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[Semi-Open RP] Crimson Reckoning

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Eastern Freljordian Rift
3 Days Ago

The hooded figure trekked through the deep snow, his cloak billowing behind him. His falcon-like hood was pulled over his face, white hair blending in with the snow flying around him. He wore an enormous sword on his black, the hilt made of engraved silver. Ancient runes were carved on the sheathe, glowing dimly blue and, it seemed, pulsating with a sort of power. Knives adorned the figure's belt, two ornate silver daggers sheathed on his sleeves.

The winds howled, crying out in despair, as the bladesman made his way along the rift, the sound of hail slapping against snow prominent among everything else. Most would freeze in the bitter cold blizzard; such was the temperament of the Northeastern Freljord; but this bladesman was no ordinary person. He had grown up in the Freljord, made it his home for the first sixteen years of his life. He barely felt the cold as he stopped, checking his equipment — it was easy to lose things in the unforgivable tundra — as he stepped toward the edge of the enormous crevice.

Then he jumped.

Nobody knows how deep the Eastern Rift actually is — those who have jumped died before they hit the bottom, the only expedition party to ever travel over a thousand feet deep never to return. The bladesman dived gracefully, head first, the rush of adrenaline pumping as he dropped into freefall, the wind battering against him. Then, after a few seconds of dropping, he transformed into an enormous white falcon with alarmingly crimson eyes. The bird of prey spread its wings, slowing its descent by a few hundred miles per hour. Gliding deeper into the crevice, the bird made a ninety-degree turn, soaring through a narrow crack in the wall of the rift.

Gradually, the crack expanded, eventually widening into a large cave. The falcon re-shifted into the bladesman, landing silently onto the floor of the cavern. A single, glowing gemstone stood in the middle, red like the old banners hung on the walls. A symbol was carved into the stone — the figure smiled. It'd been a while since he'd seen that symbol anywhere.

At the end of the cavern, there were two iron doors, chained and enchanted shut with glowing red runes. The figure walked up to them, uttering a few words in an old, lost dialect. The doors melted away, revealing a massive room — an enormous table made of polished stone floated in the middle, a fire lit in the middletwelve high-backed chairs around it. The chairs were marked with roman numerals (I-XII) — only three were occupied, the XI, V, and IV — the rest were left empty, a coat of dust layered over them. The chair marked twelve sat higher than the rest, a pang of sadness hit the new arriver as he glanced towards it. Empty, as it had been, for the last two cycles.

"You're late, Swift." The man sitting at the chair labeled XI spoke, his gruff voice enhanced by the vast room. His head was bald, his face covered in a mane of dark-brown beard hair.

The bladesman took a seat at the seat at the chair labeled IX, brushing some leftover snowy residue off his cloak. He pulled back his hood, revealing a young, pale face covered in a mane of untidy white hair with a pair of alarmingly red eyes prominent. The eyes were narrowed, absorbing every last detail, soaking everything in and storing the information for later.

"Siris." Swift nodded at the man, then looked around. "Grant, Robyn." The bulky man occupying the fifth chair says nothing, an enormous shield on his back. The young girl occupying the fourth nods.

"I'm sure we all know why we're here today," the man named Siris continues, addressing the three people seated in front of him. "The Blood Arrow." The other bladesmen in front of him said nothing still; however, their expressions darkened. "The city-states have united against him, putting a one-million piece reward for whoever can kill and capture the Arrow." Siris pauses. "This Arrow. Remind you of anyone you knew, Swift?" Siris turns, facing the young man in the ninth chair. Swift grimaces, but says nothing.

"If there's even a possibility that he is who we think he is, I want him back, and I want him alive. Only long enough to discover why he's committing genocide." Siris pauses again, his expression turning somber. The crackling of the fire in the middle continued, silence falling upon the group. "This isn't the Wind Archer we know," Siris continues, his voice dropping to a whisper. "Something is wrong, I think we all know. This is a Reckoning, worse than genocide. Find out what, and end it." Siris gets up, extinguishing the fire with a wave of his hand.


