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The truth about the shortened PBE lore (tl;dr It's canon)

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Riot Opeli:
The "It's not rude!" was in response to another player saying "Sorry if this is rude." I wasn't talking about my own post.

I'm not going to name names because, at this point, it'd just be throwing them under the bus. It wouldn't solve any problems and it would not make anyone feel better. Then that person, or persons, would be put on the spot, they would be pressured to respond, and I don't want to make them do that if they don't feel comfortable. So, you get me. Or Entropy in the GD thread, or others on the Boards. Looking into any of these threads, of course someone would be wary to speak. It's frickin' brutal. I mean, it's the internet, so it's not surprising, but Rioters are human, too, and it sometimes feels like people forget that. Not trying to be sensitive - just laying it out that this isn't an ideal situation for us... But it's also one we've created.

We made the decision to decouple the Institute of War/Summoners from Runeterra because we don't want to force champions to live within that context. The game and Runeterra "IRL" won't be 1:1 copies of each other, but you can still be Summoners in the game League of Legends. They just don't rule champions in Runeterra IRL with this new direction. Champions have homes, relationships, motivations - the things you guys liked seeing in the JoJ - but they won't always be coming back to "and then they joined the League." We want to see Nami go on her quest to get the moon stone to save her people instead of spending her time with the Institute of War. We want to see Diana try to revitalize the Lunari and what that means for Leona's people. We want Amumu to try to make friends and discover his past by desperately travelling around the world... Finding a home within the Institute is almost too convenient for him, to be honest.

While I am a part of this wave of discontent, I would like to state that I am sorry we are as hostile as we are towards you. You are a person in one HELL of a s***ty situation trying to deal with it the best you can. Despite the fact that you are primarily getting hate and angst, this is a valve that needs some pressure released and, though you aren't giving us stuff we want, you are helping to release some of the bitter feelings we've had built up for these two years. Thank you for that. Thank you also for sticking in this thread and answering things, despite the fact that it must be hellish to endure. Many of us understand there are humans on the other side of these riot posts. Many of us don't mean to come across as hateful, spiteful, etc. It's a testament to how poorly this situation has been handled and how genuinely frustrated we are with it that we spew this much malice.

I don't blame you. I don't know who or what to blame. We have a tenancy to seek SOMEONE to blame because we want repercussions, we want things to get better and get fixed, and we assume that by chewing the source of these problems out that we can get them to be fixed. Riot, the nebulous company, has decided that the lore is to be decoupled after putting us in a drought for two years. We get upset. Individuals dive into the threads to try and calm the masses. We chew them out because we are frustrated at the company, and you have the company tag by your name. Conversely, without the tag/association, you lack any level of authority and thus don't grab the attention OF the masses. Thus you get loooooots and looooots of hate.

It shouldn't be that way. We should have a more constructive way of contacting you guys and telling you how we feel WITHOUT resorting to "f*** you guys, we don't like this, stop it" etc. These forums SHOULD be that place.

That being said

You, the nebulous company riot (not you Opeli, you're the messenger here) NEED to stop pulling this **** with us. We understand you wrote yourself into a corner. We understand you've been trapped and not known how to deal with it. Two years is absurd. Choosing to tell us everything is changing then NOT TELL US WHAT THE RESULTS WILL ACTUALLY BE is downright absurd. You are employing Yorick to dig you an entire f***ing graveyard of holes for yourselves at this point. If it has to be after the current event, so be it. GIVE. US. THE. NEW. LORE.

Opeli, Thank you for tolerating all of this. Thank you for trying to help soothe us as best you can. Thank you for sticking with us despite our angst, and anger and sorrow. Please don't be scared away by the worst of us. You are helping, even if it doesn't feel so. You are giving credence to our aggravation. You are allowing us to feel validity in our emotions. It doesn't help resolve them, but at the very least it accomplishes one of your goals - letting us KNOW you hear us and empathize. Thank you for that.

