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Lore Fanfic

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For the quoting, you just have to delete some of the text when you reply using a quote and you'll get it.
In regards to my story, it's called 'The pebbles along the path.' It's on the front or second page of the fanfiction forum, and the link is here. http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com....php?t=3862304 (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3862304)

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So continuing the Director's cut kinda feel. A lot of stuff happens in this chapter mostly because originally this was 2 chapters, the other coming later at Chapter 10, but honestly I just got kinda sick of Corin. I tried to make him seem kinda dumb socially, but like a genius in clockwork, but frankly I don't think I got that feel across, although I think i probably could have done a better job had I written the second chapter about him. I also wanted to speed up Viktor's story a bit, and as I say that I mean... I wanted to create the divide between him and Professor Stanwick which is what we see in the actual lore. Also don't really know where the cat is going... I was thinking giving it as an explanation for Ahri becoming human, but luckily I won't have to deal with that until post Chapter 12. I'm surprised there no... rage about how bad this is, but I'm glad this is getting some views some how...

Chapter 7 - Corin

"What are you doing?" Viktor asked walking into the room. He had been gone for over a day and hoped Mr. Stanwick might have gotten some work out of Corin who was sitting on the ground hammering at an old cage.

Corin looked up at him and continued hammering at the cage. Mr. Stanwick suddenly walked by him looking at the flattened and nearly destroyed cage. “Pull the bar up a little bit, and bend this one to the right and it should be done,” he said to Corin. “We’re creating a disperser,” Mr. Stanwick said to Viktor.

"A disperser?" Viktor said looking at it strangely. The flattened cage now looked more like a spider, it’s arms stretched out and almost flailing.

"It’s to get rid of any excess power that seems to generate," Corin tried to explain. He didn’t understand the science as well, but Mr. Stanwick had told him the bolt of lightning seemed to bounce on the metal gathering energy until it eventually exploded out of the behemoth.

"It will help discharge any excess power," Mr. Stanwick helped explain. "It won’t explode within him anymore and will allow us to better control power output.

Viktor looked over the spider and back at the pile of rested metal. Earlier Corin had placed a small metal sheet over the whole created from their previous attempt. The machine appeared as close as it could to the original design Mr. Stanwick had showed him. Viktor grabbed a chain that seemed to hang above the stage and winched the machine up into position where the orb was sitting. “Well, it looks good I guess,” Viktor said looking over the machine. He carefully lifted a large 6 pinned jack and plugged it into the machine’s side. Corin continued working on his spider; it was nearly efficient. Corin lifted it up and looked it over carefully.

Outside soft footsteps could be heard, not something uncommon, but a clown suddenly strolled in. His face was a shiny white with an enormous smile. He wore an orange and black leotard with white puffed sleeves and collar. “Who are you?” Viktor called from across the room.

"I am mere a jester," the clown said with a bow. "Swain sent me asking about the status on the Blitz project."

"Swain was here two days ago when the robot exploded," Stanwick retorted. "It was completely spectacular."

"And yet the machine stands," the clown said pointing at the stage. "And the high chancellor was curious about the projects state."

Mr. Viktor stepped forward facing the clown. Corin was smart enough to sense tension building and slowly edged backwards with his metal spider. The clown suddenly looked at him with pale eyes. He suddenly began walking towards Corin. “What do you have their toy maker?” he said eyeing the spider.

Corin looked at him and pushed the spider behind him. “It’s to help rid of the excess power,” Corin explained.

"Are you sure you want to be working on something so dangerous?" the clown said now standing over Corin. "What would Orianna say?"

"How did you-" Corin started.

"Tell Swain things are moving accordingly," Mr. Stanwick interrupted. The clown quickly turned to him eyeing him carefully. "If this works, this will be the last prototype we will ever build."

"Very well," the clown said as he turned and began to walk out.

"Who was he?" Corin asked turning to Mr. Stanwick.

"He’s the High Chancellor’s dog, although a lot of people have said the high Chancellor doesn’t always hold his leash," Mr. Stanwick explained.

"It doesn’t matter, you said we only report to Swain as this project is top secret," Viktor said looking at Mr. Stanwick.

"What are you doing anyways?" Corin said. "He mentioned my daughter, What is going on here?" Corin stepped black clasping the spider.

"Relax Corin," Mr. Stanwick said slowly. "We’re almost done, all we have to do is put the spider in and then we can test it to see if it works. We’re almost done. Don’t you want us to be almost done?" He stretched out his big meaty hands towards the spider.

Corin looked at Mr. Stanwick and then to Viktor who seemed to be turning levers and inserting wires into jacks and plugs around the stage. Corin slowly put the spider in Mr. Stanwick’s hand.

"Quickly Dr. Viktor, help me weld this inside the machine," Mr. Stanwick said excitedly running over to the stage.

