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BelligerentSwan feedback

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i have noticed a recent spike in the quality of music with i'm guessing imagine dragons for worlds music, however that is not the only good audio i have been hearing lately from league. Azir's sample music was also sounding good as well as jinx's with djerv. mordekaiser's online media was also well though out and i forget the artist that did the music for him because the quality was slightly lower.

all of you on the league of legends audio team should push for a higher budget for event releases. there is 3 very important reasons why:

first and foremost the fans of whomever the artist is will follow their music to league and probably purchase league of legends products. such as tickets to see a live performance with the artist as well as the featured league of legends live events or a well timed champion with a fantastic audio release or a skin with an audio release.

second it is more professional looking to have artist celebrities endorsing league of legends in some way. for the past 50 years or more you may have noticed pro athletes , music artists, movie stars and many more types of celebrities whom have endorsed products have indeed noticed a dramatic spike in sales.

third choosing good audio sets the mood for a more enjoyable experience. so when getting the music think of them creating music for league that can match game play , art, in game store, loading screen. if you were to buy a song for a flat price instead of commission based on projected sales and would build up your audio library.

you all on the audio team is doing a fantastic job and i wish that you would promote audio as media combinations more often. a few examples are champion spotlight, changing login music and backdrop on the loader randomly especially on downtime after events like worlds, in-between champion releases.

anyway this is just my advice as a league of legends fan. please consider it.

thanks, keep up the awesome and fantastic work!