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Worlds Dream Teams

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I thought it would be fun to create a couple of dream teams from the players that are going to Worlds this year. I really like to watch NALCS, OGN, and GPL in particular. There are a lot of players that have huge fan bases and I'm curious about your guys' opinions.

Dream Team #1
TOP - Dyrus
JUNGLE - Insec
MID - Bjergsen
ADC - Uzi
SUPPORT - Yellowstar

Dream Team #2
TOP - Gogoing
JUNGLE - Meteos
MID - Froggen
ADC - Rekkles
SUPPORT - Lustboy

Dream Team #3
TOP - Wickd
JUNGLE - Dandy
MID - Hai
ADC - Wildturtle
SUPPORT - nRated

I want to see your opinions about these teams and your own as well!