Corin sat idly on a stool as Stanwick used a burst of bright light that caused the room to smell like searing plastic and steal. And suddenly Mr. Viktor was standing next to Corin exhausted. “You did well, Corin,” he said patting Corin on the shoulder. He walked over to the computer as Mr. Stanwick replaced the barrel body.

"It’s done!" Mr. Stanwick shouted. "Hit the lever!"

Mr. Viktor threw a lever and the orb began to spin again. Faster and faster the room filled with the familiar buzzing. And suddenly a bolt of lightning exploded out of the orb hitting the mechanical mass. It didn’t move or shift. “What happened!” Mr. Viktor roared.

"I think we need more power," Mr. Stanwick said running over to the computer and looking at the levers. He suddenly turned several dials and pulled a lever. The buzzing grew louder and the orb seemed to grow brighter and brighter. Suddenly several bolts of blue lightning bolted out of the orb hitting the walls, the machine, and finally… a bolt bounced on a wall, hit the roof and suddenly hit the computer. Electricity seemed to ride back and forth over the panel of levers and dials, gauges began turning violently, pipes seemed to shoot out steam and suddenly there was a loud explosion.

When Corin awoke the room was filled with a dark smoke. Mr. Stanwick and Mr. Viktor were running back and forth to the computer and back to the stage. Corin slowly stood up and Mr. Stanwick caught his eye. “You’re finally awake!” Mr. Stanwick shouted excited. “It worked! We’ve done it. Come say hello to Blitzcrank!”

Corin followed Mr. Stanwick to the stage. The machine seemed to stand on its own now. Mr. Viktor was looking at the machine and then running back to his desk taking notes. Then running back, moving its arms and then running to his desk yet again taking more notes.

"What is this? What’s going on?" Corin asked in bewilderment.

"Here let me show you what he’s capable of," Mr. Stanwick said. "This is Blitzcrank, a war machine we created for Noxus." He quickly moved to a panel on the stage and pushed a button, and Blitzcrank shout up his left fist in a hard upper cut into the ceiling. "We’ve done it!" he said excitedly.

"Careful Professor Stanwick," Viktor said from behind. "That wall is unstable."
“Relax, we need to test these anyways,” Mr. Stanwick said hitting another button. Suddenly Blitzcrank’s left had shout out as it grabbed a steel rod across the room 3 chains following behind. “Excellent,” he said. He pushed another button and the 3 chains tightened, but the had did not return. Corin looked at Blitzcrank. It was much taller than he expected, but it seemed to be shaking a bit. Corin touched it feeling the vibration.

Viktor suddenly looked over. “What are you doing?” he called out. “Retract the arm already!”

"I’m trying it isn’t coming back!" Mr. Stanwick shouted back. "What is that buzzing!"

Viktor and Stanwick both turned to Blitzcrank which was now convulsing back and forth. “What is happening to him!” Corin shouted over the loud humming. Suddenly Blitzcranks hand shot back pulling the large metal pipe that held up the far wall. The wall stood for a moment longer before it began to crumble towards them. Mr. Viktor began running towards Mr. Stanwick and Corin, but the ceiling began crashing down and he was hit by some stray debris. Corin looked at Mr. Stanwick and then back to the falling ceiling. “RUN!” Mr. Stanwick screamed. The machine continued to convulse as Mr. Stanwick and Corin made their way to the door the ceiling falling behind them and crashing into the machine. Within moments the building was coming down all around them. Corin and Stanwick had sprinted out the lab door and down the hall. Several others in the surrounding labs had also come out in time to escape, but When Corin and Stanwick had stopped, there were only a dozen people who seemed to have made it out of the collapsing catacombs on their side. Suddenly there was another explosion, a huge jolt pushed back much of the debris from where blitzcrank had once stood. Mr. Stanwick looked and quickly made his way through the fallen debris to where the machine lied on the floor. It slowly stood up next to Mr. Stanwick.

"Where is Dr. Viktor?" A girl shouted out to Mr. Stanwick. "He was in that lab."

Mr. Stanwick looked down at Blitzcrank before looking for his old friend. He lifted a rock from where he had scene Mr. Viktor land on the ground and unveiled a bloodied mangled hand. Mr. Stanwick dropped the debris he held and turned to the girl, his eyes glistening. He grabbed Blitzcrank’s arm and led him to Corin.

As everyone walked away from the collapsed catacombs that once housed the research facilities of Noxus, Viktor’s mangled hand clenched tightly and he pushed himself up hugging the blue orb.

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Remember when I said the dream matters 9 years later, It turns out I was wrong. It matters now. I must have made the mistake because there is a Malzahar chapter after the Singed chapter as well. It's more like just a short conversation in the void, but whatever. Anyways My bad. 3 chapter until my favorite mainly because a character who is usually considered good is… well an utter jerk in that chapter. It's something I'm excited for. I would like to thank everyone for the lack of rage. I'm doing my best, I just hope… you know someone actually gives some constructive criticism. I mean this has gotten 172 views… someone has bound to have some kind of opinion.

