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League of Legends vs Heroes of the storm

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Natzu Dragneel

Junior Member


League of legends: Heroes of the storm:
-Each champ has a passive -Each champ has 5 talents+
2 Heroic abilities(on level 10 and 20)+3
possible starting abilities+1 hero trait
-Has Tank/Dps/Assasin/mage/support -Has Classes(Assasin/Warrior/Support/specialist
-Have to kill towers/inhibs/nexus/jungle -Kill towers/control obelisks/jungle/pay
-Killing certain monsters gives boosts to your team -Killing monsters in jungle makes these
monsters come in lane and fight on your side
-Big map/earn gold/xp is induvidual -Smaller map/No gold or store/xp earned as a
-Complex game mechanics -simple game mechanics/very straight forward
-Very player based(one person can be pro and -Very team based
-In-game chat &Pings -No in-game chat just ping (no ragers!!)
-Swowballing OP! If someone's ahead its hard -Low snowballing. If someones's ahead its
easy to catch up(xp team based)
-Dota players find LoL easier to play -LoL players find Heroes of the
storm easier to play
-You can get ganked/usually hard to run away -Easy to run away/escape
-Fast paced game -slower pased game
-Really good graphics -Really good graphics
-Main map is Summoners rift, very popular -Many maps none "main maps" all
maps feel like "dominion maps"
in LoL
-VERY skill based, much room for improvment -Not very skill based, not much
room for improvment. Very team
based game

Heroes of the storm being released (around october-december)no official date yet.
Thanks for reading!

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Legal Loli



How the **** was this supposed to be formatted