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Ranked Alternative

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The best chance there is , is what dota did on the good old days.
You have Irc chat (or other form of similar system), you Type ¨play¨ and a bot registers you, then when you get the 10 players, the bot tells the name of the players and you play that game in a custom.
Then the bot runs a ladder with those stats.

The problem is that is exploitable if not closely monitored, it requires someone to upkeep the bot, and in this modern days of ¨click and play¨ is hard to compete against the elegance, speed and commodity of that.

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So that's an interesting idea, is there a way, with the new detailed match history info, to establish our own ranked system again? If there was a community run ladder it would either grow and show riot the value of having ranked, or would give us what we want and leave riot be.