Chapter 8 - Malzahar

The water was cool to the boy's touch as he plunged his fingers into the pool and cupped some water to his hands. The sand was burning hot on his knees, but he didn't care. He was happy to finally rest. His legs and arms were sore from the wagon rad and the bumpy path that lead south of the great barrier past the voodoo lands. The boy took a sip of the cold water and learned forward. Suddenly the sand gave way and the boy squealed.
"Careful Abdul," a tall man said grabbing him by the arm. He was shirtless and heavily built. His skin was tan after spending 3 days in the blazing hot sun.
"Are we there yet?" the boy whined looking at the Oasis. The trip had been hard on the boy.
"Not yet, son," the tall man said. He looked into the distance looking desperately for the high clock tower. "Just one more day."
"Where are we even going?" the boy said. He wondered if his father had ever actual been to the clock tower he had spoken of.
The man had grown weary after the 3 days of travel. Supplies had quickly run out. Their guide, a desert tribesman, had stolen half of their food on the second day and disappeared into the night. "Look Abdul, we will travel a little further, and if we don't see anything by sundown, we will turn around."
Abdul looked at his father and then back at the water. He clenched his fists before walking back to the wagon on the heap of clothes that he had taken for a pillow and closed his eyes.
Abdul hadn't noticed when they started moving again, but the next time he had opened his eyes they had been on their way through the desert again. The heat was unbearable that even the shade of the wagon wouldn't prevent the burning. Abdul looked outside and in the distance saw sharp jagged rocks.
"Dad! I see something over there," Abdul called out.
Abdul's dad was smiling as they rode towards the Flats he had been told about. Suddenly the horses reared and the carriage jolted sharply as the horses went into some kind of madness. Abdul who had been sitting on the edge of the wagon was flung from the cart onto the now hard rocky floor. The horses began trotting in the other direction. "ABDUL!" his father called out as the wagon sailed into the desert.
Abdul quickly got up and began running towards the wagon, but it kept going towards the desert. Abdul continued to chase when suddenly the sand gave way below his feet and he was in utter darkness and then he fell to the ground.
The boy's eyes flickered as he awoke. He stood up in the darkness. Confusion filled his mind as he began walking forward trying to catch a glimpse of something. He tried to retrace his steps, the wagon, the desert, then darkness. As he walked he suddenly noticed a bright purple light above him, it seemed to scan the area but suddenly focused on him, another green light in the sky looked down on him as well.
"You are not welcome here Shurimite," a mean voice called down to him. "He looks delicious," another voice came. The boy was frantic looking around.
"What is a Shurimite? Where am I?" Abdul called out, his heart gripped with fear. "Who are you?"
"We are the void!" a hundred voices whispered resonating with one another. The boy's heart sank. "We are the endless abyss."
"I came through a hole," the boy tried to explain. He couldn't remember everything, just the sand swallowing him up. His eyes darted back and forth as two large claws seemed to reveal themselves at either side of him. They rose up into blackness.
"Let us devour him," A voice came out. "I would like to study him," A different voice answered. "We should crush him." "Slice him in two." "Squeeze him until his head pops off." "Drink his blood!" "Tear him apart!" "Drop him in acid!" Abdul cupped his ears and knelt down as the voices seemed to drawn his mind. Suddenly a hand rose up above the boy. He looked at it as it clenched into a fist, then suddenly a huge wind seemed to burst from the monster. "Wait!" a much louder voice came from the monster.
The boy looked up. The hand was gone, but the eyes continued to look down at him. "You have great courage to come down here on your own," the voice said. The voice was lighter and kinder. "You deserve to be rewarded."
A hundred complaints rang out at once in protest and anger, but suddenly something seemed to walk forward and the voices were silenced. A girl walked towards him, short and fat. She wore light clothes, but her eyes were covered by a thick blind fold.
"Mother?" the boy asked looking through the darkness. His father had told him his mother died years ago, when he was born.
"Not exactly," The voice came out. It was not the woman speaking, but the woman came to Abdul and embraced him tightly. "You are very special, Abdul."
The boy looked at her unbelieving. She looked exactly like the photo his father had showed him once. A smelled of roses and lavender. "Where have you been?" the boy asked hugging her tightly.
"Abdul, there is something I need you to do for me," the voice rang from seemingly all directions. "I need you to grow strong."
"Strong," Abdul chimed his eyes held tight.
"I want you to be able to see like I see," the voice said. "It will be scary, but you have to stay strong for me."
"What do you mean?" Abdul said.
"Please stay strong for me. Please," The voice pleaded.
"I will mother, I will!" Abdul said looking into her face.
The woman lifted her hands and pulled the blind fold off. Her eyes were a strange glowing purple, bright and shining. Abdul looked into her eyes in wonder when suddenly her eyes seemed to move, They stretched and twirled, the lights moving back and forth, and suddenly they darted into Abdul's eyes. Abdul began to scream as his eyes seemed to burn. His skull pulsed as tears poured from his eyes. His mind was flooded with thousands of thoughts. He felt his mother's hands around him disappear. He tried to close his eyes, but the bright purple color kept flooding them. Abdul fell to his knees and then to the floor.
"The son of a fool," Abdul heard in the distance, "will always be a fool."
"The fool will free us," another voice whispered. "He will save us."
"He must, he is now one of us," A third voice said more distantly.
Abdul didn't see or hear anything after that. He shivered on the ground, cold and aching. Then he felt nothing.

