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"Summoners and IoW were limiting the lore posssibilities"

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I think he's more concerned at just how stupid your idea is.

You took a suggestion that was well-grounded and reasonable and took it to "and then this and then this and wouldn't it be crazy if this?" levels.

"Well, make the League not all-powerful. Make it so that it could indeed lose legitimacy in a crisis, and has to watch its step. Make it more a political arena in which the factions fight than some kind of weird uber-mage dictator."

"Yeah, but what if it WERE all-powerful, and would like, mind-control Champions to destroy their homelands if they didn't obey all their laws, and what if they had laws for everything, like, chewing gum on the sidewalk? So if Garen forgets to pay his League taxes, the Summoners will burn Demacia to the ground and make him kill Lux and Jarvan. That'd be awful. That'd be a horrible story."

"Um, yes. Yes it would. … ?"