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Lore Fanfic

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I can't believe I am doing this.

I am writing a Fanfic based on the many present and past Lores presented about each of the characters. The story is written to have a very Game of Throne feel (if you read the book) and much of the lore selected have darker undertones. I will cease and desist if Riot offers me $250k... just saying, I'm kinda broke and need the money and applied for a job as a story writer at riot which I never head back about. Anyways, expect a new chapter everyday at my blog: http://lol-theory.tumblr.com/

Anyways, here's chapter 1. Also everything is a first draft, so forgive spelling errors.

Chapter 1

The man stood in darkness. Confused he began to walk forward trying to catch a glimpse of anything before him. He continued to walk as he waited for his eyes to readjust to the darkness… they wouldn’t. Suddenly he noticed a bright purple light, a slit at first but opening into a globe, appear in the sky to the left followed by several other smaller lights around it. Confused he gazed at it carefully before noticing a second orb to the right, large and green. Suddenly he heard a loud crush to his left and right, 2 enormous hands clasped the ground around him as the light seemed to move closer watching him. “Eyes,” the man suddenly thought, but what creature was so large.

"You are not welcome here Shurimite," a low brash whisper came out. The man stood wondering how the giant knew he was from Shurima, but his thoughts were quickly dismantled from another slithering whisper. "He looks delicious."

"What is Shurimite? Where am I? Who are you?" The man spoke, but the voice was not his own and didn’t hide the fear that seemed to grip his heart. He knew Shurima like the back of his hand, it had been his home for centuries.

"We are the void," a hundred voices whispered at once. "We are the endless abyss."

"I came through a hole," the man said, although he did not know what he meant. He didn’t remember going through a hole, nor did he bother explaining further. His eyes followed the hand to his left. Claws larger than the book shelves of his library tipped its finger tips. The skin was a deep red with black lines that seemed to run back and forth. The enormous arm rose into the blackness.

"Let us devour him," the slithering voice spoke again. "I would like to study him," a third voice interjected. "We should crush him." "Slice him in two." "Squeeze him until his head pops off." "Drink his blood!" "Tear him apart!" "Drop him in acid!" A hundred voices bickered on what to do with him. Suddenly the hand to the boy’s left rose up high above him and clenched into a fist and suddenly…

Nasus awoke with a jolt. His hair was soaked wet and the odor of sweat filled the room. He looked through a large stone window into the darkness of the night sky over the massive expanse of desert known as Shurima. The edge of the horizon was a shade lighter, but daybreak wouldn’t be for several hours. Nasus leaped off his wool sheets and lit a candle on his bed side as he made his way through the stone door, walking through the stone hall and down the stone stair to a balcony.

Nasus placed the candle on the thick railing and gripped it tightly as he looked down into thousands of books and hallways leading to more books. He smiled as he recognized his favorite corridors, but Nasus was looking for something. He remembered the black lines swirling around the red skin. He had seen it once before, perhaps a monster of another world, or a beast banished from his own. Over the centuries Nasus must have read every book, but even he grew bored of knowledge that didn’t pertain to his immediate use. It was that which he regretted most at the moment. Nasus whisked up the candle and walked deeper into the library trying to find something that would jog his memory perhaps.

Deeper and deeper he walked, his brain tired from senseless remembering, his footsteps grew heavier as he searched for some clue. Then all of a sudden he looked down a short corridor and saw it, the red and black, a painting hung gently on the wall. Calliope hoped it brought color to the depths of the library, but the image was lost on Nasus until now. He sprinted towards it, there was no doubt about it being the same design, but as Nasus pressed his fingers on it, he felt the rough feeling of leather or dried skin. “This was alive,” Nasus said a loud.

"What is?" a low rough voice said from down the hall. "Brother, what are you doing there?"

Nasus turned to a man much bigger than him, taller and stronger. “Renekton, I hadn’t known you were awake. What brings you to the library at this hour?” Nasus asked politely.

"I could ask you the same question brother," Renekton briskly replied. He seemed to have his attention split, almost avoiding him.

"I…" Nasus began, "I grew thirsty."

"A thirst for knowledge?" Renekton scoffed. "Here," He said tossing Nasus a dark brown gourd. Nasus pulled the cork off the top and began pouring the sweet liquid down his throat. "It gets hot during the summer brother, you should know this by now. You can’t be a sloth forever."

Nasus looked at him with a little anger, but calmed himself. “A sloth may not do much, but he does enough.”

Renekton smiled, “Apparently he does not wear enough.”

Nasus looked down and blushed.

Nasus awoke the following morning in his bed chamber still flustered by the images he had seen before. There was no mention of where the strange skin had come from so Nasus was simply left to wonder until daybreak approached. He sat up and looked over to the far wall where he had placed the skin and stared idly.

