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Item Set and Masteries CODES PLZ

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I would like to see a simple code system added to Item Sets page and Masteries Page. This would be a simple way for players to quickly put in a new Masteries when in champion select. Item Set can easily be recovered after a major patch. (i have lost my Item sets many time after a patch.) So what do i mean by CODE?!?!? A Simple number and letter system that produces as you go down the Masteries tree or make and item set. For the Masteries you could use O D U for primary starter. Use / to seperat trees. number and letter for the sills within the tree. i would use A-to-F for each row and G-to-j for each column. Use capitals for for an all points skill and lowercase for a son so many skill points.skill points 1.2.3 for EX. [o]A(g2.I)B(I.J)C(I.J)D(I.J)E(H.J)F / [D]0 / [U]A(G.H.J)B(H)C(H). this was a jungle fiddlesticks page. there would just need to be a spot added to the masteries page to enter the codes. same concept for items Sets. the coding would be more complex.
This would just be a faster way for players to put a new page in wail in champ select with copy/paste. players can have a word doc. set up with their mains.
PS: A copy bottom on rune pages would be awesome.