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World Tournament Analysis

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Dear Ahri

Junior Member


Hey guys,

I am extremely hyped for worlds, as many of you are I am sure. The groups have been revealed, and everyone has provided their own predictions B) .

However, I am also interested in your thoughts of the current meta-state of the game that will take place during worlds.

If this is not clear to you, let me elaborate, by asking for your input on the following questions. There does not have to be a correct answer. What I am interested in are your answers, and your reasons for believing so. You do not have to answer all of the questions if you do not want. Pick your favorite question that you have the strongest opinion in, and I will be happy :santa:

1) Which state of the game do you expect to have the greatest effect on the outcome of a game, and why?

Early Game
Mid Game
Late Game

2) In this meta, which role will have the greatest influence on the outcome of a game, and why? (All roles are important, yes I realize. However, the general consensus last year's worlds was that it was a Mid Lane-focused meta, were success in Mid Lane would offer promising results although it did not mean a definitive win)

Top Lane
Mid Lane
Ad Carry
Support (Adc and support can be categorized into one, but in the case that you think they are not, the option is there)

3) Which champions will be priority picks for each lane? (I realize that there is no one best champion. I also realize that certain champions are prioritized in running a certain composition more than others. But this question is rather geared towards the top favored picks that you expect to see in bans / 1st pick). Also I realize that different regions prioritize certain champions over others. There are also players who have their signature champions. Taking into consideration of all these factors, feel free to list up to 3 champions per lane, and state your reasoning.

Top Lane Champions:
Jungle Champions:
Mid Lane Champions:
Ad Carry Champions:
Support Champions:

4) Which composition do you think are prominent over others, and why?

Pick Composition
Team Fight Composition
Poke Composition
Others (State your composition, feel free to exemplify with champions that are commonly seen in your composition)

5) Do you expect to see lane swaps in majority of these games, or no, and why?


6) Any other question or input that I have not mentioned, feel free to chip in your wisdom :santa: . These are by no means the only questions that dictate the game. I just came up with the most general questions that I can think of on the spot.

Let's make this an intelligent discussion, not flaming others opinions. You can criticize, and disagree, but no racism, no bad mannered, no salt :santa: . Elo does not determine credibility of your answers. I am interested in all of your thoughts.

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1. Hard one to call but id say the late game for a lot of the cases. Many of these teams have very strong late game compositions and strategies or have experience playing longer games (Samsung Blue/white, EDG, C9, any european team :P, etc). I feel a lot of them will know how to win in the late game or how to turn a gold deficit around into a win which we see teams like Blue do so effectively. the early game may influence the late game a bit but i feel it wont decide a game unless its a gigantic lead or somethin.

2. This meta is a lot about the jungler imo. I feel this meta is LEAST based on mid/adc and more on the jungler, support and teleports from top lane and how they move around the map. Junglers can help immensely to set up the early game strategy and calls and if the game has evolved into a 2v1 lane scenario or a jungle follow or something without standard lanes, then you want to be able to out maneuver and set up good plays and decisions to get you ahead. Somestimes it may be an early drag or a well coordinated dive but i feel a lot of the decisions revolve around the jungler. Hard decision as well :P

3. Top: Maokai, Alistar,Ryze. I think the super tank meta is important to a lot of teams and a lot of strategies but you can also throw Mundo into the mix. These champions also offer a lot of late game power which falls back to my point in Q1 with some teams preferring that late game style over heavy emphasis on the early game. That's why i put Mundo in over Lulu just because if a lot of super tanks get banned out you don't have a lot to fall back to in top lane unless your a european and play aatrox :P It seems like a limited champ pool in top so prioritizing the tanks like we've seen often might be a good way to go.

Jungle: Lee Sin, Elise, Kha'zix. These 3 champs are pretty signature champs for the jungle. They all offer a lot and can work with a lot of different compositions. Elise is a good example of being able to work with a pick comp or siege with her W clear and being ranged. I dont think any jungler is first pick worthy unless a lot of junglers get banned out or a team rly wants a lee sin, havent seen any other junglers get first picked too often since a lot can work well regardless. This doesn't limit it to those 3 tho as i think of Watch's Nocturne play or Crumbzz bringing out the Amumu. Rengar is still an option too but i do think we will say a lot of those initial 3 champs. I wouldnt expect a lot of bans on them either with the prioritizing of adc and top a lot more often as well.

Mid: Syndra, Yasuo, Zed. This is hard to call because a lot of people like Bjergsen make Xerath look unstoppable and a lot of mid players stil prioritize the farm style of Ziggs and Orianna but with a bit of an assassin comeback and Syndra being played so often by a lot of different players i think those 3 will be seen and banned a lot. Players like Dade and Bjergsen have already made known their insane skill on Zed and Dade is considered the Yasuo god and one of the first to bring him out. Cool from OMG uses a lot of Syndra himself and it is already a popular pick in multiple regions. Mid probably won't have too much emphasis in picks/bans unless a player had a must ban like Dade's Zed or something like that. There are a lot of picks that work well in the meta that we've been seeing and idk if it'd be too effective to only ban mid laners against some teams.

