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Most important matches for western hope/pride

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What do you all think are the most important matchups for the west at worlds? Who will win the matchups?
I just made this video on the topic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBr8DFwyPgo&feature=youtu.be
and the article i wrote is here http://seagrovelol.wordpress.com/2014/09/15/the-seven-most-important-matchups-for-the-western-fans-regional-hopepride/

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I think group D will be telling. You'll see the top 1 or 2 team from NA and EU as well as a top tier Korean team. That'll be telling on the regions relative strength. If either ALL of C9 can take a game off of Shield it'll show that the Korean's are not unbeatable. I'm also very interested to see how C9 and ALL matchup against each other.

Another great matchup is in group B to see if TSM can come out vs TPA and SK. I really think SHRC is better than the other 3 teams in that group but we'll see.

Finally the group of death, if FNATIC can escape it'll mean they've proven themselves against some talented asian teams in OMG and LMQ (which to me is still an Asian team). I'd also be very excited to see if FNATIC can take a game off of Samsung Blue - but I've got my doubts.

Honestly I think the NALCS has been a great proving ground for many of the teams getting a chance to play against LMQ. Not saying LMQ is a top tier chinese team but they are definitely pretty good.