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Anything to go Pro (League of Legends Creepypasta)

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Hello my name is Yoon, I am 18 now and I am from South Korea. All I ever wanted to be was a pro gamer, please listen to my story and maybe reconsider going pro.

The world is cruel and even when you can look past that and just follow your dreams there will always be someone around to tell you that you can't do it, even loved ones. I was kicked out of my house when I was 17 because of my aspirations to be a pro gamer. Ever since I was a young boy I spent most of my time playing Starcraft and watching youtube videos and streams of the starcraft pros.

Many people call it a stupid way of life, now it is becoming more accepted but most of my life I felt shunned for my dreams. It was a few months after I was kicked out that someone reached out to me. I was in the top 15 of challenger on Korean servers, I play marksman. My favorite champion is vayne but I also play Lucian very well. I don't wish to give out any names so we will call the man blue, just a fake name. Blue had watched me play for a long time. He was an investor, and I caught his interest.

Blue managed to get contact of me after I was kicked. He knew me from my old live stream and offered me to stay in his house until we could get a business trade set up. I would do anything to be pro. Blue had other high elo players he had mentioned to me that would potentially be on my time, all players I knew from solo Queue. He set up a computer for me and had me play for about a week straight, very intense solo queue grinding. I was very tired and worn out and because of this I began to lose a lot. Blue judged me harshly for playing badly. After the week ended, he told me that he didn't think I had what it takes, that I wouldn't last. I began to cry hysterically. I told him I would do anything to be a pro.

Blue was very abusive, he smacked me with the back of his hand and told me to man up. He was a very cold businessman but he was kind enough at the time to let me stay. 2 Weeks later he introduced me to my team, we spent all day playing solo queue. After another month we played in a local tournament. I'm sorry to say that we lost. Blue was not happy, when I returned home with the team he asked me, "what do you think you're doing. You're done here, I'm done with you, you're a failure." I cried and tried to move back in towards the door.

Blue beat me again and told me to leave, I got on my knees and begged him for another chance but this time he was not merciful. I was forced to leave the home, without a computer or anything to eat. I had to sleep at a train station that night. The next day a stranger approached me and asked, "Are you Yoon?" startled I answered "yes, who are you?" I'm a businessman, I've been looking for you. I'm forming a team and I remember you being one of the top AD players."

I told the man that I can't do it, that I'm not good enough. The man said, "nonsense, at least look over some of the paper work." As I read over his paper work I was a little anxious but quickly disturbed as I read. The contract implied that the business man can NEVER let me go as a client but that I would also have to NEVER let him go as a business partner. I asked him , "why never?" he said, "it's a business term ofcourse, all it means is that I can't fire you and you can't fire me" he said with a straight face. After he explained it, it made sense and I felt like there was nothing to lose. I signed over the paper work. I was desperate and needed to eat.

I was incredibly surprised to find that the businesman already had a gaming house with a full roster of players. It was very strange to me that they did not introduce themselves. The businessman insisted that we practiced and played solo queue. We spent the entire day playing, nobody offered to duo and they had still not introduced themselves or even said a word to me or each other. We played all day until dinner time came around, I ate but none of the other players did. None of them stopped playing until bed time. They all got into bed and went to sleep. I laid quietly in bed trying to fall asleep when suddenly I heard crying. One of the players on the team is crying, I tried my best to ignore it but then the crying turned into screaming and the player ran for the door. The other members of the team got up quickly and seized him, holding him down until he relaxed and fell asleep.

Something wasn't right and I knew then and there that I had to escape. I had to pretend to sleep throughout that entire scene. The next morning that player was missing, it seemed that he had ran away. Oddly enough that morning the other players had left the house, to look for him maybe? I sat down and started playing solo queue. I was no idiot though. I was only staging normal behavior. I knew after they had left that it was my chance, I left the match with the computer on.

I ran into a different train station then the one I had met the businessman at. I didn't know where to hide so I went towards the bathroom. As I was approaching it though I saw the player that had ran away. There was a man in a red cloak talking to him, he had a mask. I thought this was something weird like some odd government thing. He held out a red cloth and a blue one. I saw him gesturing at the player that escaped until finally he held up the red cloth. He pulled up a giant knife and cut his throat. I froze for a moment and found myself running away in a random direction when I finally stopped myself I began to vomit nervously. That night I got back to my house and begged my parents to let me come back, I apologized to them for everything I had said and done. They were willing to let me stay as long as I quit gaming, I agreed without hesitation. A month and a half later now, I'm writing this story so that people will one day know what I've been through and seen. I don't know if I'm crazy now but since that day I've lived everyday in fear.