There was a sudden knock on the wooden door. A masked man in full armor walked in. “A message for you, Grand Curator,” it said, it’s voice raspy like nails on slate. Nasus looked at the man’s shining yellow eyes. He held a parchment tight in his grip which he held before Nasus.

Nasus grabbed the parchment. Blank as usual, he hated his old friend’s tricks. He walked over to a table and gently laid sand over the blank page. Once satisfied he slowly blew on the note revealing a message in the old language. “A summons?” Nasus asked.

The soldier looked up and nodded.

"Very well, I will see him at sundown," Nasus said. The soldier suddenly made his way to Nasus’s window and inch by inch turned to sand, disappearing as the sun grew higher and higher.

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Chapter 2 is now up. It will also be posted here. I mean no offense if this bothers anyone and will gladly take it down as soon as an offer is made. I mean I’m not forcing anyone to read this am I? I am also not literate in Forum posting etiquette, so forgive.

Chapter 2

The man walked swiftly down the dungeon like corridor. His shoulders were hunched and he held a box close to his chest. He always hated to Zaunite research facility. It was deep underground in the catacombs of the old city that had fallen into disrepair. The tail of his white lab coat, a ragged beige long jacket given to him by Mr. Stanwick, trailed behind him as he slowed before the steel doors at the end of the corridor.

"Come in Corin," a voice came from inside before he could knock. Corin slowly pushed the door open. The room was spacious, white tile covered most of the floor except the center where a wide steel stage stood. The stage seemed to have an immense pile of scrap metal taller than him. Corin eyed the machine wondrously before looking around more. The far wall was lined with computers and other machines. Corin watched as a spark jumped from one node to the next before looking for where the voice had come from. To the left were dozens of cages, empty now, but blood was still splattered in a few of them. Corin quickly turned from the site looking towards the other wall, where a man was seated at a desk and another man looking over his shoulder. "Corin," the seated man spoke without looking up, "we don’t have all day. Come here. Did you bring the rock?"

Corin nodded before realizing the man hadn’t looked up. “Yes, Mr. Viktor,” the man said as he began walking to the table.

"Dr. Viktor," the other man corrected. Unlike his brash counterpart, the other man was short and round with a gleeful face. Corin always liked Mr. Stanwick. He stretched out sausage like fingers towards Corin’s box. "I take it this is it?"

Corin stood silently before the two men unsure of what would come next. Stanwick quickly opened the box and pulled out a rock similar to the size of a small melon. It was a shade of Greenish brown but had glowing blue lines flowing in circles all around it. “Where did you find one of this size?” Mr. Stanwick asked.

Corin looked at Mr. Stanwick and then at Mr. Viktor who had suddenly looked up. “Sirs, I found it,” he began. “The sky turned an unearthly shade of blue one night and my babe and I awoke to the sound of a large crash outside my cottage right outside of town.”

Mr. Stanwick and Mr. Viktor exchanged skeptical looks. “It fell from sky?” Mr. Viktor scoffed.

Corin shrunk several inches. “The sky was a blue fire,” Corin tried to explain.

"Dr. Viktor," Mr. Stanwick said disapprovingly. "Here Corin, have a seat. " He nudged a chair by the desk. Corin looked at it nervously.

"Now Corin," Mr. Viktor began. "I understand you fancy yourself in the field of clockwork."

"Aye," Corin replied. "I was a toy maker for a period. I still tinker for my babe once in a while."

Mr. Viktor looked at Mr. Stanwick. “So how is it that you found yourself here in Zaun under my colleague Professor Stanwick?”

Corin glared at the ground. “I may be a toy maker Mr. Viktor, but I am not a complete fool.”

"His sister is married to my brother," Mr. Stanwick explained. "His shop was burned down in his village, no doubt by the same fire that sent the orb crashing into the ground, so when I invited him for a change in scenery, I gave him a job to provide for his daughter."

"And how old is your daughter?" Mr. Viktor asked.

"No more than two," Corin replied. He was starting to get unnerved by the barrage of questions.

"So I can borrow him?" Mr. Viktor asked suddenly turning to Mr. Stanwick.

Mr. Stanwick nodded and smiled at Corin. “I’m sure he’ll do fine.”

"Right let’s begin," Mr. Viktor said as he suddenly stood up and briskly moved to the computers on the back wall. "Now Corin, I would by chance need the aid of a clockmaker right now. Care to assist me?"

Corin looked at him. “What do you need me for?” Corin eyed the cages on the far wall.

Mr. Viktor seemed to have followed his gaze as he responded “I can assure you, I will not put you in a cage. That pile of rust and steel was once an autonomous robot Professor Stanwick and I built together. To put it simply, it blew up. Can you fix it?”

