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Nasus Build Question

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Junior Member


I have started playing Nasus but having problems with doing good damage.

My build is

Sapphire+2 HP Pots
Boots Of Swiftness

If game continues

Last Whisper
Banshees Veil

Maybe I'm approaching my opponents the wrong way

Use snare,pop ulti, siphoning, attack until siphoning comes back

What am I doing wrong?

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I've seen a lot of people start off with Vampiric Scepter. But I do believe that is one of his recommended items.

I'm not sure why, maybe because of the scaling damage on his Q spell.

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Senior Member


Your items aren't bad. Nasus is typically considered to be more of a tank/dps hybrid. You can't expect to be dishing out the hurt like someone like Master Yi.

Trinity and Starks is easily enough to put out damage. You need to focus on leveling your siphoning strike.

Wouldn't recommend initiating with your ult. If you feel you really need to use it 1v1 wait until you are like half health. Where Nasus really excels is farming up easily and dominating team battles/pushes. Don't initiate team battles with your ult either or everyone will just run away.

Do a forum search for Nasus. You'll find about 20 threads and all the information you could want.

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Your items don't seem too bad. However, I play Nasus in a different way. to start off, I will get two health potions and boots. My first skill is also siphoning strike. Most people don't play Nasus the same way i do. I don't usually get the aoe until the end. I am more of a champion killer thus I have no need for the aoe. I then focus on attack speed and damage/health items. The frozen hammer is always a good option for both. I don't usually worry about vampirism because his passive pretty much takes care of it.