Present Time

Posters had been plastered all across Valoran, stamped with the Official Seals of all city-states involved in the Hunt for the Blood Arrow. The posters were red — meaning that they were associated with murder and the subject was wanted dead — and were plastered over every free space possible. Authorities had diverted ninety-percent of their assets toward capturing and killing the archer.



Blood Arrow
alias Whistle

Reward: 1,000,000 Gold Pieces

For: Mass Genocide of the people of Valoran. Multiple gruesome killings from various city-states. Murder of high-ranking officials.

Description: Five-foot ten, armed and extremely dangerous. Civilians, do not approach. Hunters, exercise extreme caution around target. Do not engage until prepared.

To join an official search party: An official congregation will be held in front of the Noxian Capitol Building, located in central Noxus. You will be required to take an aptitude test before being divided into party groups. For more information regarding the Blood Arrow manhunt, arrive at the Noxian Capitol, 7.00 Post-Meridian.
Do not be late.

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[OOC: Rules]

Welcome to the Crimson Reckoning, a manhunt for the dreaded Blood Arrow, to end the genocide that has plagued the cities of Valoran for so long.

Enter as you see fit, at the Noxian Capitol building. And please read the entire introductory post, it will help a lot later in the RP.

No Arguing.
Keep all OOC discussions strictly to the OOC thread.
No Godmoding.
Have a great time!

Noteworthy Links:
More profiles and links will be added as the story progresses.

OOC Thread (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4848557)

The Crimson Order (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/4233)
Blood Arrow (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/4716)
Dezna Rivendell (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/3730)
Siris Avian (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/3750)
Swift Raske (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/3725)
Robyn Kato (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/4723)

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Some would wonder why two Ionians would be wondering through Noxus, the very city they used to be in direct war with, but not these two; politics were beyond them. Yet inadvertently their actions could be seen as honoring the peace treaty the Grand General managed to establish between these two countries by helping capture the culprit. Either way their actions were much more selfish and personally driven. For a long time they'd lead peaceful lives, but now it was time for ADVENTURE (!), the fact many of the murders happened near the town they've been growing up was also a factor in this. They definitely wanted to set things right and put an end to this and even though the posters read they want the culprit dead, the final decision about it would be in Occama's hands and he was no so sure yet.

Regardless of motivations now the strange duo of a strong clearly Ionian man (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/3217) and an average white girl (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/3215) were strolling down the street towards the Capitol building. Armed with travelling backpacks, they are ready to get this thing started.

Tabula asked " Are we there yet? Well, according to this map... " Occama lowers the map and sees in front of himself the capitol " We should be right in front of it. Let's go Tabi we should have few spare minutes before we arrive. " Tabula cheerfully smiled and raced her partner to the Capitol.

What is awaiting them there?

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It had been a long time since an Amaron had stepped foot into their motherland of Noxus. Years ago, they had been dishonored, driven by revolution and change in their hearts, Magnus Amaron, father to the Terror Knight, led many on an exodus out of the dark city, the place driven by war and strength.

Ordimar, at the time, was a part of the Noxian military, a simple soldier of no repute. When he learned of his fathers capture, however, the elder brother to Delmegar sought out brutal and aggressive training to become what he is today. The training of this ancient practice has left him scarred--inside and out--beyond all recognition of his former shell. But he, the last Terror Knight, did not regret any of this, especially now as he returned to the ancestral home of his family.

His first order of business: reclaim Amaron Manor. Undoubtedly the officials, or some overzealous nobleman had claimed what his progenitor built with his own two hands, the place that grown more and more, having stones and timber added to it every generation. Walking down wet rain-soaked cobblestone roads, Ordimar couldn't help but notice several groups of people gossiping or ogling over posters placed all over the city buildings and street corners.

"What is going on here?" Ordimar asked of one man, approaching his group from behind.

