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Karma guide.

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Yes, a Karma guide, or at least some pointers in the right direction.
I know I know, she's been out not even a day.

Runes: I use Mpen marks, Mp5/lv. seals, CDR glyphs.

The seals are mostly your choice, But karma is amazing with good CDR and lacks mana early.

I go with a 9/0/21 mastery build Taking improved exhaust, teleport and CDR masteries.

You want to start with a Amp.tome x1 health pot.

With the recent change to dorans cost the ring isn't worth a health pot considering karmas low-range Q


why would you waste such a good shield skill and slow/haste solo, Don't do this.

Karma is a rather powerful laner, so obtaining 1000g before first trip back shouldn't be too hard, As you're going to rush a tears of the goddess.

Tears gives her mana for later spamming of Q+E

Get at least 1 level in Spirit bond, Max wave and Shield first.

I haven't found spirit bond to be much use for harass, the speed/slow is nice, the damage is just gravy.

After your tears, you're going to want to make your rylais, You already have the tome, so work on the rod/belt.

Always keep two mantra stacks ready when it's time for a fight, You're going to want to mix mantra and shield and put it on whoever is surrounded,

Mantra + wave doesn't heal for much, but it does both damage and healing, so it's good to use on all battles, Small and large.

Your shield can save allies, With the recent nerfs to survivability early game, This will help score you kills and live harass.

After you get your rylais you can either start making deathcap or Archangels staff, If you find yourself being targeted, I would pick up a banshees veil or Rod of ages, depending on the situation.

With rylais, You should be pretty tanky, Pick up a frozen heart if the enemies are physical.

Do NOT try getting deathcap first. You need rylais for survival, your wave has low range and you're going to be close to your enemies.

Endgame items:

Archangel staff
Choice of boots.

The other two items are situational, though i would personally pick up a frozen heart or Zhonya's hourglass.