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So, I just finished reading Game of Thrones today, only have 4 more books to go… Anyways so I debated on which chapter should go first, this one of the following Swain one and I chose this one for temporal reasons. Anyways, a bit of a shorter chapter cause... well I had **** to do so I kinda rushed it. Definitely could have made her have a conversation with Tryndamere... but you know lazy. Anyways, some of the other things I'm debating on covering is Ionia as a whole, I mean Shen, Akali, and Kennen since there are better stories about that. Still a long way off on that. It happens after the second 10 year skip. I should mention, the 10 year skips only because we don't have enough information from Riot. Blame them if you want more... Don't think anyone really needs another Lore fanfic though... hmm... still no BM though so I dunno I'm gonna keep going.

Chapter 9 - Lissandra

The sun was beginning to set as Lissandra made her way out of the tall spruce wood doors and past the statues that guarded Frostborn. The forest still glowed with the setting sun. She crept towards the trees still in her light clothes and wondered if she would regret grabbing her fur coat from Curtis. She quickly walked through the forest.

The woods at night were fearsome. Faceless trees now grew mean and menacing as she walked by. Branches tugged at her hair and scratched any skin open to the air. As she walked she could hear the sounds of fast moving footsteps as trolls made their way home to the icy bog in the north. Lissandra heard a hoot from a snow owl up above, but was not able to follow it’s sound. Her legs ached from the earlier climb through the mountains. She grabbed onto a branch as she walked by pushing herself forward. As she reached the mountain pass she heard soft snow being hurled into the air. She turned to see pairs of yellow glowing specs in the distance quickly moving in her direction.
Lissandra quickly began running between the mountain walls barreling head first into the for in the mountain path and crashing into the hard rock wall. She slowly gripped her aching head. Water seemed to drip down her arms as her legs gave way. She watched as the specs grew closer, larger and wider. She could now see the snouts of the snarling beasts as they charged towards here growling.

Lissandra sat on the ground, frozen. Her head was pounding and the scratches on her arms made her writhe in pain. Lissandra tried to stand, but her legs would not listen. She reached down into the cold snow trying to crawl away, but her arms spasmed and she fell to the floor. It was all over. A dog jumped on her biting and gnawing.

Suddenly there was a loud whistling and it was gone. “What are you doing!” A man shouted. He was short but incredibly well muscled. She looked and saw another wolf jump at her. The man swung a sword taller than he was across the dogs face slicing it’s jaw. “MOVE!”

Lissandra held her breath and pushed her self off the ground. She began running south, towards the lights, towards the town. She hadn’t known if the man continued to follow, but she made it to the tavern and edged herself to the bar. The tavern was strangely empty tonight.

"Braum, we need to talk," Lissandra said.

"Finally taking my offer to leave this ice cold wasteland?" Braum asked with a nonchalant grin. He was cleaning a glass as they talked.

Lissandra paused for a moment. “Look Braum, we need to leave.”

"That’s what I’ve been saying all this time," Braum replied with a smile. "Gragas here is leaving soon, we can hitch a ride with him and head south to Demacia. I hear people can head down there and start a new life."

Lissandra looked it him. He hadn’t been listening to her. “Braum if I said let’s go, would you take me away from here?” Lissandra asked urgently.

"Sure, let’s get out of here," Braum said. He hopped over the table and grabbed Lissandra at the hip. "We can see the world together, you and I. Let’s go."

Braum carried Lissandra out of the bar towards the docks to the east where Gragas’s ship was floating. Lissandra looked back at the icy wasteland she once called home as she and Braum made their way onto the boat.

Lissandra didn’t remember that night, she only remembered waking in Braum’s big arms. He lay clotheless in a hammock rocking back and forth as the boat moved. It was near noon by what Lissandra could tell. She stood up and shook Braum to wake him up.

Braum awoke with a start. “What happened? Where am I?” Braum bolted up.

"Braum are you okay?" Lissanda asked looking at him questioning. "You carried me to Gragas’s boat. You said something about seeing the world and creating a new life in Demacia."

"I did?" Braum said startled. He suddenly smiled. "I thought that was a dream, I was going to wake up depressed." He grabbed at her arm to puller her back into the hammock but Lissandra pulled away causing the hammock to tip over and Braum landed face first into the ground.

