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Blade of the Ruined King - On Mundo?

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Just a random question thought I had, and it could potentially work out. Here's why

-Your Q does 25% current health damage in MAGIC damage, and BoRK does 8% in PHYSICAL damage PER AA, so do even more percentage damage that's harder to itemize against.

-Your E Scales well off attack speed, so you can utilize the raw damage it gives you even faster.

-The active effect is good for chasing and kiting, both of which Mundo is good at.

-The lifesteal isn't terribly useless, mundo has enough sustain with his passive and ultimate as it is, but you do a decent amount of damage to heal yourself with your E. I don't think BoRK is a reliable item for raw lifesteal, In this case it's mostly a bonus along with the Attack Damage.

Another thing I would like to point out is that it recommends Wit's End as an offensive item (unless they changed it, I don't play Mundo often or anything) But why buy that when you can get Blade of the Ruined King?

So what do you guys think? Have any of you done this and think it's viable? No, I would never buy this as a first item, most likely a mid game choice. The only damage I have ever built on Mundo is Frozen Mallet (I consider to be a core item) Sunfire cape (if you consider that "damage&quot And Liandry's (like twice but it's potentially better)

If any of you guys want to do a calculation of effectiveness, go ahead. I'm too lazy to do that myself.

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The reason they recommend Wit's End as a damage item for Mundo is because it gives MR (making you tankier), lowers their magic resistance (for your W and Q), and gives attack speed (for your E). It's a pretty good item if you need a single damage item, especially when you are focused on killing squishy opponents.

I find Mundo usually works better as a pure tank (getting Sunfire and Thornmail at some point to improve your damage). I like to play Mundo mostly by sitting on the enemy carries until they die, so this build works for me.

If you really need a damage item, I would recommend Trinity Force. The mana and AP don't really do much for you, but it allows you to chase and escape better (Phage passive and movespeed). The spellblade also works well with your E and Q being spammed. However, I would only really recommend damage after several tank items.

Liandry's Torment is alright, especially if your team is based around kiting and poking, but usually not the best choice.

Frozen Mallet can be useful but I find that his cleavers are a strong enough slow, especially with CDR.

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Unless your team is severely lacking in damage, full tank is the best way to go on Mundo. Personally I like the following build:

Merc Treads (Tabi only against AD and/or AA heavy teams)
Sunfire Cape
Spirit Visage
Thornmail/Banshee's (Banshee's only against heavy AP)

I have tried Liandry's before, it's decent but sacrificing a big tank item isn't usually worth it.

As for Wits, BOTRK, Mallet, and Tri-Force, they're all similar to Liandry's. Situational uses, but in general you're far better off going tankier.