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Improvements I'd Like To See - In-game

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I've only been playing League since the end of April, but in my time in the client and on the Fields of Justice, I've noticed some really annoying and sometimes downright confounding issues that I'd like to highlight. I understand it takes a lot to implement changes, so please just consider these suggestions, and I hold no expectations that any of them will actually be implemented, though I'd be very happy to see they were. If I notice anything else, I will update this post.

I have also made suggestions for the client. You can read them here (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=50074839).


  1. Make in-game shop navigable by keyboard. It would be much faster to shop this way and reduce click counts. I hate clicking more than I need to.

  2. If a person is typing during a match, it would be nice to see a little icon to notify us, so we don't think they're being oblivious, (arguable that it's the same as typing), lagging, or both. I doubt one could be shown for lag, but that would be nice too, if it could be done. This would also be good for people that connected to a match late, so those of us with ethics know to ignore them until they've caught up in levels. It could disappear when they are within three or so levels of their teammates. Of course, some people are just cunning opportunists, i.e., "free kills(!)," and this won't stop them, but it would help the more honorable summoners.

  3. Add champion names alongside summoner names in obituary messages in the in-game chat log. Then we won't need to check the scoreboard to see who's dead. This will also make the tribunal's job a little easier, as you can tell exactly who was killed when and the players' reactions to it.

  4. Similar to spectator mode, I'd like to see the ultimate ability in teammate HUD during a match instead of a green light, that until very recently, was mysterious to me. This would cut down on dependency on using chat, and summoner spell cooldowns should be displayed as well.

  5. A second ping menu, as discussed in this thread (http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/bmFNEAcu-i-think-this-may-solve-peoples-problem-with-smart-pings), would substantially cut down on chat. This is especially important when not everyone on your team speaks the same language.

  6. I know there is a cap on ping spamming, but I think the cap should be lowered to three pings in the scope of time currently designated. Three pings is the maximum anyone should need to express urgency. Any more, and that person is just being obnoxious and rude, and people do spam pings when they've been muted, just to antagonize a fellow player. This is the methodology I typically apply to my pings:
    • 1 ping - please take notice of this.
      • I usually use a single ping for pointing out amassing friendly or enemy minion waves, ward locations, or traps, such as Teemo shrooms.
    • 2 pings - Hey listen! This is important.
      • Cause one ping wasn't enough. I typically use two pings to signal an objective (typically a tower) is being or will be threatened soon.
    • 3 pings - this is a critical order. You're in danger or the match is at stake!
      • For when the enemy is headed to 3+v1 your split pusher (because they just wiped out the team or are stupid enough to overcommit their forces,) a backdoor or baron attempt is in progress, or you've overextended in pursuit of a kill and are possibly being baited or distracted.

  7. There should be an option to smartcast smart pings, much like spells. I know you can assign smart pings to hotkeys, but you still have to click the mouse to cast the ping. It should be activated on key release, just like many abilities.