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LRP: A Sacrifice to Delay the Inevitable (Part 2)

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The land was in terror. The Frozen beings that had once protected this land had turned on it, and terrorized the primitive world with their power. The watchers, the ones that saw them had called them, as the energy from the void had disfigured their body with extra eyes and appendages. They had spread their corruption of frost across much of the world, and anything in their path would be disposed of. This period of disarray had been in place from the solstice to the next.

“I know you’re following us Anivia!” a voice boomed. The creature turned to face a cluster of trees he had just passed. Of the others that surrounded it, this one seemed to be the leader. The one called Anivia had come forth; a strange resemblance struck between the creature and Anivia.
“Yes, I have been following you,” she spoke calmly. “I am astounded and curious as to what has happened to you,” she announced firmly. “I simply wish for all this nonsense to stop. You and I are the guardians of this land, not the conquerors of it.”
“Ahhh, that is how we thought before we experienced the true meaning of power. The power we acquired has shown us, has spoken to us about what we were meant to do!” his voice rose. “We guarded this land of the foolish, but we can do much more, so much more.”
“Please, listen to reason,” Anivia’s voice came out. “We are not ones to hurt and conquer, we are ones to protect and preserve.”
“Listening to this dirt does not change our view Anivia,” he impatiently announced. “Now we are off.” The group began to leave while Anivia stood in place, deep in thought and sadness. At the sudden thought of an idea, Anivia flapped forward only to be stopped by a shard of ice pointing from the ground. The one who had spoken had turned around, and stared at the one called Anivia.

“Innocent lives have been lost already; they may not be what they once were; the guardians of this place, her friends, her family,” Anivia stood in shock of what had happened. “If they are not my friends, they are my enemy.” Anivia flew with great speed up to the group of “Watchers”. “I will give you one more chance to resolve what you have started!” she shouted high above them; every one of them had turned up to face her. “One more chance to right your wrong!”
“When will you give up.” the one previously speaking had said plainly. “Your notions mean nothing to us. Absolutely nothing. We will not stop and ‘reflect’ on what we have done.”
“I’m sorry you said that,” a tear had formed on Anivia’s face. In that moment, Anivia dove down calling the powers of the Freljord to what was once her friends. The winds around them screamed, and shards of hail blew with it. As the Watchers came to stop Anivia, The wind and hail began to replace with true ice. As they came down upon her, the ice came up around them, trapping them in place, a prison for both Anivia, and the Watchers.

Part 1

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