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Bring back Ascension pls :) :) :)

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Meta was too broken and imbalanced to ever make legitimate. Too many useless champs, and too many must-bans. And I don't mean assassins. God only knows why everyone bans champions that can be shut down with sweeper, exhaust and CC, the real problems were rammus, alistar and maokai.

Teemo and shaco are unfun but counterable, Akali is easy to counter as is Kat, but everyone wanted to play other squishies with high damage and no CC so they'd ban things that counter them.

Game mode was going to be a special kind of ELO hell giving captain to all these derpies

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It's just a matter of using your brains people. Ascension was an imcomplete version of Dominion and does not deserve to be back. If you enjoyed Ascension you'll for sure enjoy Dominion IF, big IF here, you decide to LEARN how Dominion works. And after doing that you'll probably fine Ascension just "meh"
Also the community disagree with you

There are probably many other threads showing the support for Dom.

I've played alot of dominion, and I know how it works. But ascension is simply more fun and its a shorter game time (mostly) and its just a pick up and play.

I'd love to see ascension back.

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I never got to try it... I think a 15 day release is kind of puny. A lot of us are adults and have actual lives...
Surely they've considered this and will likely bring it back from occasion to occasion but at the end of the day league truly does need new content somehow... I've been playing since mf was released and go on and off... now i only play when im truly bored out of my mind because 99% of the game is simply the same **** over and over and over and over and over regardless of team composition... its all the same disables the same range/no range etc...same 3 maps... dominion being too fast paced for me personally so I dont bother with it... Most of the people i spent a very long time playing with also dont play this anymore because theyre bored out of their minds as well... starting a game now feels more like a chore then fun

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Ascension was fun but had some major tuning issues. If you fell behind more than 20 points at any point in the game you might as well just stay at your base the next time you spawn because you aren't turning the game around 95% of the time.