There are Four Factions: Heaven/Hell, Light/Dark, Dream/Nightmare, Truth/Lies (aka Trick/Treat). Each side for the sake of argument will be dubbed a spectrum. A major spectrum is where you must satisfy the theme's requirements, A minor spectrum is where you utilize the spectrum thematically, but don't satisfy the requirements. e.g. Using heaven as a minor theme when making an angel.

Pick from the four factions, and then choose your side! You may choose to pick up to 3 spectrums from the four factions.

Will you be lawful good: Where you have up to three good spectrums (at least 1 major)?

Will you be lawful evil: Where you have up to two good spectrums (at least 1 major) and 1 major/minor bad?

Will you be lawful neutral: Where you have 1 major good spectrum, and 1 major/minor bad?

Will you be chaotic neutral: Where you have 1 major bad spectrum, and 1 major/minor good?

Will you be chaotic good: Where you have up to 2 bad spectrums (at least 1 major), and 1 major/minor good?

Will you be chaotic evil: Where you have up to 3 bad spectrums (at least 1 major)?

You get to mix and match from the 8 spectrums and design a champion based around that theme.

For any minor theme you may capture the theme in your own way. Create what you believe the theme is about. This means the challenge of that theme is not necessary. So long as you declare what your aligment is, you may declare anything to be a minor theme. You must have at least 1 major theme to satisfy the requirements for the challenge.

e.g. I am lawful good with 2 major goods and a minor good theme.

Lore Tip: using your minor theme to reflect your Lore Theme is really smart.
E.g. Robin Hood is Chaotic Good. He has minor bad of tricks, But he also helps those in need like treat.

If you have any questions in regard to the alignment system or if your concept would satisfy a certain type please do not hesitate to ask here, or via email [email]mobythewhite@gmail.com[/email], or even via twitter @MobytheWhite
I really hope I explained it well enough, but I know it is confusing so please do not hesitate to ask.

Heaven or Hell

Heaven - Champion is granted bonuses based on ally deaths ex. When an ally champion dies, you or your team gains a buff, etc.

Hell - Champion is granted bonuses based on enemy deaths ex. Upon having an enemy champion die, you capitalize on the death.


Light and Dark
Light - Champion utilizes light mechanics ex. Revealing, or expanding awareness
Or even something as simple as Lux.

Dark - Champion utilizes dark mechanics ex. Blind, or prevent vision. Or something as simple as Nocturne.

Dream and Nightmare

Dream - champion has abilities allowing you or an ally to become unstoppable in some fashion.

Nightmare - Champion abilities make the enemies see things that don't exist and or fear them. Again Nocturne


Trick and Treat

Trick - Champion abilities mislead or deceive the enemy team.

Treat - Champion helps allies, i.e. aoe buffs at a range, think sona's snuggle zones but not centered on yourself


Week 1. Oct 1-7
Lore, Abilities, and Stats- Begin working on these

Week 2. Oct 8-14
Entries are closed on last day of Week 1. I will announce it. When I announce it that is final!

WEEK 3. 14-24
PRELIMS-those that do not have Lore and Abilities posted by the end of Week 2 are eliminated. You have all week to change them, but they do need to have a Lore rough draft completed, PQWER posted, and stats when prelims begin.
By the end of week 3 you should have this completed, and you should work on completing your explanations; additionally, any commentary on how game-play is affected is beneficial to your game-play score.

Week 4.
All entries locked, Judging Begins upon announcement.
Winners announced after judgments are complete.

As judges, we cannot enter our own contest, neither can any of the judges, but if you have any questions about the requirements I am happy to answer them.

Don’t forget, no using already existing champions, as that defeats the purpose.