The man turned and paled a little, a common reaction when men saw Ordimar in his heavy plate steel, his blood-stained tunic, his terrifying appearance and size. Spikes lines his arms and shoulders, horns on his helm, steel skulls screaming on his knees, shoulders, and elbows. Blue eyes stared at the man, who answered in a nervous sputter. "IIt's a wanted poster. F-for some murderer called W-Whis-Whistler... The Blood A-Arrow.."

He offered Ordimar the poster, who snatched it away and read it quickly. Typically, Ordimar would have no desire for reward or for gold especially. But since the disappearance of Delmegar, Ordimar had decided to live his life for himself. After all, what did he have to lose now?

And conveniently, the address to this meeting place was not so far from his home. Two birds, one stone.

Moments later the poster lay in the middle of cobblestone street, a thundering giant of a man with a blackened great sword attached to his back in a sheath of gold and crimson, was seen headed towards Amaron Manor, whistling as he did.

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Ares Bellarmina (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/4307) doesn't feel like being subtle today. A great war chariot made of silver that is being pulled by a spectral horse is roaring down the streets of Noxus bearing a beautiful and impeccably dressed woman. She cracks her whip at the beast urging it to speed up a manic smile on her face, "OOOOOOh Ive been waiting for something interesting to happen murder wasn't really involved but hey not my problem I just get the gold and enjoy myself".

After about 15 minutes Ares arrives at the capital building two unassuming travelers already there before her.

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((Warning: Long Intro Post.))

Three Days Ago, Magi Headquarters

Jacob (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/4091) moved silently through the narrow corridors. His path was empty, dimly lit by the continual flames every twenty feet. He wouldn't be staying much longer, given Renault's stinging Sending spell. Whatever the problem was, it was important enough to pull him from an expedition in Shurima with Epsilon. Swallowing his unease, he stepped sideways into a shadow, opening a door that was cleverly hidden as part of the wall. Even inside their own home, the Magi could not let down their guard.

Jacob blinked as his eyes adjusted to the flood of red emergency lights. The Retrieval System sat in the center of the circular room, a massive mixture of illusion spells that created a holographic, three dimensional map of Valoran. Four Blue Pings could be seen pulsing in the mountains North of Rakelstake, on the opposing side of the room.

"You are late, Jacob." The cold and harsh voice echoed through the chamber, as Renault Spellslinger stepped into view next to the pings. The old man's face showed a mixture of anger and concern, well worn from the years. He stood at a comfortable five foot ten, and his robes made a moonless night seem like bright day. "I requested your presence three hours ago. No matter, we still have yet to mobilize."

"As I'm sure you know, we're stretching thin. Lambda was dispatched to Freljord three days ago to retrieve a text. The Scriers detected it as Bending Runeterra: A Compilation of Elemental Theory. We received a confirmation sending four hours ago that the book was found, and they were moving to return. As you can tell," Renault paused, gesturing to the soft pinging beside him, "They didn't return. Something had the force to take down a full Seeker Team, and the Retrievers will need additional help in securing the area."

Jacob's stomach turned uneasily. He knew that Lambda's members were experienced, seasoned Seekers. Whatever had the capability to take them to a man would certainly prove a match against any attempts at retrieval. Trying to keep a calm appearance, Jacob asked, "When do we depart?"

It could have been a trick of the light, but Renault appeared to smile. "Ten Minutes. You will find the Sniper, Shadow, and Breaker in the Archives." Jacob turned, knowing that would be the end of his instructions. Without another word, he exited the room, the door sliding neatly back as a facsimile of the wall behind him.

Three Days Ago, North of Rakelstake, Freljord

The four Magi stood on an ice-coated ridge. Nearly fifty feet below was a small pass, where the bodies of Mercella Silverbolt, Manu Siegebreaker, and Gerald and Valeria Skywatcher could be seen strewn across the blood stained snow. They were magically protected against the cold, but even their spells could not stop the cold gusts of Freljord. They had already spent an hour piecing together the events of combat before they would return with the bodies, and Jacob's extremities were numb from the gusts.

