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Can we keep the Ascension/Shurima UI please?

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Vidious One



So I haven't seen anyone else ask about this. If it's been said, oh well.

I would like to be able to go into my UI options for the game, and change the UI to the new one used in the Ascension game mode. I'd like to use it on Summoner's Rift, all year round!

I'm a huge Stargate fan. Judging from the galactic skins for Nasus and Azir, someone at Riot is a Stargate fan too. The Egyptian style mixed with a bit of magic and technology is just a beautiful thing.

I am just throwing in a request here for any Rioter to take notice. Please give me an option to use a Shurima [and maybe even other Runeterra realm themed] user interfaces in the future!

Not that this is a decent reason why you should do this but... Other moba's have multiple UI art options. I'd like to see it in my favorite moba though.

Thanks for listening Riot. You're my favorite developer world wide. Hell, I even tried to get a job working for ya.