Good Luck and Have Fun! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with

Note from Moby,

I know I've been away for a while, but that doesn't mean I'll be going easy on you, or don't remember how to make a champion. Trust me when I say competition will be fierce this month. The shortened time frame for you to work with will make this rough. But by now, you have all become great Champcrafters, I expect the best from you at this point. d

Good luck and have fun, Moby White

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Moby the White

Senior Member


Reserved for PRELIMS

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Senior Member


What is the theme?
(Also I keep trying to type up the same lore with bull sh*t happening either midway or when I try to save)

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Kamiroo Wolf

Senior Member


Nah. I'll wait till November for the next one.

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Othello the Cat

Senior Member


Ozu, the Spectral Knight
Fighter/Mage, Melee



As I stared into the blackness of death, I noticed something moving. A tendril, reaching out from the darkness, only discernable because it was even darker than its surroundings.
"Ozu, I'm afraid you've come upon a misfortune. Do not worry, I believe that you can recover from this. Just follow me." His voice was a low and raspy one, but it did not have an echo. Clearly, he wasn't talking to me at all; those were his thoughts that he transmitted to me. I did as he said and followed his tall, frail form through the darkness, his figure being the only moving thing I could make out; I couldn't even see my own hands.

We eventually arrived at a gate, and I could clearly see a fog-covered shore behind it. The Gatekeeper told me that this is where I will begin my journey of recovery, and that this is where I will be tested. He grabbed me with two arms and swung the gate open with the other two. I was surprised at his strength, seeing as I was covered almost completely in armor, but he still was able to shove me through the gate with ease. I heard a clank as it closed behind me, and when I turned around, all I could see was the marshes of the Shadow Isles.

"Another soul, hm? Well, I guess I have to give you passage, too. Hop in," said the man I recognized as Yorick Mori. I remember seeing him from somewhere, and I figured that it came from childhood memories, ghost stories that I was told to stay away from certain places at night. I guess they were true. I climbed into his rowboat, as he asked, and he pushed off.

His shovel proved to be a good replacement for a paddle, and even was able to ward off creatures that lurked in the river itself. One in particular swam up to the boat.
"Please, Ozu, you have to remember me. I'm not dead yet, end my suffering. You know what the leeches did to my brain, but you can free me. Take your sword and cut me down... I'm Serga, remember? Please... Remember me..." The blue-skinned woman seemed desperate for death, as the black leeches were eating away at her flesh. I remember her, too, but I don't remember her as a woman desperate for help, I remember a much more different Serga, one who was clever and strong, one who commanded the leeches that are now eating her body. Regardless, with a swift strike of his shovel, Yorick cleaved her skull in half. I'm sure that if I remembered her better, I might have cried.

When we got to the end of the river, I payed a small toll of whatever coin was in my pocket and went on my way. I gave a brief nod to the Gravedigger, which he politely gave back. Upon my walking, I came upon something interesting. I saw a rusting animatronic man lying against a gnarled tree. Clearly, it seened the tree was growing into him, almost as if he was going to become a part of the tree.
"Please... Ozu, my friend, help a fellow fighter up, would you? It seems my parts aren't as good as they used to be... Heh heh. It's a shame Oscar isn't here to fix me up, but he was lucky enough to avoid dying here. He died fighting to the very end, even when we were all attacked, but I guess that's what his family did. 'Every Augur's a hunter, even you, my son. My son, Core.' That's what he told me. Those were his last words. Now, can you help me up? I'm begin- in- in- in-" A root grew straight through his chest and he stopped talking. It was a shame to watch Core die; I truly did remember him. I respected him, idolized him. I would have helped him, but I didn't know why I respected and liked him. I figured that I would learn that along the way.