Whatever had been here had been swift, and was long gone by the time they had arrived. Lambda had been headed down the pass, likely off guard, by the shocked expressions of the dead, and the scattered positions of the bodies. Whatever had hit them created a sizable shockwave, still visible as a crater in the snow.

Mercella was the first hit, judging by her position in the center of the crater, and the large hole in her chest. Gilden, drawing on his years of experience in sniping, had determined she hadn't even had the time to scream. Manu had died second, the remains of a half-formed spell still polluting the magical space around him. An arrow wound was visible through his throat, as well as the damage from the arrow's later removal.

After that, it became somewhat harder to discern. It appeared that their adversary had been standing on this ridge, as both Gerald and Valeria had advanced on the position. Valeria died before she could successfully act past drawing her weapon, but Gerald had managed to fire an arrow that was still visible in the ice ten feet down the cliff. Valeria had died of an arrow through the temple, while Gerald had taken some sort of flaming projectile through the heart.

While most logic would dictate this to be the work of a number of enemies, Hava had discovered traces of only one pair of footprints. They had attempted to cover their tracks, but not well enough to escape the Breaker's gaze. They proceeded down into the pass, where the attacker retrieved his arrows. Richard checked to see what was missing from Lambda, but nothing seemed to be missing, except the text.

Jacob did not like the implications of such an action. Their attacker was powerful, and prepared. Not only that, he was aware of their movements, and ambushed them with a specific goal in mind. Whoever their adversary was, he was not interested in their money. He wanted a book that to most would likely seem to be without value.

Still thinking of what he was going to have to write for their report, he assisted the others in moving the bodies into Hava's Bag of Holding. He knew the healers were good, but Jacob wasn't sure if anything could be done to bring Lambda back. With a heavy heart, and thoughts whirling more than the Freljordian gusts, the Magi departed.

One Day Ago, Magi Headquarters

Lambda had to thaw before anything could be attempted, and the process of reviving them could take weeks. All four had a good chance to return, but Renault was straining his Seekers even more to fill the void. Jacob, however, knew that something was going to need to be done. As long as this attacker remained unknown and uncontrolled, the Magi had a security breach.

It was no surprise that Renault had called him to the Archives for a briefing this afternoon. The oaken doors parted with a touch, revealing the seemingly endless rows of shelves beyond. Jacob didn't recognize the Loremaster who was reclining on duty, but simply showed his credentials and kept walking. If Renault caught the man relaxing, there would be no safe place for him to hide from the systematic wrath incurred.

After passing what seemed an endless number of shelves, Jacob reached the fountain that marked the center of the archives. It had supposedly once held an ornate structure to mark its center, but Renault had replaced it with a simple vertical jet of water. The seventy foot radius pool held a small aquatic ecosystem, the maintenance of which was a welcome diversion to the Loremasters.

Renault stood next to the water, angrily barking orders to Loremasters who were transporting a new selection of fish to be introduced to the fountain. Seeing Jacob's approach, he left the operation in the care of one of the experienced Loremasters, before moving to intercept him.

There was no thing such as small talk to Renault when there was a job to be done. "Alcinus attempted to pierce the veil last night. The adversary that attacked Lambda was beyond his detection. Therefore, I need you to track him down. There is a likely lead, as the authorities have placed a bounty on one 'Whistler.' His style seems to correspond with that of our unknown assailent."

Jacob had to interrupt Renault with a question. "Which authority?"

"All of them," Renault said as he pulled a rolled paper from his robe. He handed it to Jacob as he continued. "You are to report to the square in front of the Noxian Capitol Building by 7:00 Post-Meridian. Work with whomever you find there. And whatever you do, fix the issue."

