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relearning supp/jungle need help against current meta

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I have been out of jungle and support for a while (as a roaming mid main and tank top) and trying to get back into the jungling and supporting roles and my old junglers/supports were slow, heavy CC jungles and I cannot stand the current metas in both jungle and support.

an example would be i am best at {{leona in bot lane and specifically with the rise in supports like morgana , lulu , and nami . Even if i can catch one it is actually bad for me/my team. I play karma and vel'koz mid a bit and i can use them as solid support but then my team normally lacks a tank and I won't survive to help in a team fight with myself being killed nearly instantly.

I have been thinking of bottom just getting better with karma and velkoz but would like community help with other suggestions that may fit my playstyle for other champions to look into.

with jungle I have been having problems with high damage early game junglers like lee sin , I have been thinking of using early game tanks like olaf or trundle but again, I would like community help on other thoughts for potential junglers I could use that will help with simply surviving the strong early game junglers with lots of damage.