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League for console?

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Senior Member


Ok as I type this I am on my phone so I can't show you a bit of what I have sketched up so I am just going to explain a bit.

I am creating a concept and design of league of legends for console. I am first working on Xbox console. As I just started working on it, I would like everyone to get involved in this a bit. Do you have any ideas to make it well? Any concerns you think May stop this from happening? Any feedback would be appreciated. This isn't something formal just merely something to occupy the mind

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General Keith



Hm, it definitely sounds interesting, but the targeting system would be a little harder to control. How would you attack a minion, and even if you did, were you fast enough to last hit? Targeting control is a VERY essential part of League that I would assume that, in all cases, would be much easier to just use a mouse. The idea is great, just got a few things to iron out.