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audio ideas

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adding sound effects , audio tracks or general ear candy to the shop. like when browsing skins or champions you could put their release music, voice overs, skill sound effects. just an idea to get more people hype about buying a skin or champion.

i know hearing your favorite champion one liners in game is entertaining. such as hearing a battle cry "DEMACIA!" or a fuzzy teemo *giggling* there is plenty of options you could do with this.

its true there is some sound effects in the shop and to keep things running smoothly. its kept to a minimum. i was thinking when people are not in game they can browse the shop if only to have ear candy many stores have music playing through out the stores, they are in elevators ect.

i also think it could be done as a trial basis. even as a reason for people to check out the shop and see if they like it. the longer someone browses the shop the more likely they are to buy something and feel good about their decision because they looked at it frequently.

so it could be done as a trial if even to get customer reviews on it or to let players have another reason to look into the shop and see what is updated.