I came upon a small shack. Naturally, my curiosity made me want to go inside, so I did. In it, I saw two men, both dead. Skeletons in suits, one with a katana, both with a gun. Between them was a single soul, floating exactly the same distance between them.
"You really shouldn't have come here," they both said at once, "We told you that you couldn't stop us."
Their heads twitched as the soul shifted more towards the left.
"You knew that even though we fought with you, fought alongside you, we were still bounty hunters. Noxus had the highest price, so we fought with them," said the left one. The right one, the shorter one with the katana, slowly approached me as the left man spoke. He drew his sword, so I drew mine. I didn't want to fight them, I quite liked these two. I pitied them, felt sorry that they should have the burden of one brain being shared between them, but if they attacked me, I had to fight back. I remember seeing them fight. I remember seeing them fight Core, Serga, the Gatekeeper, even. I remember fighting, but I also remember that I did not fight them. I merely watched then fight. I protected them when they fought. I do not remember why they were fighting, but I liked seeing them fight. They were skilled. I felt sorry when I had to kill them in that shack.

I came across another traveler, like myself. She only recently came off of Yorick's boat, and I recognized her as the woman who couldn't die; Shori, Pantheon's mother. She had always taunted Yorick about one day meeting him. I guess she had died today with me at the Institute. I remember us two fighting together, side by side trying to keep the invading forces of Noxus from destroying the Institute. I quite liked her gusto, her willingness to dive headfirst into battle, knowing she'd most likely die coming out of it. I remember that she did die, and I remember that Noxian forces eventually breached the walls of the Institute, so it was my turn to dive headfirst into battle. I remember doing a pretty good job, too, if I might say so myself. As Shori and I reminisced about our final battles, I realized my armor and body were changing. My armor, previously the standard golden color of Institute guards, had turned rusty and dark, more red and satanic. My skin had become somewhat clearer, blue and glowing, too. I'm now sure that I'm dead.

Shori and I eventually parted ways, as she had to recover her own memories as well. I felt like I had recovered most of them, save the identity of my killer. I walked for what felt like hours, until I grew exhausted and passed out. When I awoke, I was back at the Institute, staring at the pristine face of the Black Rose assassin, Mikhail Latimer.
"You know, I'm kind of sorry to have to kill you. You were a good guard, and honestly, had there not been that whole mess of trouble in Kalamanda, I'm sure we could have become good friends. Plus, you would have had the benefit of having a celebrity at your side, who knows all of the privelages you could get!" Latimer renained as cocky and snarky as ever, and I wasn't expecting any change when he faced actual death.
"You don't have... To do this. Look... around you... *cough* Innocent people... Actually dying... This isn't a game... Anymore..." I coughed out in a last attempt to save my life. I knew it wouldn't work; Latimer was beyond morals, he was Draven-level sadism without the limits of a government. He was going to kill me, and I had to accept that.
"Oh, you're trying to bargain for your life? Sorry, but the Institute needs to fall, and since you're guarding it, so do you."
He plunged his knife directly into my eye, and I watched blood pool as I screamed in agony.

I died 33 minutes and 12 seconds later. It was just enough time to watch as the entire building I swore to protect crumbled and exploded in a blast of arcane energy, destroying all links between champions and summoners, and erasing the Institute from everyone's minds altogether. I remember crying out of my left eye, because my right eye was missing.

I miss the Institute. But I don't know what I can do to bring it back now. Now, I am nothing. And the only thing that I can do now is wallow in the fact that I failed to do the one thing that I trained most of my life for, and that is to protect.

I am the ghost of all that remains of the Institute. I am the ghost of something that doesn't exist. I am nothingness, but today, nothingness will try to fulfill what somethingness failed at, and that is to protect. I could have saved Serga, prevented her suffering. I could have dragged Core from that tree and put him somewhere safer. I could have not killed the twins, I could have simply locked them away so they would do no harm. Shori was already bound to die, she had cheated death too many times already, but I could have fought with her to at least prolong it. And Latimer... Latimer I could have taken down with me with a snap of the neck. I could have gone down swinging and killed as many as I could, but I didn't because I was something.

Now, I have nothing to lose, so I might as well try again. I am Ozu Eternity, and I am the Phantom Protector, the Ghost of the Institute, the Spectral Knight. And I will protect the memory of the Institute, even if I have to die again.