Renault sighed, his age showing in his tired features. It was very likely the man had not slept in days. "Jacob, before you try to tell me that you are not the best qualified for this mission, let me remind you of a few things. We are stretched very thin, and any retrievals at this point could take weeks before we could put whomever we send back in the field. Whomever we send must be able to work in society, as well as handle combat."

"You have repeatedly shown that you can work without detection in society, and you have adequate combat skills. Most importantly, however, is that you have a tendency to keep yourself alive. Once you're out there, you're on your own. The only other Seeker I have who could do this is Tebryn," Renault paused, a gleam of pride momentarily coming to him before he resumed his verbal barrage, "and I am not sending my son on this mission. You have twenty four hours, Jacob. Make the most of them. Dismissed."

Renault watched as Jacob vanished into the shelves. He hoped he hadn't given the Seeker too much praise, and that his words were true. There's one thing that he does well, though, thought Renault as he turned to rebuke the Loremasters for their incompetence, He manages to pull off miracles.

Present Day, Noxus

Jacob moved through the streets of Noxus, a brown cloak covering his standard attire. He kept the hood down, so as to afford a better field of vision. The crowds were slowing his progress, but he would still reach the building in time. This could either be a grand success, or a wild goose chase, he thought as he dodged a wayward cart. Regardless of which this mission would be, Jacob had his orders.

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((Sorry for slow post. Was drawing a reference for Alya's cape (http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i30/GHARBOLOG/ayla1wings.jpg) which will eventually turn into a nice drawing of her. The cape's coloring is similar to the wings on this guy (http://www.emuseumstore.com/assets/images/e-115sp-scarab-egyptian-scar.jpg). :3 ))

Four Weeks Ago, Near an Apartment Complex in Piltover

Alya Crewe (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/4717) practically skipped through the streets of Piltover, humming a little tune as she examined the sparkling ring on her finger. It had been a few months since her exploration partner, Cenric Lester, had declared his love and asked for her hand in marriage. She was returning from confirming the arrangements for the wedding, just a few more weeks to go before the date finally arrived. As of that day, the world couldn't have been better.

She reached the apartment the two of them shared, excited to share the news of their plans unfolding perfectly. She unlocked the door and slipped inside, calling to her husband to be once the door was open.

"Cenric~! Sorry for being late! There was just so many options to choose from!"

No answer. Strange, he should have been home. She entered the apartment and took a few steps inside, a slight twinge of concern coming to her voice.


She turned the corner to be met by something that she would only have seen in her nightmares. Cenric laying on the floor with an arrow through his chest, his blood spattering the floors and wall. It took several minutes for Alya to process the scene in front of her, and once the realization set in that this was not a dream, she collapsed to her knees and began to sob loudly.


Yesterday, Streets of Piltover

Alya stood with her eyes locked onto the bounty for the Blood Arrow. Her hands were clenched into tight fists as the scenes from only a few weeks earlier flashed through her mind. She never paid any mind to the wanted posters pasted on the billboards located around the city, but this one... This one had caught her eye. As she learned more and more about the cause of her fiance's death, and ever since then she had begun to grow a seething hatred towards the assassin in question. After all, he had murdered the person she had cared the most for and robbed her from her day of joy. She brought one trembling hand to the ring that was now around her neck and traced along the gold band, then quickly reached out and snatched the notice from the wall.

She was going to find this man, and she was going to personally teach him what he had taken from her.


Present day, Noxus

One would imagine that a Piltoveran woman would try to conceal herself more while traveling through Noxus, but here Alya stood with her brightly colored cape wrapped around her shoulders. Her stride was with purpose and her eyes carried a fire within them, making it quite clear that she was not a woman to be trifled with. Even so, she would catch many eyes, some of which were more focused on the cape she wore than her current stance. She was nearing the set location on the bounty when a man stopped her in her path.

"M'lady, I do apologize for stopping you as you seem to be in a hurry... But that cape of yours... Is that... Are those the Wings of Caelestis?"

She gave him a rather bored expression and growled her response.

"It might be. What of it?"

