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Why don't you give us an option to kick troll players out of a solo que selection?

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I recently went into a ranked game selection screen with a troll who admitted he will troll before the game was going to start. I looked at his lolking and he wasn't lying. I think this is ridiculous that I have to lose LP and waste my time playing in a game like this. I dodged the game since no one else wanted to.
Why has this feature never been implemented in the game?

Basically this is how it will work:

  1. You find out the guy is a troll from lolking and chat (or the fact that he autolocks).
  2. One person nominates to kick [troll]
  3. Other players get a vote dialog box to agree or disagree with the vote (like surrendering)
  4. player is effectively kicked off from the current game and given a 5 minute penalty. (LP is lost after 3 consecutive kicks)