I mentioned all of my milestone concepts, not just my first one.
Is'Tal, the Gatekeeper of the Void: My very first champion I posted.
Serga, the Leech Catalyst: My first entry into the MCCC
Latimer, the Thorn of the Black Rose: My first successful champion idea. (I still work on him today)
Core, the Hunter's Legacy: My dedication to The Core Augur, my inspiration for a majority of the MCCCs.
Shori, the Ultimate Victor: My first Lore written entirely by myself with no outside help or challenges.
John and Joseph, the Twins: My dedication to the reason I continue to play League (two friends I met on League and still play with)
I thought that because the forums I was raised on is getting shut down, I'd make a huge dedication to my personal favorite concepts, and I hope that my love for each of them comes through in this Lore. Thank you.

Health: 500 (+66) 1688 @ 18
Health Regen: 7.25 (+0.5) 16.25 @ 18
Mana: 275 (+40) 995 @ 18
Mana Regen: 7.25 (+0.5) 16.25 @ 18
Range: 135 (Melee)
Attack Damage: 60 (+2.4) 103.2 @ 18
Attack Speed: 0.644 (+1.85%) 0.847 @ 18
Armor: 25 (+1.75) 56.5 @ 18
Magic Resist: 30
Movement Speed: 340


Passive: Spirit Blade
Every 4 Basic Attacks, Ozu permanently increases his Maximum Mana by 1/2/3/4 points. (1/6/11/16)

Q: Ectoplasm
Ozu shoots out a line of his own essence, slowing all enemies hit by 45% for 2.5 seconds and dealing 35/55/75/95/105 (+55% AP) Magic Damage. He regains Health and Mana equal to 20/25/30/35/40% of the damage dealt.
Cooldown: 9/8.5/8/7.5/7
Mana Cost: 60/70/80/90/100
Range: 750

W: Spectral Protection
Ozu amplifies the protectiveness of his Armor, giving him a shield worth 60/95/130/165/200 (+40% AP). He can reactivate this after casting for another shield for more mana that stacks with the existing one. This can be reactivated infintely and the cost will continually increase. If it's not reactivated within 3 seconds, the shield will decay by 25% per second and cannot be reactivated until destroyed. The price resets upon destruction, whether by decay or damage.
Cooldown: 0.25
Mana Cost: 6/7/8/9/10% of Maximum Mana per cast (+0.25/0.5/0.75/1/1.25% for every one after the first)
(Example: After 5 activations, 35/45/55/65/75% of his Maximum Mana would be missing, but he'd have a 300/475/650/825/1000 (+200% AP) Shield for 3 seconds.)

E: Eyes Wide Shut
Ozu targets an enemy unit to reveal the spirit world to for a brief moment, which Blinds them for 1.75 seconds and deals 10/15/20/25/30% of his current Mana (Before casting) in Magic damage.
Cooldown: 7
Mana Cost: 20/25/30/35/40
Range: 225

R: Nothingness
Ozu becomes fully spectral, giving him a 30/45/60% Movement Speed boost and turning him Untargetable for 4 seconds while still giving him full control of his abilities and basic attacks. Killing champions while the effect is active increases the duration by 1.5 seconds, capping at 7 seconds.
Cooldown: 95/85/75
Mana Cost: 0


Ozu is a relatively tanky Top lane fighter whose play style mostly relies on his mana levels. If played correctly, he can not only deal tons of damage, but take very little.

In the laning phase, Ozu's main goal is to get as much Mana as possible, as his W and E are far more effective with greater amounts of Mana. He primarily should play passively and farm/poke with his Q, while basic attacking often in order to increase his mana every so often. HIs first item should be an Archangel's Staff as opposed to a Manamune, mostly because this allows him to continually increase the damage of his Q and the protectiveness of his W. As soon as he hits level 6 and has points in all of his abilities, he can play a bit more aggressively. If he wants to engage but fears that an enemy Jungler might gank, then he should save his Ultimate for trying to get out if he doesn't kill his opponent in time. With his shield readily available, he can very easily tower dive his laning opponent and pick up a kill while taking very little damage himself, however if he gets locked down under tower, he'd better have his Ultimate ready so he can escape. While his Ultimate makes him Untargetable to champion abilities and turrets, existing effects on him will still damage him, such as Vladimir's Ultimate, any Damage over time abilities and tethers. He will not be damaged by abilities like Zilean's Bomb, however, as that technically counts as an outside force.

