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Translated interviews with TPA and AHQ about scrim results, Worlds groups, etc.

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Just translated these two interviews, thought they would be of interest to folks here: http://www.gamesinasia.com/how-tpa-and-ahq-are-preparing-for-worlds-interviews-on-the-eve-of-lols-biggest-tournament/ (http://www.gamesinasia.com/how-tpa-and-ahq-are-preparing-for-worlds-interviews-on-the-eve-of-lols-biggest-tournament/)

To me what I find the most surprising is how they're both saying that all the teams are "basically" on par, and not that Koreans are way ahead. It makes me wonder...are Worlds actually going to be closer than people expect? Or are TPA and AHQ so far behind that they can't even tell why the Koreans are so dominant?