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Skt t1 k

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Does anybody know WHY Piglet and Poohmandu left SKT? I don't speak korean and can't find a good translator to read the official statement..

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The SKT T1 organization has revealed that its contracts with Piglet, PoohManDu, and Horo are ending.

CHAMPIONS Summer 2013 champion and Season 3 World champion PoohManDu plans to retire from progaming and pursue a new path by returning to school, whereas Piglet plans to take a break before deciding his future plans.

Meanwhile, SKT T1 founding member, IEM Cologne champion, and CHAMPIONS Summer 2014 4th place finisher Horo plans to reinvigorate himself and seek out a foreign team.

SKT T1 plans to carry out tryouts and recruitment in order to rebuild the team.