Corin looked at the hunk of metal once again, moving closer this time and moving parts. The machine was poorly built. It was clear it was designed to resemble a human but looked more like a fat tent. What appeared to be the body was a huge steel barrel but it was clear something large had pieced through it, or something exploded within. Corin took a look at the arms and legs, there was clear damage; much of it would need to be replaced. “Give me 5 days,” Corin said looking back to Mr. Viktor. “I’ll need to bring some tools. Do you have spare parts?”

Mr. Viktor looked at Mr. Stanwick. “We have some,” Mr. Stanwick replied.

"Good, bring everything here. I’ll need room to work," Corin said walking over to Viktor and his computer. "Also what caused the damage, I’d like to know what the machine has to survive through."

Viktor began to smile.

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Gonna keep posting until someone says something at least.

Chapter 3

"Where is Lissandra!" the woman called out as she walked down the long narrow hall. She would have been quite beautiful if it wasn’t for her glowing blue eyes, and teeth clenched with the anger of a bear. Her skin was as pale as snow but her hair was a deep aqua.

"Ma’am," the little weasel of a man began dallying by her side, "She said she was going for a stroll."

She stopped abruptly and turned to the little man. “And you let her go?” she said pushing him into one of the suits of armor that lined the hall. “I have told you countless times she shouldn’t be out in the village. The castle is safe, secure. Why would she go?”

The weasel opened his mouth to speak but suddenly the woman snapped her fingers and the resolute armor behind the man sprang to life, kneeling, clasping its hand over the weasel. It may have been armor, but icy breath crawled down the little man’s back and his eyes darted back and forth. The suit of armor rose to its feet leaving the man dangling in the air and he kicked.

She studied the man closely. He was quite short and particularly plump. His hair or rather what was left of it was short and white with age but the center signed in the torch light.

She quickly turned and began walking down the hall. The suit, still carrying the little man walked clunkily behind her being weary to avoid the light blue gown the woman wore. She made a quick turn onto a high balcony and looked over the grounds. The castle Frostborn had been carved into the ice and stone of the mountains deep within the Freljord. The Western upper balcony spanned across the face of the mountain. The woman looked down from perch, eyes tracing the forever frozen river that ran past the castle towards the nearest village. Settlers from the south had ridden up a century ago, but the sheer cold prevented them from building anything more than a foothold. These barbarians had somehow attracted the attention of Lissandra who would make her way through the frozen valley, a valley the barbarians never crossed since none had ever returned.

The suit of armor perched the man on the edge of the balcony giving him an excellent view of the fall. The weasel clung to the armor’s wrist guards as it slowly unclasped his mouth. “Please, your highness,” he pleaded. “Lissandra is just curious, it was something new she discovered and she just wants to know.”

"Curiosity is not something to be trifled with. You were instructed to keep her safe," the woman angrily. She gripped the railing tightly and new ice began to sprout from every hole in her grip.

"My Queen, Andria," the weasel began utterly frightened. "You cannot hope for me to complete your tasks if I have been thrown to my death." He gave Andria a wry smile.

The girl walked towards the pub filled with dozens of men and women dancing, singing and drinking. The door was large and sturdy with the head of a ram carved deep into it. After a few weeks, she thought she should have been used to the sight of so many, but the dozens still amazed her. She slowly made her way squeezing past tables and large burley men towards the bar. “Hey Lisa!” the bartender called out.

"Hi Braum," Lissandra replied with a smile. "It sure is busy today. Something special happening."
“The shipment just came in today. Care to try an Ionian spirit? They call it Sake,” Braum asked whole heartedly. “The man over there brings it in once a year.” He pointed to a lone man at the far end of the bar. He was short, but his arms were completely massive. He looked over and smiled before making his way over. His orange hair and stubble were something Lissandra had never seen before.

"The name is Gragas," the man said in a low gruff voice. "Braum, get the girl an ounce of Sake and some of that Deckhand Rum I was telling you about earlier."

"Lisa," Lissandra said holding out her wrist in greeting. Gragas quickly caught on and played the gentleman kissing the back of her hand gently. His beard prickled making Lissandra giggle.

"Here, drink, straight from Bilgewater," Gragas said. "I had to get passed the mad boar riding barbarians to the north, so it’s definitely worth it.

"Boar riding barbarians?" Lissandra asked. "They attack you?"

"Well, not as much as Captain Gangplank of Captain Fortune. Those are real brutes. Boosted my shipment twice last month and began trying to sell my wares in Bandle City," Gragas began his story.

Lissandra looked at him curiously, “They stole from you and got away?”

"Nah, If there’s anything you shouldn’t do, it’s give a yordle alcohol. Little critters turn into psychotic monsters. They got what was coming for them," Gragas said with a bit of a laugh. "So where are you from? I haven’t seen you in these parts on my previous visits. And I come up here a lot, don’t I Braum." Braum gave a bashful smile.