Lissandra looked throught he porthole to see the Freiljord in the distance.

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For that 1 person who is wondering why I didn't post yesterday, to put it simply... I forgot. Anyways. This chapter is kinda more about politics and would make way more sense if it was actually... you know seen instead of read. I do regret not describing the room they are in. I also hate the ending... a bit too cheesy, but to be honest, it's those cheesy moments that make the exciting moment more fun. Anyways tomorrow is a Nasus Chapter and after that is the longest chapter I've written so far. I usually don't post on Fridays since it's technically my day off, but I'm going to make an exception this week because I forgot yesterday.

Chapter 10 - Swain

Swain awoke to a loud pounding at his door. He looked out his window to see the starless night sky above Noxus and slowly crept out of bed grabbing his staff. He trudged to the door and pulled the heavy door open.
“Sir,” A short man in a black helmet said in a high pitched voice. “Urgent summons from the Council.”

"What is this about?" Swain said yawning.

"I wasn’t told the details sir," he replied. "All I know is there is a huge commotion over the High Chancellor’s tower. Something about the catacombs giving way below causing the tower to crumble." Swain froze for a moment looking at the little man before closing the door in his face.

"I will not rule under the reign of some hemomancer!" Swain heard a man shout through the open doorway. The sun had begun creeping over the horizon when Swain finally made it to the Council room. He wore his high command coat and a sturdy Cutlass to his left. After all these years, his left leg still twanged with pain as he walked.

"And I will not reign under some muscle headed fool!" another man said. His face was as pale as snow. He wore a high colored bright red coat with a long flowing tail. He sat with his arms crossed and his feet on the table. The high Council was made up of 6 people. The High General who was head of the military sat at the head of the table. The man was tall and vast. To his left sat General Darkwill, who didn’t have a seat at the council. Across from them was the Hemomancer Vladimir, one of the oldest and richest family of Noxus. Swain noted his hair was longer than usual. The 2 who sat closest to the door where representatives of the city, both voted for by the people. The on to Swains left was a young man who would sweat over simple matters, but it was the one who sat on the right who he worried about, Andromeda Du Couteau.

Andromeda was of the higher cast. Ruthless, cunning, innovative, Andromeda was an utter witch. She was standing at her chair. “We need to come to some kind of consensus! Is anyone else in favor of General Darkwill!” She shouted smacking her hands on the table. She wore a beautiful green evening gown. Swain took a quick look outside and watched the sun rise before walking in.

"What about Shaco?" the timid rat to her left asked. He was short and he wouldn’t stop twitching.

"The CLOWN!" High General Dante bellowed. "I will not bow to a goddamn CLOWN!"

"I wouldn’t bow down to you either," a voice came from above. Shaco made his way down from the upper rafters standing on the table wearing his stupid insipid smile. "Glad of you to join us, Swain," He said looking at the door."

The council’s eyes seemed to follow and for once Swain felt naked standing before them. “Come here boy,” High General Dante spoke. His voice was always naturally loud. “This boy here was always at the High Chancellor’s side,” he announced.

Darkwill’s eyes narrowed. “I wouldn’t say that, Shaco was always with him,” he said quietly.

"So you would have us bow to the clown as well," High General Dante said. "Glad your vote doesn’t count."

Across from the two city representatives, the man closes to Vladimir stood. “I push we consider Raschallion, the High Chancellor’s son,” a slender man spoke. Swain had seen him once before at the Noxus technology Gala in Zaun. He was the Treasurer’s son, his nose was crooked, but smile was glinted with gold.

"Are you daft?" the last of the council said standing up. The last member was selected by the high Chancellor but held the position for life. Unfortunately that seat didn’t leave a high life expectancy. "Anyone who knew the Chancellor knew his son was useless. A talentless sorcerer who took control of the grey order through money and bribes."

"What should we do then?" the treasurer’s son retorted.

"I have an idea," Shaco said all of a sudden. He was seated on the table, but somehow everyone had thought he disappeared.

"You have no right to speak here clown!" Dante Commanded.

"Wait I would like to see what he has to say," Twitch responded still nervously. Dante looked down at the little man for a minute while Twitch appeared to shrink in his chair. "Have my last line stricken from the record please," he croaked.

"I might like to hear this magical solution the clown has come up with," Vladimir said. He was looking across the table at High General Dante, the edge of his mouth twisting.

"I agree," Andromeda said slowly sitting down.

"You are all daft!" the treasurer shouted. "I’m leaving, you know where my vote stands!" He stood up to walk away.

"You might want to hear this," Shaco slithered. "You argue about who should become High Chancellor. You want Raschallion, you want Lord Darkwill, you want your daughter, and you want… yourself," he sneered at Vladimir. Vladimir’s smile somehow grew brighter. "And yet you it yourself," Shaco said indicating Dante. "This boy here was the High Chancellor’s right hand man." Andromeda opened her mouth to speak but said nothing. All eyes fell to Swain.