ADC: Tristana, Kog'Maw, Corki: These champs are undoubtedly the go-to picks for adc, mainly the first 2. Some teams like to run Twitch for a skirmish/pick comp. The other choice is Lucian and idk how many people prefer him over Corki or not so those 2 are interchangeable. Some teams will run tristana or kogmaw in mid lane as well. Froggen has run mid tristana and dade has run mid kog maw if my memory is correct so that possibility is definitely still there for these games so seeing bans on one or the other wouldnt be a surprise and some teams might ban Twitch if the adc is proficient on the champ or team is good at running comps around him.

Support: Thresh, Nami, Braum: Thresh is an obvious high priority pick for any support with the amazing CC and playmaking potential he has. Nami is crazy good in standard lanes and has a lot of tools for protecting the ADC and a good ult for engage or disengage if needed for one or the other. The reason i like to put braum in the mix is mainly due to the hypercarry meta with Trist and Kog mainly. Braum already offers a lot of CC and is a good frontline tank but the ability to Unbreakable a hypercarry's damage output or to block a global ult or a tidal wave is just really powerful and so is his ability to roam around the map. Zilean or Morgana is always an option for teams as well as we see Lemonnation from C9 play her a lot. The "dark horse" support that idk if a lot of people realize as a possibility is Janna. GorillA from NaJin Shield brought her out during the Korean Regionals week and had an amazing showing and Janna gets spammed by a lot of korean supports so that may very well be picked and even banned against Shield.

4.Team Fight/Siege: Picks can be risky because your team is very 1 dimensional and the other team knows exactly what your win conditions are. In draft phase the first few champion picks will likely give away what your trying to do too and the other team may recognize it and say "Oh, there going for a pick comp" so lets pick X champion to deal with it or play safe or whatever the case is. I think a lot of champs right now are very effective at sieges and team fighting in the late game, especially double AP compositions with maokai and ryze for example who both stack RoA's. Getting an early objective edge with a team that scales well into the late game is very essential for some teams and will probably be more prominent over a pick comp for example.

5. Yes. A lot of teams have an advantage in lane swaps due to more experience with the strategy behind it in comparison to an IWC team. Sometimes the 2v2 can be a bad matchup especially with Nami being a high priority pick or a Zilean harassing you all lane so some teams will probably want to switch out of standard lanes if the matchups go badly or if its a part of their strategy. One strategy that a lot of teams used was to put the other top laner behind and know how to get yours ahead and so a lot of times the 2v1's came in at that moment. I remember when NaJin Shield played the KT Bullets at regionals and Watch ended up with 2 kills on Limit, KTB's top laner within 1 minute. Granted that was a standard lane matchup if i remember right but it can easily be done in a 2v1 as well. So it depends what the team wants to do around the map.

6. I think you did an outstanding job in covering a lot of points regarding gameplay at worlds. The only thing i would re-emphasis a bit is that a lot of teams that have their own pocket picks like Shield's Janna or White's Twitch or Bjergsen's Xerath. Some of these champions may be common like Xerath but only a few people make an immense impact on him. There may be some weird or different picks this tournament with so many different regions and playstyles coming into the event so I'm interested to see if we see anything a little bizarre or different. The first thing that comes to mind is Faker's Riven which I haden't seen much in pro play before and she's one of my favorite champions so seeing him counter Zed and Gragas with it at Worlds and future Champions events was rly neat to see.

Just my 2 cents on a lot of stuff. Hope this thread gets seen more!

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Interesting post. I'm too tired to address all your questions but here are a couple thoughts.

1) I think that mid game objective control and team fights will be the most important factors. I don't see any of these teams going on tilt due to giving up a few early kills. Similarly I think these teams are experienced enough to know how to close out games and press the advantage of their team comp.

2) I think this meta is all about making smart rotations, finding an advantageous engagement and then following up with objective control after forcing a back or getting a man advantage. Obviously the jungler is a key part of this game, as are top lane rotations and teleports.

3) Highly contested picks. Well this is really tough because I think it is extremely situational. I think many champs will be picked because they are good overall champs that are safe to lane with. For example I think Lucian will appear as ADC but I don't think he is a highly contested pick (e.g. nobody is going to first pick Lucian in one of these games).

TOP: Jax, Ryze, Nid, Maokai
JUNGLER: Lee Sin, Elise, Kha, Nunu
MID: Syndra, Yasao, Zed, Oriana, Ziggs
ADC: Kog, twitch, Trist
SUPPORT: Thresh, Nami, Braum

Good post I hope more people comment