"I live a little north of here with my Grandmother. She doesn’t get out much, but I try to sneak out when I can," Lissandra lied.

"North of here? Where the boar riders are from?" Gragas asked defensively. "I didn’t mean anything when I called them barbarians or anything, some of them are kinda cute. I love their little outfits-"

"No, I’m not one of them," Lissandra interjected before the details became too graphic for the reader. "We are closer to the village here, just a little further up to stay out of the site of the Ice Queen to the East.

"Now that is a witch if I have ever seen one," Braum said handing Lissandra a thin tall glass. The crystal was lined with swirls etched into the glass causing it to glisten in the light. "They say she’s the reason it is so cold up here."

"Have any of you ever seen the ice witch?" Lissandra asked suddenly curious. She had never seen Queen Andria leave the castle.

"Not personally," Braum confessed. "To tell you the truth we had sent a hunting party that way once. Only one man returned. Cold as ice the boy was. Said something about bones and ice attacking them and a woman dressed completely in blue with ice flowing from her palms. We tried to warm him up after that; We assumed it was the cold getting to him , but he wouldn’t warm. It was an unnatural cold that seemed to emanate from him. Not normal stuff. You remember the lad Gragas? You saw him 3 winters ago."

"It’s always winter up here Braum, you can never really tell when the seasons change," Gragas said with a laugh. He took a large drink from his pint before staring at the bottom solemnly. "I did see the boy. Close to the end of it I reckon. He was covered in 4 blankets, but you could see him shivering. The warm water they had placed at his feet kept icing up. They asked me to take a look. If I had seen anything in my travels. To tell you the truth, I had once, similar, years ago near Bilgewater. A man burst into flame after being branded a thief. This kid became a block of ice, almost as if his last breath was sucked out of him."

"How is that even possible?" Lissandra asked, her drinks still in front of her. She eyed the sake and carefully picked up the glass by its rim in fear the crystal would shatter if she held it wrong. She pressed the drink to her lips and felt the cold glass as the liquid drizzled down her throat. Lissandra suddenly noticed Gragas staring at her dumbfounded. "Did I do something wrong?"

Gragas pulled himself back together rather quickly. “Nothing, it’s just the Sake tends to be strong, do you feel alright?”

"I feel fine," she said with a smile. Suddenly she noticed something in the window. A short squat man was passing back and forth. His silver white hair made him look much older than he was. "I think I have to go," Lissandra suddenly said turning to Braum laying down 2 gold coins on the table. "My uncle is here which means Grandmother is awake."

Braum smiled. “Come around any time.” She jumped from her seat and dashed for the door and Braum picked up the coin.

Gragas stared at Braum for a moment. “Those were real?” his face was in utter disbelief.

"Her grandmother seems incredibly wealthy," Braum began. "She has her own cottage and a lone granddaughter up in the icy snow. I’ve never asked her story, but as they say, gold is gold. Now about the mysterious orange thing I found in the ice, your offer?"

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I don't really like this chapter as much as it became a bit too technically, but I took out a lot of that stuff as there is no official explanation for it. I did leave in a couple of my own ideas just for fun. I am slowly wondering if anyone will ever read this... Meh I'm sure someone will ***** about it enough to discourage me soon enough.

Chapter 4

"You mean to tell me, you shot lightning through the machine?" Corin asked staring at the hunk of metal.

Viktor also looked at the hunk of metal and then at Corin. “We need something that can withstand the current. Any ideas metal worker?” Viktor was slowly getting annoyed with Corin’s incessant questioning. It had been only three hours, and Corin was already asking for rare hematite ore and sulfur powder.

"Lightning!" Corin Howled. "That’s like asking for a piece of wood that can’t burn."

"So Ironwood?" Professor Stanwick asked with a giggle.

"I asked if it was possible," Viktor said. The continuous quips out of Professor Stanwick wasn’t helping much either. Professor Stanwick had taken Dr. Viktor’s seat the moment he had stood up to guide Corrin to the machine.

"It’s possible," Corin said with a sigh. "Everything is possible. Tell me, is there a forge?" Corin pushed the pile of metal over and placed his gritty fingers on the other end where the lightening had left a black mark but hadn’t penetrated.

"Anything you need," Viktor said with a false sense of courtesy. Viktor wasn’t sure where the money had come from, nor did he care much. Professor Stanwick from Noxus had approached him about a sentient machine. Something that could think and feel. The idea had crossed Viktor’s mind once or twice, when he was merely a student, but it had been a fleeting thought.

"Will you be requiring an outhouse too?" Professor Stanwick asked.

"Yes, a house outside might be a good idea," Corin said the joke flying completely over his head.

"Anything you like," Viktor said he was quickly running out of false smiles.

"I have been wondering," Corrin started uncertain, “what did you need the rock for?” Corrin was staring at Professor Stanwick who was playing with the box. He suddenly stood up looking from Viktor to Corrin and back again.