"But I can’t-" Swain began.

"Who else could pursue the High Chancellor’s vision!" Shaco shouted. "Who else knew the intricacies of his plans for Noxus!"

"I think he’s right," the treasurer’s son finally said with a twisted smile. "The boy is young, but knew the High Chancellor well."

"We must move forward," Andromeda acknowledged. The room seemed to fill with a sense of agreement.

"This is folly!" General Darkwill shouted. "Swain isn’t a leader! He should follow the High Chancellor to the grave. You both belong there! And you Clown! How dare you fill these good people’s minds with lies! I’m meant to be high Chancellor!"

Shaco looked at him. “I can assure you, these people aren’t good,” Shaco responded. All eyes fell to him.

Swain still standing by the door looked at General Darkwill. “Well if it’s a fight you want,” he began grabbing hold of the cutlass. “It’s a fight you’re going to get!”

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So... I was hoping to get back to Nasus sooner, but things got kinda side tracked because a lot of things had to happen before this did. At least I say that, but I'm not exactly sure where this is going, and none of you will either because the next chapter is singed, and the chapter after that includes a 10 year gap... wait no, it includes the epic conclusion between Swain and Darkwill... **** that's something else I'll have to write. Anyways completely forgot the post this up yesterday, it was on my blog but I felt i needed to post it here for those imaginary fans I keep dreaming about.

Chapter 11 - Nasus

Nasus walked into the high throne room. The walls where made of yellow sand stone but colored with immaculate designs and shapes. The floor was a rainbow of glassy marble and at the center a large chandelier hung from the ceiling from what appeared to be thread. Large pillars circled the room and opposite Nasus was the large throne. An Ivory carved masterpieces with the heads of the ancient kings carved into the chair.

Nasus walked close to the empty chair looking at it intensely. “Hi father,” he spoke softly. He was looking at a carving on the shoulder. The head was large, but the face was small. The eyes were narrow and felt hollow as they followed those who passed by. Nasus touched the cheeks gently.

"Your Liege," Nasus heard from another room. He quickly walked to the left wall finding a corridor. "The Grand Curator, Nasus is here now."

"Excellent, send him in," a voice came out that was undoubtedly Azir. His voice was high and always full of an unreasonable amount of joy.

"But Sir," Nasus heard. "You should be more presentable."

"Nasus is an old friend, he’ll understand."

A sand Soldier walked into the corridor from one of the rooms. “This way Sir,” it called out to Nasus.

Nasus walked into the room slowly. The ground was a white marble, but the walls were covered in steam scented with oils and flowers that stung the eyes. Nasus made his way forward nearly blinded as his eyes began readjusting.

"Nasus! Brother!" Azir called out. "Good of you to come see me after all these years."

"I did indeed come," Nasus said contemptuously, "I am still unsure if it was in fact good." Nasus’s eyes began readjusting to the apparent fog and saw Azir lying in a pool of green water smiling. Azir’s tan skin was bear except for a large line of gold around his neck that hung loosely and silver earrings.

"Ah, this," Azir said indicating the chain, "the spoils of war. You know much about war, I’m sure you’ve read something."

"I don’t think the slaughter of a tribe can be considered war, Azir," Nasus said looking down at him. "Why did you summon me?"

"Brother, understand. When you and Renekton left there was no one left to lead and the reigns fell to me. The other tribes saw this as weakness and began lashing and biting like dogs tasting raw chicken fallen to the street. You would let your own tribe die?"

"I would not murder the innocent!" Nasus said fuming.

Azir arose from the murky water. “It took years to conquer the eastern sand. Thousands fell, am I to let the crimes of the others merely pass?”

"You are fighting the war of a fool!" Nasus shouted. "When father passed, he should not have given reign to you!"

"Where were his sons!" Azir said standing before Nasus. "Where were you or Renekton when father became ill? If Calliope had not come to me, not even I would have known."

"There was a higher calling!" Nasus shouted.

"You abandoned your birthright, your home! You abandoned me! And now you scold me for doing what you would have done? Do not be so bold as to lecture me for cleaning up the disaster you created!"

"WHY AM I HERE!" Nasus roared. "Why did you call-" Nasus’s voice suddenly cracked causing him to squeak "here?"

Azir opened his mouth and paused before bursting into laughter. It echoed on the hard marble floor and the sandstone walls. Nasus’s face turned red. Azir walked to the side and began draping himself in silks. “Brother,” Azir finally attempted to speak trying to control himself. “Calliope was next in line after you and your brother. I called you hear to ask to marry her.”

"You wish to marry her? She is but a child," Nasus tried to explain.

"A child who is heir to an empire I created," Azir clarified. "Xerath believes it will solidify the tribe. Make us whole again."

