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Stuck in S5

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Hi all, I'm looking for some good information, not to be flamed. In before you are the problem and bad. If you're going to say that don't post.

I was in Bronze last season, and main ADC. This season, I resorted to Jungling Master Yi to get out Bronze. I figured things would be better once I got into Silver. Little did I know that wouldn't be the case. I typically do well in lane. I out farm the other ADC in about 85% of the games I play until about the 12-15 minute mark. By this point, generally, someone from our team has lost lane so badly that they have lost 1 or 2 turrets, or rage quit. If this doesn't happen, I usually end up dying to repeated 4 person ganks from their mid/top + jungle + laners. I can't seem to stay alive.

I have looked, but haven't been able to find any really good information to read or videos to watch to get better at the game. If anyone has anything in that department, particularly if it is ADC related that would be great. I can't usually get anyone to duo queue as support with me, so that isn't an option. Typically support is the last pick, the person doesn't want to play it, and they don't really try.

I fully accept that there are things I could do better, but I am going about 3-7 or 4-6 W/L in 10 games. When I play with friends as duo queue, I usually win, but even then we get AFKs sometimes. Many of my friends now refuse to play with me because of how bad the teammates are that I get paired with almost every game. At one point I had a streak of games (14 in a row) with 1 or more people AFK from the start of the game while duo queueing with my best friend, who now will not play ranked with me because of the consistent number of games where the teammates I am paired with make it nearly impossible to win.

The only way I see myself getting out of S5 is if I can get to the point where I am super fed every game and massively ahead because of how bad my teammates are.

If you are going to flame, as I said before don't post please.

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The first thing I could say to you is to find the champ you are the most comfortable with in the adc position (which seems to be Caitlyn). Caitlyn is a great lane bully but doesn't scale well into the late game transition.

With Caitlin, you must grab an early lead and try to deny as much as possible your opponent. The positive advice I could give you (I'm not a challenger player, nor a Diamond) is focusing on your positioning during teamfight. The more you stay away from the zone of reach (where all the bruisers/melee range pile up and crashed on) you must focus on the first target you see. Try to peel backward while always auto-attacking in between each move click you are making.

You can't control afk, ragers or trolls. You can only improve your level of play. Try to outposition your enemy and to land the more auto-attacks that you can. The longer an ADC stays alive, the more DPS he will do. Of course, you depend in part of the peel your teammates are offering you, but don't take for cash that they'll protect you. You must always watch your positioning and be aware of someone trying to jump onto you. If you see an assassin that is able to reach, you would be better to stick with your teammates and try to land as much aa as possible then just trying to run out. Basically, when you turn back of a teamfight... you just shutdown one of the most important source of damage of your team.

I like to play adc with repositioning tool (Corki, Vayne, Lucian, Caitlin, Tristana) because you can get a better teamfighting position while doing your damage. But again, it's your playstyle, I can't judge something I've never saw. You don't need to be superfed... you just need to have more items then your enemy adc. If you are more fed then him, you've done your job.

One thing that is important... never stand there doing nothing, always farm jungle camps, lanes. Be there for pressuring objectives like towers, dragons or Baron as you'll be one of the most important source of damage there to take down them as fast as possible.

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Sounds like you could work on your map awareness. Getting suprised by a 4-man gank should be a rare occurance. If you see mid and top lane empty, you might want to cover your ass. I don't know if you are, but you could drop a ward or two yourself to get vision on your back-door. Encourage your team to ping when enemies go MIA but ultimately it's your responsibility to get a feel for when you're vulnerable.

One more point, if you have a struggling midlane then you are all the more exposed when you push lane. Don't linger on their side of the river unless you are baiting a fight 'cause you can be sure they will come.