When he leaves the laning phase and starts team fighting, while he doesn't provide a lot of disruption, he can provide a lot of damage while tanking a lot of the damage for his allies. However, if he rushes into a fight with 5 stacks of his shield on him, his damage output would be significantly lower, so he'd have to use his abilities in moderation or use his Q on as many enemies as possible. If he forced to be on his own, however, his enemies will find that he's significantly easier to kill once he's been snared or stunned or whatever, as his shield will very easily drain him of all of his mana, and it doesn't last for very long either.

Playing against him, there are a few things that need to be kept track of: His mana levels, his Ult timer, and how many allies are around him. In the laning phase, Ozu excels at killing enemies with the help of his Jungler, because with the slow his Q provides and the Blind to prevent opposing damage, you will most likely die to the both of them. Wards and poking are an easy way to prevent an engage so early, as his Q is on a relatively high cooldown early. Another good way to destroy him is with early aggression, especially if you have hard CC like a knock up or snare. Maokai, Xin Zhao and Vladimir all do well against him early game due to either their poke or early aggression.

When in the late game, do not focus him. He will most likely charge into your team with full shield and expect everyone to try and attack him, but if you just ignore him and let his shield decay, he'll very easily fail to save his team mates. Once his allies are killed, take him down, as he not only will do less damage due to his lower amount of mana, but just stunning him once should give you enough time to burst him down.

Recommended items:

Starting: Doran's Ring, 2x Health Potions, Warding Totem

Essential: Mercury's Treads, Archangel's Staff, Essence Reaver

Offensive: Nashor's Tooth, Hextech Gunblade, Liandry's Torment

Defensive: Spirit Visage, Frozen Heart, Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Dream (Major): Nothingness allows Ozu to become Untargetable while still granting full control over movement and commands.
Darkness (Major): Eyes Wide Shut Blinds the selected target.
Heaven (Minor): Ozu is the ghost of a guard from the Institute.
Memory (Lore): The entire Lore is about Ozu recovering his memory.
Memory (Abilities): Spectral Protection increases price based on how many times it was previously cast.
Memory (Secret): Ozu talks to 6 champions that I made, ranging from my oldest to my newest.


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Senior Member


Othello the Cat:
Well, first off, this seems to be posted a bit early, and second off, there's not much to really work with in terms of restrictions. I get where you're going with this, but this not only needs to be posted in October, but this should probably be fleshed out a bit. For examples of how an MCCC should look, look at the past MCCCs for referral.

Yeah the memory challenge was interesting, but the trick/treat challenge was a little underwhelming. Would like more challenges to choose from. The perk of having more challenge options is that you can make each challenge individually more difficult/restrictive because the designer can't complain too much about each individual challenge since they can just pick a different one if they don't like it.

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Senior Member


Nightmares of the league champion contest?

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Senior Member


So... early. I mean, I'm doing something, probably.


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Senior Member


Frankly this is somewhat disappointing compared to the other MCCCs...
The challenges are limits, the concept is rather uninteresting and it feels kind of rushed in design.
I mean, the theme is memories but with the addition to the Trick or Treat it's all over the place.
Also the lore challenge doesn't really make sense. The ret con makes it so the IoW never existed so how could a champion have memories (let alone forget them) if it were never a thing. I was thinking of trying this but I would like to see what you could come up with in terms of ideas which could expand this to a point where it's on par or even better than it's predecessors.

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Kamiroo Wolf

Senior Member


And I had such high hopes for MCCC during a month as thematic as October '-'