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SO whats the situation as far as lore is concerned right now? Like what are we, as the general public allowed in on? Dare I say it, I'm pretty excited for the new lore. I'm just hoping that Riots writing team really puts there all into it, instead of just "kinda" writing the occasional tidbit of lore every once in a while.

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If you guys wish work on the Lore slowly, add videos, if you wish telling us those stories....the problem is you guys have no idea how much the Lore makes allot of players invested and interesting.

Here's a few examples

Kat+Garens relationship and ark in their stories with J4 and such which links to Shyvana which in turn there is even skins to compliment the Lore
Renekton+Nasus (the new revision isn't bad but your text sucks too short) and it leaves no personality no clarity of WHO these people are no real reason they exist why the fight the ambitions they carry

Kayle+Morgana the two sisters who fight continually, the thing about them is they been around for a long time kicking each others butt Morgana takes PRIDE in killing her sister in the rift over and over it even states it, it gives us feeling behind their torments, their determinations so on

You need to invest in Lore, more than ever. cause all this is doing is *boom here you are you have no reason done*

We love talking about the cool lore that links our team, laughing how the LoL game we play we're MORTAL ENEMIES on the SAME TEAM, look it's Thresh and Lucian bot "lawl"

Lore is a big deal a huge deal one of the most important deals ever...you don't just wreck it with too short of initial detail I play Dungeons and Dragons so I'm a huge gamer nerd I have played for years and the best stories...always make me more invested in my game than a lame story...with dumb shortness to save time

If you want a Lore writer, that can retcon without breaking your lore so badly that everybody be piss, higher me even, I have done so much story writing and telling, I have invested myself in reading your Lores to enjoy the characters you produce more, make me want to play them, make me want to fix some of the lore sometimes...I mean cmon Akali/Kennen both kinda need more reasons to "be" but they are kinda cool of their creation story

Xerath has a HUGE Lore...a massive one ...one that could link to Vel Koz even not just to Zilean, cause Xerath was a HUGE deal of trying to obtain power and contains knowledge beyond others through his years.

You need Area Lore
You need Character Lore
You need Character Link offs
You need a Story Line

No don't END the story though it's called "endless continuum" the story goes even as we go

Make the events big, make us feel Runeterra shudder, show how each area effects another, show us how Bilgwater pirates suddenly attack yordles or Ionia finally popping up with Damacia in for discussions about the new issues, show Frejord their effects upon other areas not just their own, show how Shurima effects upon this world, sure slowly introduce each area again we come to know, then build each one into a web, linking and showing social structure allies, make the lore grow, don't shrink it. have out of League Combats and civil disputes showing that the ministry is still unable to handle every little thing with gladiator combat, tell us how the "Fields" fully work eventually, have changing effects cause of it's existence, we arnt all little baby brats not reading and enjoying your works, a good sum are quite interested in your lore just like we enjoy MARVEL Lore and DC Lore, this is a fact and you should treat it as such that we are your fan base and enjoy your Lore very much. your Katarina, Garen, Nasus, Jarven 4th, Ellise, Jinx. they're your super heros/villians/anti heros/anti villians give them respect, give them a reason to fight, a reason to exist, a reason for us to play.

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Tesla Effect



Riot stopped commenting on this page, guess they actually DONT care on what we want to say. They say they are up on listening to the fast but they do this **** and are still going with it even after much of the fanbase is saying no. If this kind of fan-creator relationship continues, then Im just gonna leave this game for good.

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Just because they don't post doesn't mean they aren't listening - I'm willing to believe them on that one. Whether they will act on anything we bring up or merely listen to us as a form of appeasement and then blatantly disregard us... *shrug*. Some of them are at least putting forth effort to understand our viewpoint, and for that I'm grateful.

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You people are being overly aggressive. Personally I'm excited and can't wait to see all of the new lore happen. It'll be quite interesting!