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Spectating/LoLReplay Issues

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So for the past while I have been having issues spectating matches. A couple weeks ago the replay would only last a couple minutes before saying it couldn't retrieve anymore data. Then Riot said they fixed this issues with a notification in the top-left. Now when I spectate a match, it will do a stop-start freeze animation. The champions will move normally for a couple seconds and then freeze for about a minute. Then it'll fast forward up to the current time and immediately freeze again. Is there a way to help fix this on my end?

Also I'm finding that 75% of my matches are not being recorded on LoLReplay...it'll acknowledge the match as having happened but the items/scores will not appear beside the champions face on the right side and when I try to watch it, it will not get past the loading screen before crashing. I've noticed that, when it will crash, not everyone's loading % is the same throughout the loading screen,