"Do you have any inkling to what that rock actually is? " Viktor asked with a bit too much pretentiousness than he expected.

"Relax Viktor. It’s quite simple to explain. " Professor Stanwick was still holding the box as he walked closer. "This globe," he said slowly pulling it from its box, "is the key as you will soon see." He walked over to one of the computers on the back wall and slowly placed it on what looked like a pedestal. He began typing hastily.

"What are you doing!" Viktor shouted but before he knew it the rock was spinning on its pedestal. A loud buzzing filled the room. Viktor suddenly tackled Corin shouting "GET DOWN!" Suddenly a bolt of blue lightning dove towards the stage crashing into the mass of steal which came to life for just a second before collapsing.

"In theory that lightning will bounce within the robot keeping him moving for all eternity," Professor Stanwick said.

"Are you mad!" Viktor shouted from across the room. "You could have killed us!"

Corin was still dazed looking from the stone to the stage where the yellow steal behemoth sat. The humming that filled the room slowly died down.

"You are fine," Professor Stanwick pointed out matter of factly. "The lightning doesn’t affect humans as far as we know."

"Passing it through my cat doesn’t exactly warrant a valid test," Viktor pointed out angrily.

Corin stood from the ground and brushed himself off. “I’ll get right to work,” he said.

Viktor hadn’t expected Professor Stanwick’s demonstration to actually motivate Corin, but Professor Stanwick had mentioned it when they had talked earlier. “You will find everything you might need here or in the room next.” Viktor said. “Professor Stanwick, you will be here with him?” Viktor didn’t wait for Proessor Stanwick’s nod. He already knew.

Viktor quickly made his way to the door and began walking down the hall peering into every room until he saw the mysterious beauty who had appeared the past week. She was tall and had long golden white hair that seemed to flow like the creeks down the Freiljord. She spied him through the small hole of a window in the door and smiled as she walked towards him. “You know you shouldn’t come here during work hours,” she said biting her lower lip with a voice as sweet as honey.

"I’ve always had an interest in biological research," he said as he pushed the girl into the room behind her. When they reached a wall and the door shut behind them Viktor pressed his lips against hers and gently pulled at her hair.

Corin looked over to Professor Stanwick who had mysteriously found another chair by the computer. He always wondered how a man with such girth moved so quickly but never bothered to question him. Corin pushed the steal heap off the stage. “What are the cages for?” he suddenly asked.

Professor Stanwick looked around the room hoping someone else would appear and answer. “Originally we had planned on using a rodent inside the hull. A bit like a Pikachu if you’ve read that book. We were playing with a stone a bit smaller than this one and Viktor’s cat made the unfortunate decision to sit on the stage at the time. The lightning seemed to pass into her, but then disappeared. We figured there were no apparent effect on organic creatures. I actually haven’t seen that golden tabby anywhere since to be frank. Perhaps I shouldn’t have tried to shoot you 2 with lightning.”

"The cages?" Corin asked again.

"Right we were testing all manner of creature within the hull," Professor Stanwick explained. "Nothing seemed to work. At least not for very long. A cow was able to get this heap to work for 12 minutes before blood splattered through every joint."

"Why haven’t you tried simply placing a cage inside?" Corin asked clarifying his question.

"That…" Professor Stanwick began. "Is actually not a bad idea Corin."

Corin quickly grabbed an old cage and began to work.

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Don't worry, this is pretty good. I am only annoyed in how I have a different story-line for Viktor and Stanwick, and even then it's so vastly different compared to what everyone else thinks. I'm just trying to get to that part though >.>

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LOL, I should probably go take a look at your story. My favorite part in mine is Singed's story which doesn't come in til chapter 10... I hope. Anyways I should go check out your story.

Chapter 5

It had begun raining over Noxus by the time the tall man climbed to the tall tower and knocked at the hard spruce door. He was wearing a black coat and carried a tall staff. His hair was cut short like many of the commanders of Noxus.

"Come in," a voice called or from within. "Ahh, Swain, good to see you," the voice said as the tall man made his way inside. The room was cavernous, bookshelves lined the 2 longer walls. A fire was burning in the hearth with 2 chairs by a round low table, a huge map covering its entirety. Across from that was the infamous black desk covered with books and parchment scrawled with ink.

"High Chancellor," Swain said with a bow. His eyes quickly darted across the room to see a younger man sitting impatiently in a chair next to an open fire place on the far wall. He too wore the black coat but his was lined with red and brown. His hair was long and unruly and his nose was crooked. The fire was cracking loudly behind him.

