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New Mythic Cass VU, the Good and Bad

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First the good!

The coloring for this skin I like because she was too *bright* before almost like she was out of a disney cartoon but I like the rest for the most part. I thank you for this change. :3

Now the bad...

1. She still has no snake tongue like the other skins which is very disappointing, it takes away some of the fun/creep factor of her! Pretty face then... BAM snake tongue!

2. The change to the face was not needed, she was pretty before and now I find not so/ I now hate the skin because of this change which was the primary reason I got it given the others didn't really have a nice face and/or can't really see cause of a hat. :P

3. This last one is a bit tricky. With all the *big busted* females in the game, Cass should be one of the few who actually should have them given her suppose beauty and seduction. I notice they all had this but this skin, now with the changes only Desperado and Siren have it.

The other reason IMO from an artistic point of view is in terms of her *balance* in her figure. Given she has a large head *within realistic proportions so no problem there some women/men do* abnormally large hands *again I like this* then a large back end given she is half snake, I feel larger bust would help given her a bit more that *balance* to her figure.

Again this is from an artist point of view but I think she would look nicer overall.