"Xerath is a rat who would betray you once he found another leader to latch on," Nasus replied. "Calliope is too young to be married."

"When was the last you saw her brother?" Azir asked. "By my eye, she’s fully grown."

"Not by mine," Nasus retorted. "Have you talked to her about this?"

"How could I? I know not where she is nor what she does. She disappears in the night sometimes, I have heard. They say she goes to the library to see you, but you or your brother has denied her entry in recent years."

"She knows I will always welcome her to the library."

"Be that as it may, I wish for you to talk to her about it. Just as a proposal. You are my oldest friend, brother, who else would you have by her side?"

Nasus stood silently for a minute. “Calliope is hard headed. It will not take only my word to persuade her.”

"Nasus!" A loud voice came from the throne room. "Nasus where are you!"

"Your brother?" Azir looked questioning.

Nasus nodded and walked towards the throne room.

"What is it Renekton? How did you know I was here?"

"The library beckons," Renekton said softly in his rough voice.

"What do you mean? Is it the crystal?" Nasus asked urgently.

"The pyramid glows again, something we have yet to seen in years."

Nasus turned to Azir. “Think about what I said,” Azir said quietly.

Nasus bowed and walked towards the large doors to leave.

As Nasus and Renekton walked through the cold sand Renekton stopped. “What did Azir want?”

"If I told you, you would have slit his throat on the throne. What did you in the library?"

"Creatures of black and darkness surrounded by abyss and void," Renekton said worried. "I fear the library may be in danger."

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And it is at this moment I remembered I was supposed to post this today too. Yeah! Hype for new characters! In all honesty, this was the first chapter I wrote and the only reason why I posted on to the forum. If I get into a car crash tomorrow, I honestly wouldn't mind since someone out there has read this. Just kidding, I have no intent on dying. Anyways I though this chapter was good. Last note. No update on Saturday or Sunday as I have some... obligations. Totally out of my control. Please enjoy and tell your friends about a poorly written fanfic on the LOL Forums.

Chapter 12 - Singed

"Steady the horses, boy!" A young man called out from inside the tower. "We need to hurry, but there isn’t any point if we get trampled by our own."

The boy turned to look at him. Rage flashed in his eyes for a second, but he calmed as he patted the horse gently. He was young and short, but wore a well fitted vest over a white long sleeve shirt. He had a clean look to him aside from the light burn marks on his sleeves. The young boy felt the cold climb up his arms and shivered. “Where are we going Master Warwick!” he called out through the howling wind.

Master Warwick’s green eyes darted from the boy to the carriage and then quickly to the sky above. The clouds still hung low and dense; a star could hardly be seen. That weather was perfect at the moment. Master Warwick quickly picked up a basket with a thin cloth over it and quickly walked through the darkness into the carriage. He dare not look into it as the sight of it brought dread to his eyes. “We must head south down the coast. Mogrom pass will take too long to traverse.” The young boy lit a flame and began to light the lantern on the side of the carriage when Warwick grabbed his arm. “Are you daft boy,” he said in a harsh pitch. “We need to move as the night, dark and silent.”

The boy looked at him utterly confused but dropped the flame as Master Warwick pulled him into the cart. Within seconds they were off, around the city and through the high walls of Noxus. A dark figure stood high on the walls as he followed the carriage into the distance. He stood high looking into the darkness. Suddenly a hawk flew down to his shoulder and looked at the high general. “Follow them,” he whispered through his thick wool face mask. The bird took to the skies and flew gently beneath the clouds as it glided over the carriage.

An hour had passed and the sand the horses kept kicking up was starting to drive the young boy mad. “How much longer!’ the boy called out holding the reins rather tightly, they had begun to imprint into his grip. Ahead to his right, he could see the high mountains, a literal barrier between the north and south of Valoran and to his left the large expanse of ocean, the Guardian’s Sea as it was called.

Master Warwick looked out the window, his long black hair was an utter mess. He looked through what he had brought: The boy’s potion set, his own chest with a few clothes beneath stacks and stacks of books, research, schematics, and notes. And the basket he had placed carefully in the far end of the carriage. He had heard stories of a witch to the south of the Great Barrier near the Voodoo Lands. Master Warwick had to find her at all costs. He looked through the window again as they passed the mountains and then climbed to the front grabbing the reins from the boy.

"Almost there, boy," he said. "My, you’ve clenched these rather tightly." The boy had just noticed how sore his hands had become and slowly began rubbing them together in the cold air.

"Were are we going?" the boy urged again. But suddenly Warwick pulled on one of the reins and the carriage made a sharp right turn towards the mountains. A faint flicker of the moon had caught Warwick’s eye over the ocean front.

Warwick suddenly shouted “GO!” and the horses suddenly picked up speed. Suddenly there was a loud whistling following by a boom to the left side of the carriage.