The man swallowed hart as he heard her tone and continued to speak to her.

"W-well, you see, I'm a collector, and... I've only heard of such an item in stories and lore! I've never dreamed to set my eyes upon them, and I was wondering perhaps you might--"

She quickly cut him off before he finished his statement.

"They're not for sale."


Before he could defend himself, she pushed past the man and proceeded to trudge her way towards the Noxian capital building.

"Not for sale, not for display. Good day to you."

A few minutes after this interaction, Alya arrived at the meeting place in the square. She positioned herself near the center of the crowd, her eyes scanning those who have arrived and ignoring any others who might be staring at her. She was not going to give up no matter what it takes... And should death come to her, the she would at least be able to see Cenric again.

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Aryn strode through the towering gate of Noxus. He hid his emotions well, but he was stunned. He had never imagined a city of this size and scale. He tried walking around, searching with the map he had for the appointed place to meet to discuss the assassin. After about an hour of walking around, he managed to find the square. During that time, his golden armor, not appearing to be from any of the city states but style completely unique. It shone brightly, sparkliing in any light. His spear was across his bac and his sword at his belt.

He nervously moved through the crowd, but spotted Alya and her colorful coat. Though not as remarkable as a grey colored man aparently, it did draw some attention. So he moved closer to her. He kept silent, but nodded in greeting to her.

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Unknown Location, Valoran - Days Ago

A heavy crash sounds throughout the dense forest followed by dead silence. Lying upon the ground with body crushed and soul torn to shreds was a pack of demonic beasts along with the bodies of humanoids scattered about on the blooded floor. The stony figure standing among them was scanning back and forth at its handiwork, enjoying the peace and quiet which had befallen upon the whole area. Upturned and broken earth was mended back into place, and the disturbed energies of the surrounding forest would return back to its serene state. Then as soon as he was finished, the stone creature sank back into the earth, disappearing once more.

Some wonder why is it that Achmetha does these things time from time if not for fame or money, and some speculate he may be a creature of Runeterra bent on fixing up the place. Others theorize him to be a construct that is being tested or something akin to that, but of course all of this was just mere speculation that had little relevance to the true reasoning behind his actions. What can be said is that all whom this being stalks are all persons whose life is more beneficial dead than alive which also gave him a rather unofficial alias of the 'Hand of Death' among those who have heard of him. Whatever the case, all that is factual is that Achmetha still lies unknown to man.

Present Time, Noxus

A heavily cloaked figure made its way quickly to the Noxian Capitol Building's meeting place, lightly nudging people out of its very direct path to the place. It paid no mind to the people already there save for a longer glance at Aryn and Ares, whom could tell that the being was looking at its true form rather than the doll being control. A kind of silent menacing can be felt emanating from the cloaked figure as it observed Ares only to turn back to the others while awaiting the test they were going to give. It was clear that Achmetha was more focused on taking care of his task than conversing with the others.

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Unknown Location, Valoran - Days Ago

Present Time, Noxus

A heavily cloaked figure made its way quickly to the Noxian Capitol Building's meeting place, lightly nudging people out of its very direct path to the place. It paid no mind to the people already there save for a longer glance at Aryn and Ares, whom could tell that the being was looking at its true form rather than the doll being control. A kind of silent menacing can be felt emanating from the cloaked figure as it observed Ares only to turn back to the others while awaiting the test they were going to give. It was clear that Achmetha was more focused on taking care of his task than conversing with the others.

Ares stands in her chariot her whip now a silver serpent bracelet wrapped around her wrist the spectral beasts blowing pale mist from their nostrils. When the cloaked figure arrives Ares does not immediately react until she can feel it looking at her no Looking at her, "What type of creature is that to be able to See me" she says to herself as she turns to look at it her face changes (http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lgj5bnXgf51qfdahh.gif)for a split second before returning to normal. Ares makes a sign in the air with her fingers which would be meaningless to most but to those who have traveled between the worlds would know is the sign of the Demon King.