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[Semi-Open RP] Crimson Reckoning

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Southern Tower - Innards

Ordimar was passingly surprised when the man revealed himself, and no sooner did he that the tower itself began to tremble violently. Xenos...? Ordimar heard the shout over the wind, the name did not sound immediately familiar to him in any shape, but he suddenly realized something about the girl he'd helped earlier. That shape, a Rune, the red one... He did not know what it meant, but suddenly, the shape stuck out like a brand in his memory.

The boy who materialized looked positively shaken by the collapsing tower, or was it because of Ordimar staring him down despite it? regardless of which it was, the stranger did not last long, and despite the cries Ordimar heard from above, voices recognizable and which Ordimar now wanted to speak with, he turned upwards. All cloak and no ****ing dagger... Cowards. Ordimar's mood was not improving, this knowing that battle was just a breath away. Xenos... Xenos... Wind.

The Terror Knight took the stairs slowly, evading crumbling bricks and falling statues, doing his best to not be buried alive before reaching the firebrand, their 'employer'. He had that symbol as well, and so did another... One younger, a boy he had met only a passing few times and hardly ever interacted with. But his memory was good, and Ordimar always remembered those with strength for future opportunities.

Upon climbing for a few moments, and having to throw himself over one broken set of staircase, which was by no means fun for a five-hundred pound man in weighty plate, he saw the firebrand, and two others. One was... something. He didn't know who or what it was, having not seen or recognized its sort before. And the third figure, engaged in battle with the two he recognized was none other than the Justicar he saw murdered in their 'initiation.' Ordimar did his best to ignore this and made his way through the collapsing tower and to the old man, Siris, and just as he was about to throw himself from the place, Ordimar seized him. "You and me, old man," Ordimar growled, leaning his face towards him. "You've got some explaining to do once we deal with him." He jerked a thump towards Xenos.

Ordimar would shove Siris away a little roughly, then turn and brandish his great sword in both hands, parting his legs in a defensive stance. The tremors, however, were becoming far too great, they were tearing this feeble tower to pieces. Resolving that he would never get the answers he sought, much less get to fight with this wind elementalist, Ordimar turned towards a collapsing wall, and with a great 'whoop!' he threw himself from the tower.

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Alya's attention quickly shifted to the tower that was suddenly being torn apart by an unusual wind. She hissed a curse under her breath, knowing full well that Ordimar probably needed his helm. It would be rather rude for her to leave it behind, plus for some one who was wanting proof that he could trust her. She clenched her fists tightly and inhaled rather sharply while giving herself words of encouragement.

Alrighr, Alya, you can do this... Its just metal... Sure its probably full of disgusting goo but if I don't look I don't have to know.... Alright...

She slowly reached over and picked the helm off the ground, making it a point to hold it away from her, then she would get up and start to quickly make her way towards the tower. After all, she needed to get rid of the gross thing in her hands as soon as possible.

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