"You know general Darkwill I presume," the high commander said. He continued before Swain could respond, "Do tell me how project Blitz is going? "

Swain looked puzzled for a moment staring into the fire. “Project blitz? As I reported earlier I have experts working on the cq model at the moment, there was a bit of an accident-“

"You blew up part of the counsel tower!" General Darkwill shouted angrily standing to his feet. "This project is going nowhere, High Chancellor! We need more men on the Western Front and even more Sailors against Ionia!"

"Calm yourself, I’m sure there is some good news, " the high chancellor said lightly. He stood by his desk sliding a page back and forth. It seemed playful, yet ever so irritating.

Swain looked at the other general. “Sir give the project a chance like you once did for me,” Swain said looking for some answer. “We are so close. “

"So, no good news? " the High Chancellor sighed. "I’m starting to regret giving you that chance."

Darkwill smirked gingerly. The High Chancellor walked towards Swain and place a heavy hand on his shoulder. “These are the final orders for Project Blitz. See that they are completed post-haste.”

Swain looked over the page. “I, High Chancellor, decree full termination of Project Blitz and order full redesignation of all assets in- You can’t do this sir!” Swain was stunned. “The project was suggested by the counsel, you can’t just suddenly end it.”

"I lead the vote, Swain," High Chancellor responded. "And now I am more interested in creating better soldiers. Darkwill here says a man… what was his name?"

"Dr. Mundo, sir," Darkwill suggested.

"Right, he is doing excellent work in human augmentation. A Noxus doctor, can you believe it?" The High Chancellor paused. "Now leave us Swain, we have more important matters to discuss."
Swain disheartened slowly turned to the door and gripped the handle obscenely tightly. “There is an alternative,” a voice said from above startling near everyone in the room. Everyone quickly looked up to see a mysterious harlequin climbing down from the rafters.

"Shaco, eavesdropping as always I see," High Chancellor said with a smirk. "Let’s have it, what do you want?"

"You take advice from a clown?" Darkwill blurted out. "No wonder most of the council says you are daft."

The harlequin suddenly turned and whipped his arms through the air. Three large daggers flew hitting the upholstery right beside General Darkwill’s face. “Now as I was saying. The project is almost complete why not give him two weeks to finish his project?

"Two week!" Swain burst.

"Better than nothing, boy," Shaco said. "And in truth I am giving you plenty of time."

"Very well, those orders are suspended for 2 weeks," the high chancellor remarked all of a sudden.

"What!" General Darkwill shouted. "You can’t just do that! I don’t care how good the clown is with knives. That project was to be suspended and Stanwick mine."

"I will gladly take the 2 weeks," Swain suddenly said as he quickly pulled the door open and let himself out. "I will assure you there will be results."

Swain quickly walked down the hall and past a flight a stairs. Two weeks wasn’t much time, but perhaps if he showed them something that worked they might give him more time. Swain made a quick left down a hall way and was abruptly stopped by-

"Harlequin?" Swain said astonished looking into his pale white face. "How did you?"

"Why do you take orders from him?" Shaco asked. "You could kill him, even take his place. Yet you run around like his dog."

"He gave me a chance when no one else wood." Swain said uncertain. He looked down at his left leg. He could still feel it’s phantom occasionally. But at the moment it was almost nothing.

"If you won’t do it," Shaco said with a smile even larger than the one he wore previously, "Then I will!"

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Don't worry, this is pretty good. I am only annoyed in how I have a different story-line for Viktor and Stanwick, and even then it's so vastly different compared to what everyone else thinks. I'm just trying to get to that part though >.>

Okay so forgive, I didn't realize I should quote things I am referring to, nor did I know that I shouldn't mention things that are unrelated to the post, My bad.
I personally am just trying to tie in all of the lores so that they fit cohesively in a single universe... and I use the term universe loosely because... well to put it simply, later on your find out there's more than one. uhh... It'll be explained around post 40 which is more towards the end of the whole thing. I say that but it will likely be closer to 200. I may also accelerate posting speed if it gets that high because I don't want to spend the next year working on this thing... unless I get paid (looking at you RIOT). Anyways, also discovered my blog was set to eastern so my posts go up way before I can actually post them here... but it's fixed now. I will probably be posting here at night though since my blog posts everything automatically so there will be like a 6 hour time gap... Sorry

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Starting with this chapter I'm gonna start naming chapters for the character it's based around. I didn't want to do it at first because I wanted it to be a surprise that it was in fact Nasus who was having the dream. That dream matters later... 9 years later, good thing there's a time skip coming up. I really like the following chapter. Something actually happens... okay not really, but I went into more detail and there is more action as opposed to cardboard cutouts of characters walking around and talking. Stuff happens here. Following this we have 4 chapters which are interesting for developing other characters, then a Nasus chapter and finally the singed chapter I have been talking about. I'm not gonna say anymore about the singed chapter because I've hyped it up a bit too much already, but it is my favorite chapter as it is the first one I wrote. =D

Chapter 6 - Lissandra

Lissandra looked up the high cliffs as they walked through the old mountain pass. She often felt claustrophobic when she walked here alone usually running through, but the short man always said to be weary of the pass. Snow moves faster than you would expect over the ancient mountains. The Mountains themselves had stood since before the first man walked over the glacial path to Runeterra, back when the earth was a frozen wasteland, or so her mother had told her. “Why doesn’t mother like them, Curtis?” Lissandra suddenly asked the little man who was hobbling ahead of her.

