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Ravenborn LB distortion sound :(

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LB is one fo my favorite champions and i'm super excited that shes finally getting a skin with unique partical effects. I understand its all PBE and subject to change but i wanted to provide a quick point of feedback in case anyone at Riots interested. The sound that currently goes with her distortion is too subdued and quiet.

I get that this is a harrowing skin and they want it to be dark and shadowy, but the bang that goes off when you distort onto somone is the most satisfying part of playing leblanc. As a champion in general she doesn't have big slpahy spell effects like all the other mages (Velkoz, Brand, Lisandra, etc.). Her spells are 2 baseballs and a tether. but i dont mind it because when you chuck your Q=R+DFG at someone and distort on top to blow them up distortion makes a sweet BANG! The single best part of playing leblanc is sitting in a bush and when somene walks by you get the soft whistle of her projectiles during which the enemy has meremoents to react before you destort on them and hear that lovely crack.

Again its my personal opinion. But i can't see myself using the new LB skin unless the sound on distortion has a similar impact ot her base, and that makes me sad cause i love the skin itself.