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Moving camera with mouse or arrow keys not practical

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I've always been moving my camera with the arrow keys but I find this puts me at huge disadvantage in many situations. Many times, I've had to move my camera and while doing so someone shoots out a skillshot towards me and I need to dodge QUICKLY with one of my QWER skills. Problem is my left hand is on the arrow keys moving the camera at that specific time when the skillshot comes. Most times I don't make it back the QWER keys on time and I take an easily avoidable skillshot, had my hands not been in the QWER position.

I've contemplated using the other option which is to use the mouse and go to the sides of the screen to move the camera....but then again there's one problem. Your mouse is way off from where you want to click and again it takes more time to get back to where you wanted your mouse to be originally. Especially as an ADC where you're clicking constantly this poses a huge problem.

Now, I know switching from the arrow keys and QWER, moving the mouse to the end of screen and back only takes a short amount of time. However, in League even a FRACTION of a second can make a huge difference. And that is no exaggeration.

I'm looking for another option to move the camera that can solve these problems. Has anyone found one or is using one that works well? I'm honestly wondering what the pros do when it comes to moving the camera.

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Build something like, eh, a machine-arm to attach on your back for the cursor-key thing. ... Bad joke aside, I've heard there is something called "footboard gaming controller". That might help you... but that is very expensive (at least, for me). And using a mundane USB gaming controller with feet is possible, but it would take much effort.

Another trick I've heard is using SZXC keys. or something your thumb can reach.