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Championship Shyvanna Feedback Thread

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I saw the reveal of this skin on Surrender@20 and am incredibly happy with it. I only have two real points of critique and one may already be planned to "fix". Firstly, she doesn't have a numeral for season IV anywhere on her. I think the numeral would help the skin look cooler, especially if it was very visible between the wings on her dragon form. The space on the dragon's mid back is fairly blank (possibly because they intend the numeral to go there already).

More importantly (in my opinion) is her feet and legs. The human form of the outfit is heavily armored and very bulky. This makes her look like the badass toplane/jungle tank I know and love. All the way until you hit her legs. Her boots are designed to look like her dragon form feet (a cool concept), but are very thin and spindly in contrast to the rest of the outfit. What's worse (again, in my opinion) is that the boots stop at the thigh leaving her upper legs exposed. For an outfit that is so heavily armored I think it looks a bit silly for her to be exposing her thighs like that. Especially with so many of her other skins exposing plenty of flesh.

In conclusion I think the skin's overall design would look more consistent if she had full leg boots/greaves that had a bit more bulk to them like the rest of her armor rather than skinny little boots that stop mid thigh (even if the boots look like her dragon form legs). Thanks for reading.