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artwork feed back

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i have been disliking the art style recently. cassiopea for example. looks good except lighting is in multiple sources vs shadow in the wrong places and her flesh tone is rubbery looking. while the details have crisp defined lines they should refract in some places where the light hits such as on some of the scales.

comparing cassiopea to classic gangplank artwork. gangplanks classic artwork looks more like a painting however the colors are true to time, place, mood, movement and the lighting is much closer to being perfect. i have actually been out to sea at dusk while the seas are high and foggy as they are in the artwork. so i can say you did a fantastic job with the realism in that one. it is like a masterpiece.

what i noticed is the color of lighting how it may be explained for the new akali artwork with her skill activating it doesn't work so much for cassiopea.