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A Quick and Concise Guide to Pushing Lanes

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Hiya LoL community, this is your friend Thegoodfriar here to talk about lanes...

As a player who may (or may not) disregard deaths in order to "get the tower" here is a quick tip for people who love (or hate) to push lanes.

Tip 1: Creeps matter; For most of the game pushing alongside creeps is critical to downing towers. Unless you have several teammates to help out, the creep damage and tower tanking is necessary to taking it down.

Tip 2: Your friend attack speed; Some characters have fun/interesting buffs that can help down towers whether it buffs attack power/speed or buffs.

Take Tristana's Rapid Aim or Master Yi's Highlander abilities, these combined with some basic attack power items can down a tower in no time.

On the other hand, Nasus' Siphon Strike combined with Sheen can rip through a tower with mere damage.

Tip 3: The enemy creeps are a pain; As stated earlier allied minions are very helpful for taking out a tower and push a lane. Abilities/Items that do splash damage can be incredibly useful for these situations.

This includes; Sivir's Bouncing Glaive ability, Tristana's Explosive Shot, Heim's Turrets and Grenade, Tiamat, etc.

Tip 4: Teleport and You; Teleport is a really nice summoner's ability for pushing and most pushing heroes (Sivir, Trist, Teemo, Yi, Nasus, Rammus) can all use it for some great misdirection and tower ninja'ing.

Teemo and Shaco are perhaps the best allies for this trick, try it out.

Place Jack-in-the-boxes or mushrooms within the grass of enemies forest. If a push stalls retreat to base, when the area is clear teleport to these items and finish off the tower.

If your entire team feels malicious this can be an awesome opportunity to finish a match.

Tip 4.5: The Alpha Strike; This strategy is risky and I have not tested it in full. Additionally this is a late game strategy for finishing a match and is worthless until you have taken out the first 2 towers of each lane.

1.Have Teemo plant a mushroom between mid and bottom/top inhibitor towers (the truesight blindspot).

2. Begin to push your strongest lane (one with the most towers on your side) to draw your opponents.

3. Once they begin to go missing or appear in that lane retreat. Have your team (or those available) teleport to Teemo's mushroom.

4. Go to town on your opponents base.

You need to have a good tower damage champion (as mentioned earlier) and a suitable tank; a good combination is (Yi, Sivir, Tristana, Nasus, Sion) for DPS and (Rammus) for tanking.

Please critique this guide, I hope that this guide is able to help those with any questions or ideas on pushing a lane.



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Some good basic info. You could really do a lot with this guide though and I hope you flesh it out.

Pushing wins games. If you know the tricks of pushing, you have a better chance of winning.

For the section where you mentioned Sivir (I main her) you should add Boomerang Blade. Its actually the combination of Ricochet and Boomerang Blade that allows Sivir to wipe a creep wave in 1 second flat. You should also clarify that section saying that wiping out the enemy creep wave allowsyour creeps to whack on the tower, which can actually be a substantial amount of DPS. Doubly so if your carrying an Aegis.

Its a rare situation that its better for you to live then take out a tower. If you dont have a huge gold bounty on you, and you can DEFINATELY take out the tower, take the death and down the tower. Your that much closer to winning.

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Another fun way to use teleport is to use it on the minion the turret is targeting. The tower will not be able to kill any units for 4 seconds while your ally kills it. Of course, watch for ganks if you choose to do this.

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Not that bad of a guide, I do agree that you should flesh it out a bit though. I did find a bit of useful information in this guide. Pushing is always my problem. In most of the games I have played, Pushing=winning

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Yeah the point that QUICKSLIDE noted is very important. There are champs that can really take out towers quick (Nasus, Tristana, Yi, etc) and those that can clear creep waves quickly (Twisted Fate, Anivia, etc). Having a team without a strong carry that can take down towers quickly is a huge disadvantage, and to cope you'd better hope that you've got people on your team that can clear creeps quickly or everyone is on the same page about pushing a particular tower.

another tip: say you're getting pushed in mid by the entire team, and a stalemate occurs. Keep only enough allies defending mid as necessary, and send the other ally(s) to another lane to push it. There's no sense in having them pace around idly, and when the team disbands to tend to their towers, you can go ahead and counter push. The time they spend traveling is something to take advantage of.

another tip: when defending a tower with enemy champs around, CLEAR THE CREEPS FIRST! Clearing the creep waves allows your tower to attack the would-be homewrecker(s). Many times, that is far more effective in driving enemies back than attacking them. Another trick would be to instantly clear the creep wave around your tower, so that the tower gets a couple shots on the attacker that he/she is not expecting. An example would be riftwalking in with kassadin, force pulsing the entire wave to kill it instantly. Suddenly the champ(s) find themselves alone, taking tower shots. Kills can happen this way a lot too.

another tip: defending towers. At full hp, a melee minion will take 3 shots from the tower before dying. A caster minion, 2. A siege minion? I forgot. What you can do while defending to speed up the clearing of minions is softening them all up with an aoe ability that enables the tower to take down each minion in one hit.

another tip: sometimes, it's worth it to tank the damage from minions instead of the tower.. even with a squishy character.

I agree with everyone else, this kind of guide should be fleshed out. I like to state this phrase sometimes "The game is over when their nexus is destroyed". It's obvious, but not everybody keeps this end goal in mind, and treat ganking champions as an end in itself.

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It's also worth mentioning Taric's ult, his ult increases the dmg of all ur minions attacking the tower + any dps u have helping up. Rally is extremely useful for pushing for the exact same reasons (seeing as tarics ult is basically a mobile rally)