"What is happening!" the boy shouted. But Master Warwick had no time to explain. What was once sand quickly became dirt, then grass, and before long their carriage was rushing through a forest. The whistling continued as the horses ran through the forest. Master Warwick was quick with the reins moving back and forth weaving around whatever missed and moving faster past those that didn’t reach. Suddenly there was a low rumbling. Warwick looked up and saw hundreds of rocks quickly tumble and fall through the forest. Warwick pulled on the reins hard, a bit too hard. The horses swung to the left, the sudden jolt causing the carriage to turn and crash on one side. Warwick and the boy flew out of the cab seat and crashed into the ground hard.

Master Warwick quickly climbed up and ran to the carriage. The horses continued to run through the forest and Master Warwick began pushing objects trying to find something in the carriage. The boy suddenly appeared by Master Warwick’s side. “What is happening!” he screamed.

Master Warwick suddenly turned, his eyes red as the inside of a watermelon. He knelt down and held the boy’s shoulders. “Look, David, I can’t explain now, but I want you to stay with the carriage,” he paused for a moment. “And be very careful, stay hidden by the carriage.” He looked into the carriage again, “I’m sorry I must leave you, but I name you after your mother, Evelynn.”

Master Warwick quickly stood up and began briskly walking towards were the horses had run when there was a sudden rustling.

"So you survived the rockslide," a voice came out. David watched from behind the carriage as Master Warwick suddenly froze in his tracks. David’s eyes darted to where he thought the sound was coming from. "You thought you could get away with it."
“Please, it’s not what you think,” Master Warwick said with a distinct fear in his voice. It wasn’t something David was familiar with; even with Swain, the High General of Noxus, Warwick was stern and cold.

A purple glow began to appear through the forest. Her steps were loud and clunky and as David watched he suddenly recognized hooves walking towards Warwick. Her skin was blue except for a yellow glowing horn on her forehead. She held a seemingly glowing staff, the moon with a star adorned its head. “A dryad,” David whispered.

”You defiled my sister! You murdered her!” She spat as she approached him. Warwick could scarcely move.

"You don’t know what happ-"

"Silence!" The girl shouted as she tossed a blue orb at him through her staff. "Because of YOU, she was abandoned! Because of YOU, she lost her home! Because of YOU, she LOST everything!"

Warwick took a step back and tripped, falling to the ground. He kept trying to speak but there was hardly a sound. The Dryad continued to walk closer. Each step seemed to bring new life to the earth around her, but her eyes were filled with anger and rage.

"You will pay for what you did!" She sneered. "Let the world see you for the beast you really are!" Suddenly the glow that seemed to appear around her disappeared followed by a bright light appearing at the end of her staff.

Master Warwick looked over to the carriage and reached out, a tear slowly fell down his face. The Dryad slammed the staff into his chest. Master Warwick’s body convulsed, his body and limbs shook rapidly. Suddenly thick patches of hair began to appear on his arms. His eyes grew a blood red. His fingers began to stretch as huge claws began to take shape. Master Warwick watched his arms, then looked to David. The Dryad noticed his eyes and took a step toward the carriage. Master Warwick quickly jumped at the dryad and they tumbled into the forest.

David looked towards where they had dove, but there was nothing but pitch darkness. “My, you don’t see that everyday,” a high pitched nasalized voice came from behind. David suddenly turned and was face to face with another blue girl no taller than him.

David jump back and tripped over a carriage wheel. “Don’t do that to me!” David said franticly pointing at where Master Warwick had run off, “I’m sorry, I didn’t’ do anything.”

The little blue girl looked at him curiously. She was wearing a purple dress and a tall cone hat. She also had a staff, but it was wood and curled at the end. “Relax,” she said. “I was just taking a peak at the Dryad, Soraka. But your friend must have done something awful bad if she did something like that to him.” she said holding her chin. She suddenly began skipping around in a circle. “I’m Lulu by the way.”

David looked at the girl as he climbed the axle to get to his feet. “You aren’t a Dryad?” David paused to look at her feet. “A yordle?”

"Yup!" Lulu said as she walked around the carriage. "Oh and this is Pix," she said pointing at what appeared to be nothing.

Suddenly there was a stirring within the carriage. David and Lulu looked at each other and then climbed to the edge of the carriage. The basket Master Warwick had held was now stirring, moving. Lulu took her staff and picked up the basket from the wreckage and placed it gently on the side of the carriage. “What do we have here?” she said excitedly. She slowly lifted the cloth to find a young child. “Aww! It’s a baby!” Lulu said lifting the child.

"It’s blue," David said looking at it. "Where did it come from?"

"She’s blue because she’s part Dryad, duh," Lulu said ignoring the question. "What do we call it?"

"I think Master Warwick said her name was Evelynn," David said watching Lulu hold the child delicately.

"Named for her mother? That’s funny and really bizarre all at the same time!" Lulu said. Her excitement was quickly getting on David’s nerves.