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Sion predictions?

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Master Fledgling



Hey there! Master Fledgling here.

So, straight off -- what do you think Sion's massive overhaul will bring? Will he remain a mixed champ? Will he go all AD? AP? Tank? CC?

I, for one, think he'll be a very difficult but rewarding champ, and can carry as his new lore suggests. Also, perhaps an ult that gives him invulnerability for a bit/massive damage reduction? It would behoove him, I think.

Anyways. Drop those thoughts.


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Senior Member


I think he'll be an AD fighter without much mobility, but whom is near impossible to stop. A slow, unstoppable juggernaut who people need to send an entire team to bring down.

His damage abilities would probably have long cooldowns so he couldn't just murder everyone in quick succession. But kiting him should be nigh impossible, and the best counterplay is to run the **** away.