"Your mother is just looking out for you," Curtis gasped. Lissandra hated when her mother would send Curtis for her. She felt bad for the little man, he was freezing on the icy slopes. Lissandra herself wore a thick fur coat over a light sleeveless tunic and bright blue shorts Braum had once give her and knee high fur boots. She never really felt the cold; She loved how it felt on her bare skin. Her mother had told her Iceborns tend to embrace the cold, but they had died out long before she was born. "But why doesn’t SHEE like them?" Lissandra urged. She saw a fallen log and jumped up balancing carefully.

"I’m sure she ahs her reasons. Stop dilly-dallying, your mother is waiting," Curtis said suddenly turning around. His arms were folded tight around his chest as he tried to hod back his constant shivering.

Lissandra looked at him and jumped off the log landing gracefully on the snow. She grabbed at the small golden crown that clappsed her coat together and unclipped it as she pulled it over her head. “What are you doing?” Curtis asked looking around in bewilderment. “What madness convinced you this is a good idea in the cold?”

She placed the coat over Curtis’s shoulders and began to walk ahead. “You need that much more than I do,” Lissandra replied. Her hair, black as a rave, had gotten incredibly long, and yet she hasn’t noticed until this very moment. Ordinarily she tucked it hidden within her cloak or she was in the castle where it never really mattered. “What do you think of me with shorter hair?” she asked turning back to Curtis.

Curtis’s face was red with angry, but his eyes shined with happiness as he tugged the coat closer to him. He looked ridiculous, as if a large furry animal had decided to devour him in the middle of the snow. Lissandra was much taller than Curtis, so the fur trailed behind him as they walked through the snow. “Where is this thought coming from?” Curtis asked cautiously.

"The other girls in the tavern had shorter hair then mine. And mine is really straight, is there a way to give it curves and curls like the others?"

"Again with these humans?" Curtis said a bit agitated now. "Your mother will have my head."

They had reached a fork in the mountain pass. They one that headed north led to the boar riders clan and the one to the east led to Frostborn. She looked longingly down the northern pass. Braum had always said the boar riders where free. They could roam wherever they wanted and lived off the land. She had been thinking about Braum a lot recently.

Curtis looked at her and then began walking down the eastern pass. Lissandra slowly began following Curtis and for once she might have felt cold.

It was nightfall before they had reached Frostborn, it’s tall stone soldiers greeted them as they slowly approached. Curtis took the front as they walked through the forest the pass broke into. It was dangerous to walk through the forest blind. It was dense with all manner of creatures living within the trees.

"Oh Lissandra!" Andrea called as they entered into the main foyer through the tall wood doors. The ceiling of the main foyer was near six men high (if they weren’t Curtis) with mammoth pillars that held up the weight of the western Balcony above the stone soldiers. Andrea stood in the great hall, on the grand staircase that glinted with trims of gold. Andrea strolled down arms wide. "I’m so glad those heathens didn’t do anything to you," she said with a twisted smile.

"Mother, I can assure you I’m fine," she said walking towards her. She looked older then usual, her gown was a dark green. It was her evening gown an incredibly old style based on what Lissandra had scene in the town.

"Where is your gown?" Lissandra stopped mid step. "What are you wearing?"

Lissandra looked down on herself suddenly feeling naked in her mother’s eyes. “It’s just something I put together,” Lissandra lied.

"Well, I’m glad you are back now. You are almost fifteen; you should be preparing to rule this castle," mother said. She suddenly flicked her fingers in the air and two of the hundreds of statues that lined the walls came to life. "Now we can’t have you running off anymore, Lissandra."

Lissandra watched as the soldiers marched their way towards her and tough gauntlets grabbed her by her shoulders. Lissandra writhed and flinched but couldn’t move. “Your majesty, I don’t think this is necessary,” Curtis said almost pleading.

Andrea looked at Curtis, fire in her eyes. “And you will tell me how teach my daughter? Those heathens may have burned her if they knew who she was!” Lissandra continued pulling at the claws that gripped her on the brink of tears. “Take her to her chambers and ensure she doesn’t leave!”

