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Kyoto Gank Squad 2: Back in Kyoto

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Hello everyone! I made a video some time back called "Kyoto Gank Squad". It was an idea I had just for fun.

The roles were:

ADC Soraka
APC Zilean
Tank Singed
APC Nunu
Tank Nautilus
All roaming

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6bcukOOYKk (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6bcukOOYKk)

I will now explain why this is relevant.

I loved doing random comps with people that didn't care [at the time] if we won or lost. However now that I want to make a second one revolving around SR but after time i found that my friends are unwilling to do it now.

IF you want to have a silly time on league and give people free wins of the day, then join me on League to try this comp out. I'll tell you now that you don't have to be a forced APC Nunu or Tank Singed, but instead whatever we feel like. I'll even accept the idea of substituting a new champion in place of one of the aforementioned.

Just post here that you want to play this comp and we'll see about trying it out.

A few Requirements:
- If we do bad don't feel angry.
- Try to win, but don't try and take control of the team
- Discuss your build before we go into a match so we know what we want to do and work around
- Have fun.

Anything else we can talk about when we get together.

I listed this here because it isn't a very serious team nor will it be the most successful in the eyes of many.

If you don't want to try it and nobody ever replies then that's fine. I'll actually put some effort into the new KGS videos and will use new music every time.