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a Champion Select custom-tabs option, similar to runes & masteries pages

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Hi, I, like most ppl have been playing league for a long time so I have a lot of champions and my chmp select includes a very large selection. I would really like to see a tab above champ select for making custom champion lists - k ind of like how you can search for champions by their Role name - the problem with this is that I may want to play a character i consider a great top, mid, support, etc. that riot doesnt label "fighter," "support," etc. When you have 100+ champs its very hard to look at ur pool and decide who u want to play in 30seconds, especially if people are asking for swaps and other things in chat. Im asking for ability to create up to 5 lists, stored on user side, that is a list of champs. for example we can make a list of our favorite/best Top, Mid, Adc, Jg, Support and choose from the tabs. if I am like okay time to support but im frantically looking for a supp that will work for our team just cant remember their name off the bat then this will be really nice adn relieve a lot of anxiety from champ select and the death cloc-- I mean selection timer.