Lissandra looked as the two soldiers suddenly began to march almost dragging her towards the stairs. Lissandra quickly caught her footing and began to walk else she would have been dragged up the stone carved stairs. They made their way up the stairs and across the balcony overlooking the great hall and into the depths of the castle before reaching the birch door. She always liked her door, it was the only one that was different, a much lighter wood compared to the dark oaks and spruce of every other door within the castle. Once soldier let go of her and began opening the door. Lissandra took the opportunity to escape only to realize the grip the other soldier had on her was too tight. The other soldier looked at her with bright blue eyes before dragging her into her room and tossing her on her bed. Lissandra began to scream hammering her fists into her bed but the two soldiers simply walked out and slammed the door behind them.

Lissandra looked at the door and quickly made her way to the window opening it as softly as she could. She thought she heard the window creak for a moment and froze, but the guards didn’t notice. She gently placed her bare hand on the outside of the castle wall and ice seemed to drip from her grip. She smiled and slowly stepped through her window. She closed her eyes and clenched her hands tightly on an outer pillar and stepped down onto something solid. When she opened her eyes she looked down to see a walkway of ice shards. She gently walked over them across to the other side of the pillar to another open window and crawled through.

She lightly walked through the halls as quite as a mouse and walked down the hall. She crept around a stone pillar onto the balcony above the great hall.
“Bring me another of the captured ones now,” her mother’s echoed voice to Lissandra from below. Lissandra slowly crept over to the edge peering down. Her mother was sitting on the large throne chair of ice. Her legs were crossed as she sat looking at Curtis.

"Your Grace, you need to rest, you can’t keep doing this," Curtis said arms raised. The fur coat was still drooped around him.

"I said one more!" Lissandra shouted. And with a flick of her fingers another soldier came to life and down a hall and disappeared into the darkness.

"Queen Andrea, you are accelerating to quickly," Curtis said softly. "At the pace you are going we won’t have enough to last til winter."

"Then we can get more!" Andrea roared. "The village is write down the mountain pass."

"Yes, but we can’t just go and take all of them," Curtis tried to explain.

Andrea bolted up, eyes red, she seemed weary. “I take what I want Curtis! You are not Queen here I am!”

The soldier suddenly appeared walking towards her holding a man by the shoulders. “Please!” he shouted. “We’re sorry! We’ll never come to the east again!” He began to sob softly. “We didn’t mean for any of this to happen.”

"A young one," Andrea said with a twisted smile as she walked down to him.

"Please! NO!" He began to pull and writhe against the soldier. "We didn’t do anything wrong! Please stop! I’ve seen what you do to them! Please!"

Andrea grabbed at his jaw, ice squeezing through her clenched fingers and brought herself close to his face. Andrea looked down at the young man. He tried to close his eyes and turn away, but her grip was steadfast. Lissandra watched as Andrea began to inhale deeply close to the young man’s mouth. She sucked more and more and suddenly a white wind seem to come out of the boy’s mouth. Andrea considered to suck almost drinking the white. More and more of it oozed out of his eyes and mouth. The boy’s face grew pale and his skin began to clench tightly around his bones. His hands began to clench tightly and his legs gave way but Andrea held him up as she continued to drink. His skin grew dark liver spots over his arms, his once strong arms and chest gave way to a boney rib cage and think boney arms. Andrea stopped as the last of the white escaped the man’s body and dropped it to the ground.

"Your Grace, That was 2 this week. At this rate we won’t last a month," Curtis said urgently. "We only have 5 captives remaining."

Andrea lifted her head readjusting her crown. She looked younger almost. “Then we take the village,” she said. The body on the ground began to shake violently and suddenly there was a loud pop as ice seemed to explode out of him. Lissandra was suddenly aware that she had been lying there for several minutes. She quickly crawled along the balcony. To the foyer stairs. She had to tell Braum.

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Okay so forgive, I didn't realize I should quote things I am referring to, nor did I know that I shouldn't mention things that are unrelated to the post, My bad.

What do you mean by this? I don't really get what you're going at. If you're concerned about using my story as a basis for yours, I would recommend to continue on with your own story-line.
I was more commenting on the fact that my recent chapters have taken around 3 weeks to complete, when I used to update weekly.

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What do you mean by this? I don't really get what you're going at. If you're concerned about using my story as a basis for yours, I would recommend to continue on with your own story-line.
I was more commenting on the fact that my recent chapters have taken around 3 weeks to complete, when I used to update weekly.

I was referring to quoting stuff on the forum. I've never used a forum before and apparently you get a notification if you quote something to let the other person know their being quoted or something. That's what a friend of mine told me. I actually haven't read your story. I got the idea of doing this when reading Game of Thrones (Yeah I know I'm a bit behind on the band wagon). I don't mean to offend by anything, I just don't know forum etiquette much at all. Now I'm curious, how did you get it so only part of what I wrote was quoted?

Last thing, Where is your story? I couldn't find it/did not know how to look for it. I was kinda curious because I wanted to see how many people were attempting to do the same thing I am.