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Riot, How Much Do You Value Our Input Here on the Lore Forums?

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And apparently the ban hasn't taken place. I may as well make this my last one final post. Or maybe second final post because there's one more thing I'll post in the Help/Support forum in this term of forum ban.

Especially because Mr. Hippoman has come to even speak about this. But I apologize Mr. Hippoman... I'm done being nice. Because being nice and reasonable gets you pointed as someone trying to feel superior and opposes the idea of expressing opinion.

Basically, I accept that this forum has become HELL. You see everywhere, it's become how people must always say that the Lore changes sucks and they're all better writers than Riot. They feel a lot superior than Riot because they don't like the lore changes, too attached in their rage that their precious Institute of War, League of Legends and Summoners are going to be gone and there's nothing to replace them or facilitate their needs to 'self-insert' themselves into the world of Runeterra. They see someone having positive outlook on the lore direction, they cannot stand idly and instead have the need to explain in extreme detail why Riot's direction sucks for them. With CAPS massively. That is the sign of being consumed with rage. And with that kind of attitude, do you really think Riot would ever listen to temper-tantrum throwing brats like these kids that refuses to see other possibilities? They instead choose to feel superior than Riot and think they are all better and feel completely entitled that Riot owes their success to them.

And when you even try to calm them down and make them see if they have been too rash, they instead accuses the one trying to calm them down to be slanderers, the one feeling superior, and eventually call them toxic. I'm not even sure who is toxic anymore, but right now, I don't care anymore. If I am to be suspended, that's a blessing because I don't have to see and deal with this hell. And who made this hell? Not Riot, but these unpleasable brats (not saying it's the entirety of you, some like Mr. Hippoman, SecretLore, Gaston or Whittaker are examples of decent people who carries their dislike with the new lore like true gentlemen).

Oh by the way, Mr. Hippoman, when I said 'suspended'... I'm trying to get myself suspended. The other guy was helping. The quicker this is processed, the better.

I love this game, I will still play this game myself, but even the lore community has proven themselves to be immature in my eyes. I see no reason to hang around in this hell hole full of chanting "RIOT SUCKS" or "IT'S ALL RIOT'S FAULT! WE ARE NEVER WRONG!".

I'm done.

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Complains about people complaining.

Whines about people whining.

Goes crazy every time someone dare disagree with him and downvote him.

Gets toxic about people being angry.

Yeah, NeoJusteBelmonte, there is a reason you get downvoted so much. I no longer even care what the content of your post is. I see your name and downvote because you have made it clear that you are simply trolling everyone who disagrees with the massive retcon. You've even gone so far as to admit it in this thread. It's a real shame you didn't get banned, but I suppose Riot wants their ONLY white knight in the Lore forums to keep posting, no matter how toxic and unliked he is.

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I'll admit that was my mistake if you feel cool-headed.

Perhaps you should look around, and see about the others that aren't doing it with cool head, like saying that they ARE better writers than Riot. I'm not saying that Riot team are good writers, but to claim superiority like that screams nothing but Small Name Big Ego (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SmallNameBigEgo)

There are a lot of people like that here, and it's making me sick and I really am that close to leaving this hell not because of Riot's incompetence, but people like that.

Well perhaps you should start looking at some of the "cool headed" posts that are not in favor of the lore retcon.

The lore community isn't only a bunch of jackasses.

Some of us care about the League of Legends and want it to continue to be apart of the League of Legends....lol.

But really, it's too late in the game for Riot to retcon its lore. They should make what they have work.

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Well... I've hit the end of the line. I don't think the IoW and summoning will be retained. Bah, at least I brought a few arguments to the table.

Most of them did not receive any significant answer though. Like... if I were a knight participating in a duel, I'd been swinging my weapon into thin air, making a fool of myself as the opponent was never there.