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Early game analysis of Samsung White Vs Edward Gaming.

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I Am Animation

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First and foremost I would like to say that I am open to all criticism and tips for my future posts. I do not know everything about the game, and I am trying to learn everything I can. If there is anything that missed or anything that is wrong, PLEASE LET ME KNOW

Samsung White Bans: Twitch, Ryze, Janna

Samsung White
Looper: Rumble
Dandy: Kha
Pawn: Zilean
Imp: Tristana
Mata: Nami

High aoe and single target damage composition with rumble ultimate, kha isolation damage and trist hyper carry. This composition showcases both calculated aggression in zilean speed up for picks and nami ult for disengage. Reset composition with tristana and kha. strong pick comp.

Weak engage, no dedicated tank. snowbally team.

EDG Bans: Yasuo, Kassadin, Alistar

Koro1: Maokai
ClearLove: Jarvan
U: Orianna
Namei: Lucian
Fzzf: Thresh

Teamfight Wombo combo with lots of cc in Maokai, Jarvan, Orianna, and Thresh and lots of utility. Strong enagage in Jarvan and Maokai strong pick comp.

Not many threats on the team. If lucian or Orianna die a large amount of damage is taken away.

At level 1 Samsung white know the exact location and of Thresh's, Lucians, Orianna, and Maokai's wards. This gives them free reign of the map from ~2:40 to 3:40 Because White stayed in vision of the line of scrimmage they could see the wards dropping, while EDG has no idea if any of White dropped a ward because they dropped wards in fog of warWhite also dropped a ward in mid lane to try and catch a rotation.

Samsung pings the the wards running out at ~2:40 and EDG become vulnerable to ganks. At 3 minutes the junglers are ready to gank. However, at this moment white has vision control. because they did not use all their wards lvl 1.

Miscommunication from White denies dandy first blood on orianna mid. Thresh places a 3 minute ward on bottom side river and white assumed it was a trinket ward. This allowed orianna to retreat back to tower and allowed jarvan to react for a counter gank.

White has superior map control due to vision. All of White have trinkts availiable, White knows EDG' only has wards available bot. Their map control also shows them all 5 members of EDG for most of the early game.

ClearLove wastes a lot of time sitting in the botlane bush, but white knows that they are safe because all the lanes are visible and they are pushed into their turret, free from harm. While Dandy is top, White pings both wards EDG have bot lane. Soon after Looper pings both wards Koro has in top lane in the tribush and river bush. They have almost the exact times of the wards. This allows dandy to know there are no ganks possibles at this point.

At the 7 minute mark White poses for blue steal setting up vision control of the area. Clear loves pinks the offensive ward Dandy places and eliminates blue as a point of contention. In part because bot lane was not on the map. fzzf walked up mid allowing himself to participate in blue buff contention.

The information Looper fed dandy allows him to avoid wards when he ganks top. securing first blood. However the vision of Pawn showing top lane allows EDG to secure the dragon without contention. IMPORTANT NOTE: EDG did not take blue or red and instead immediately went to dragon in order to not only secure a global objective, but it messes up White's jungle timers. White no longer has a proper estimation of when the next blue or red will spawn for contention.

Mata places a defensive ward in the path from dragon to blue buff to look for the steal. and eliminate the possibility of a 4 man collapse of imp and mata. When White see EDG stealing blue they retaliate by stealing EDG's blue.

At the 9 minute mark there have been no lane rotations other than the first roam by pawn securing first blood top. The game was been completely standard til this point. White's botlane outplay EDG's bot lane for a kill to mafa and grant vision of Jarvan allowing Dandy to counter jungle and place deep wards.

At this point around the 9:30 minute mark white loses their complete map control. they now rely on the vision their wards are giving alone. However white denies a lot of deep wards by pink warding every entrance to their jungle.

Repeted successful ganks have snowballed rumble so much that rumble is bullying maokai our of lane, ultimately creating a ton of pressure top lane.

Another outplay bottom secures a double kill. At this point White has create a comfortable lead and established TON of pressure.

14 minutes white throws lead because they tried to establish vision control to contest blue, however entered deep into EDG's jungle with 1 person on the mini map. double kill plus 2 flashes burned for white. Rotation to mid takes down the tower. This lowered white's gold lead to 800 gold from 1.5k

14 minutes 30 seconds EDG again with a superior rotation top secures a kill on rumble and a top tower. In response to this, White takes Dragon, red buff, AND establishes extensive vision control of EDG's Jungle.

15 minutes in EDG's indecisiveness allows White to walk mid and zone out EDG from their mid turret. EDG, again indecisive, group 5 mid but choose no to push anything and react to imp pushing top. good vision control allows imp to push wave out and leave before any of EDG gets close. This is where EDG starts to collapse.

The rest of the game is filled with rotations that are purely based on wave pressure, vision, and objectives.

Some weakness seen in this game

White: will try to establish vision around buffs blind every time. Too confident while there is no one on the mini map.

EDG: Information is not fed to jungle. indecisive shot calling. reactive to enemy instead of proactive in rotations. uncoordinated team fights.