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Bans in the LCS and Worlds

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I think that it would be awesome and more entertaining if any champ that got played in the first game, was auto banned for the next game. This would help with the repetitiveness of champ select and games. Just any idea, anyone else agree?

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its an interesting idea but if it contradicts a teams ban phase then it may not be a good idea. the teams are about winning not as much entertaining people with different picks every game. id like to see different things but i feel that the meta now has more variations then previously

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I mean really in NA the picks are somewhat static but even you see a lot more variety than you would think. Top and support are probably the two smallest pools that people pick from and even then that's not small. Top lane we've seen Swain, Mundo, Maokai, Ryze, Lulu, Alistar, Gragas, Nidalee, Nasus, and Irelia to name a few. Supports we've seen Alistar, Thresh, Blitz, Morgana, Nami, Braum, and Zilean.

Not as stale as you think, but 5 game series do typically run similar champs all the way though.

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I made a thread on this last year after the battle of the atlantic with a poll. Held around 70% in favor. Too many cryhards saying "I wanna watch them play their best champs every game" blah blah blah.

For those who say it's about them winning...not about entertaining us....THEN WHY IS IT BEING STREAMED TO THE PUBLIC WITH COMMERCIALS?

For those of you who say there is already a huge # of champs already seen being played...

Partly true...if you look at the whole season...but generally that has been by patch. The teams almost exclusively play the same champs each patch they think are the best.

Additionally...There are 129 champs in LoL...ONE HUNDRED TWENTY NINE. At most...30 of these champs will be picked or banned in any given TOURNAMENT...not just game series.....with most of the time being the same 20 picked/banned.

For anyone watching one or two matches this is fine...but for those of us who actually watch consistently...it's pretty stale.

Quick list of champs you almost NEVER see played (not enough time to make a large list):

Rumble (at least this season)

That's just R-Z. I would go farther to say the same team can't pick the same champs all tournament long...but game series is a great start to see what it's like with smaller effect.

I would also love to see a semi-serious match (not just blown off) where your pick/ban phase is for the OTHER team. You pick who the champs your opponents will play and vice versa. Of course this game cannot count for alot...but I also want to see it played seriously and not shrugged off as it will force the "weakest" champs to be seen played at the highest level and would be alot of fun IMO.

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I think another way to do this is if your team plays a champ your team can't play that champ again in the series.

It is too easy to abuse your suggestion in a system that alternates red/blue sides and first pick, you just first pick an OP champ in game 1 and it's auto-banned the next game (when your opponent could have first picked it) then you pick it again the 3rd game and so on.