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Any tips on how to climb high plat solo que?

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Sooooo I dropped from p1 to p3 in the last couple days, and I have to say I've got no clue how to climb back up, I'm just losing more than winning at this point. People at this elo seems to be more ignorant than any other divisions/leagues(well I wouldnt know about diamond or higher ;P). In lower elo, people generally do listen to pings and communicate regardless how toxic some of them can be (sure there are exceptions -.-); and even in gold where most people consider it as "elo hell", as long as I get a good score, people will start following my lead. But now, I struggle not slapping my enemies but trying to communicate with team. (yea I do get toxic sometimes and I'd say I deserve to lose those games when I spread negative attitude) Our tf feeding to kat, told him to get hourglass, dude wouldn't listen and qq about team not focusing kat; Got a braum support who spent most of his life stayed behind me when I was cait, told him how to man up, bro be like "nah I ain't gonna listen to you im gonna do what i think is the best"; Enemy team just got a fresh baron buff and only two teammates were near the pit, pinged them to back off, jungler be like "im gonna try to kill the low health" and then died, GG; Enemy 3 mids pushing down to inhib, I as nami support tried to defend but couldn't, team be like "why the f this nami let them get 2 towers"; Team was behind in gold and everything, yet poeple keep trying to do 3(our side)v5(enemy side). AND IM NOT JUST PICKING ABOUT COUPLE GAMES, STUFF LIKE THIS TAKES PLACE IN 90% OF THE GAMEs REGARDLESS THE GAME RESULTS. I spent no effort in climbing from p4 to p2 in August, derped a little in p2 series and played 3 tries to get p1. Now I'm back to p3, and it felt very different from what it used to be. So, I'm asking, is there any tips or tricks to climb back up? Sticking to the champ I'm good at doesn't seem to work anymore

(Ah btw it's my smurf that's in plat not this one lol. That feel when main < smurf...)

P.S If anyone down to duo for the road to diamond, hit me(my smurf) up ;3
P.P.S Got a ranked 3v3 team that decayed from p3 to g2, looking for a 3rd (preferably a jungler) to get it back up or even to diamond, hit me up if you care to try hard.